Wizard 101 Test Realm Teaser Image!(Spring 2018)

Spring 2018 Test Realm Teaser!

It’s March Wizard 101 fans and do you know what that means? That’s right- Test Realm is coming soon to our favorite MMO! KI has left Duelist 101 with a teaser image that we are happy to share with wizard 101 fans everywhere.

Teaser Image

As we can see, this teaser image is likely the new loading screen for the world of Avalon. Individual world loading screens have been a commonly requested feature and we are excited to see them coming soon.

Teasers around the Community

KingsIsle has also released teasers to different members and fansites in the community. Below you will find links to where you can view these awesome teasers to get hyped for the Spring 2018 update! We’ll update this list as more fansites release teasers.

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Blaze Lifehammer’s 2nd Teaser

Blaze Lifehammer’s 3rd Teaser

Christina Icedreamer’s Teaser

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Paige Moonshade’s Teaser

Petnome Project’s Teaser

Stars of the Spiral’s Teaser

Swordroll’s Blog Teaser

Vanessa Mythdust’s Teaser

Wizard101 Central’s Teasers

Wizard 101 Newsletter Teaser


What else are you anticipating for Wizard 101’s upcoming Test Realm? Let us know in the comments below!




  1. Steven Speaks says:

    I know it wont include Empyrea 2, but Please dont tell me loading screens and the gold key boss in the sewers is the only new stuff for this update!!!

    • Brand Ghostspear says:

      Doubt it, they wouldn’t waste all that time for just the loading screen and the gold skeley boss. They probably will tell us more later on.

  2. Carlos SeaSword says:

    I am anticipating that the Test Realm will also include a graphical update of Wizard City, a Barber Shop, and something to do with pets. I’m also hoping turn-based gets implanted to all of PvP, but I doubt it’ll happen in this update.