Wizard101 Spring Test Realm 2018 – Hatchmaking, New Key Bosses, and more!

Hatchmaking, New Key Bosses, and more!

Another spring test realm has hit the servers, and with it comes a new hatchmaking system, two new key bosses, new loading screens, and much more! Keep reading to see what the Wizard101 Spring Test Realm has to offer!

For a full list of the update notes click here!

Hatchmaking Kiosk & Pet Tome

A new hatching system has made it’s way into Wizard101 – introducing the Hatchmaking system!

This system allows you to offer up to 5 pets for anyone to hatch with, at any time! There are three different tabs from you to choose from – “Browse Pets”, “Offer Pets”, and “Manage Pets”.

In Browse Pets – you can see all the pets people have to offer – and then click on “Next” (which seems to be bugged atm) to hatch with the pet of your choice. Make sure to have enough gold, though!

In Offer Pets – you can select up to 5 of your pets to put on the kiosk to hatch out with anyone if they like your pet! Note that your pet will be removed from the kiosk naturally after a week and will not be able to be selected for the next hour after a hatch!

In Manage Pets – you can see what pets have hatched with you and manually select to remove some or all of your pets from the kiosk.

Some other notes, per Wizard101’s Test Realm Notes site:

  • Most Crowns pets will be ineligible from Hatchmaking. For the launch of Test Realm, we will be testing the release of a couple Crowns Pets that can be hatched for Crowns – the Red Panda and the Polar Bear Cub.
  • You will receive a new “Hatch Pepper” reagent after successfully hatching a pet with the new Hatchmaking system. See Doctor Purreau for recipes that use these Hatch Peppers.
  • Once per week, on a rotating schedule, you’ll find it’s Hatchmaking Day! You’ll find a featured pet to hatch with depending on the hour.

Also, there is a new Pet Tome tab!

In this tab, you will find all the pets you have (on that specific character!). There are new badges for every 50 pets that you have! Also, as another note taken from the test realm site:

NOTE: To collect pets in your bank, shared bank, and attic, be sure to open each of those inventories. To collect pets in your house, simply enter the house where they are kept.


Skeleton Key Bosses

Two new key bosses come to us with this update, one wooden and one gold!
The wooden one has you going to Olde Town – but first, make sure to drop by Diego to get the quest (and a free wooden key!). 

The gold skeleton key takes you to the sewers of Zanadu – to face off against a fierce storm creature, come prepared!

Corporal Tenni’syn Drop Table


The Commons Update – Phase 1

The first part of the massive Commons update is here on the test realm! There’s a new dock in the commons plus some texture updates both in Commons and Shopping District. Keep your eyes peeled for all the nice changes!


World-themed Loading Screens

Each world (Aquila + Darkmoor included) now have a new loading screen! There will be an article with all of them soon enough, but for now, here’s a preview of Wizard City’s!


Other Cool Changes…

For a list full of the other changes, make sure to visit the link at the top, but here are some of the bigger ones!

  • The Medulla Fight in Empyrea has been adjusted so that it is bit easier to defeat while still being challenging.
  • Players will no longer be punished for being “tardy” on the first round of combat. However, don’t be late to following rounds!
  • New Polaris furniture is available from Polaris bosses.
    • Doctor Purreau has some new recipes for pet-related crafting items.
    • These transmutes have been added:
      • Loligo now has the recipe for Transmute Platinum.
      • Gemeral now has the recipe for Transmute Iridium.
      • Jules now has the recipe for Transmute Palladium.
  • Jewel blossoms now have a chance to harvest 115-125 level Jewels.

That about covers it! As always, make sure to have TONS OF FUN and share with us all the amazing things you uncover while checking out these new changes!

What is your favorite part of this test realm?
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    The Medulla Fight in Empyrea has been adjusted so that it is bit easier to defeat while still being challenging.

    It’s about time.