Wizard101 Test Realm – Wizard City Graphical Update, Photomancy, and MORE!

Wizard City Graphical Update,
Photomancy, and MORE!

Another test realm has hit the servers, and with it comes the much anticipated Wizard City graphical update! Along with these shiny new graphics, come Photomancy, Azteca fishing, and much more! Keep on reading for the full scoop on this summer 2018 test realm!

For a full list of changes check out the update notes here.

Wizard City Graphical Update

Wizard City Graphical Update - Character screen

It’s been a long time coming, with some parts coming in chunks, but now the full graphical update to our beloved Wizard City is here! From the library, all the way to Olde Town, to our very own professors, everyone and everything got an upgrade! Take some time to stroll around and take a look for yourself because actually seeing it is what will take your breath away and leave you in awe (but don’t worry, we’ll include some pictures for you if you don’t yet have access!).

Wizard City Graphical Update - Library

Wizard City Graphical Update - Commons

Wizard City Graphical Update - Nightside


Magic Mirror Shop

For those who pressed random one too many times in the character selection screen, this is for you! Introducing the new Magic Mirror shop, where you can makeover your wizard – from hair, to face, to eyes, pretty much everything! The Magic Mirror also has some NEW styles for you to choose from for each category, including a brand new category – Face Paint! This shop is located in the Shopping District, right in front of the Dye Shop.

Wizard City Graphical Update - Magic Mirror


Azteca Fishing

MORE FISHIES!! After a little drought of new fishing, Azteca is where we’ll be heading next! With this update, comes 2 new fishing spells, a new questline, and obviously new fish to catch! Eleven new fish are yours to catch – as followed! (Credit to KI Patch Notes!)

  • Megloteca
  • Pirahptor
  • Triceratorpedo
  • Anglyosaur
  • Chupacarpe
  • Quetzacodl
  • Doliphisaur
  • Ax Xolotl
  • Stegogar
  • Parrot Fish (Epic)
  • Tunasaurus Rex (Epic)


For those that love taking pictures in Wizard101, a new system has been added for you! In Photomancy, you can move the camera around, edit pictures, add filters, and much more! There’s a fun little quest line to do from Annie Shutterbug right next to the Wizard City Library.

Wizard City Graphical Update - Photomancy


Monstrology Updates

More monstrology! There are three new types of animus to collect, the Manders, the Imps, and the Elephants! Be on the look out for a list shortly!

Manders – Krokotopia

Imps – Grizzleheim

Elephants – Zafaria

Other Important Changes:

  • Bad Juju now deals 25% of players’ MAX health instead of a flat 300 damage. This damage can’t be mitigated and is no longer effected by blades, wards, traps, shields, and resist. This change is PVP ONLY (unchanged in PVE). More thoughts on that here.
  • Added a feature where you can now right-click on a Treasure Card and use a slider to delete several treasure cards at once.

That about wraps it up for this test realm! As always, for a full list of changes, you can click the link at the top of this article for the patch notes!

What is your favorite part? Do you like the graphical update?
Comment down below, and happy testing!

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  • s

    What a garbage update to pvp. All ki had to do was make death self hits do moon damage. it would reduce the amount of jades, while also buffing the worst school in the game. Then again, i expect nothing less from a greedy company that does not care about pvp.

    • Eric Stormbringer

      Moon damage wouldn’t have fixed Jade Juju- they tend to have high universal resist. I do agree 25% is a bit steep but its a step in the right direction.

    • Senpai

      *greedy company that doesn’t care about death

      Death wizards are the least represented school in the game, and we have the least presence on the leaderboards. It’s been this way for ages, ever since Zafaria if not earlier than that.

      It’s still possible to reach warlord on a death character and it’s still possible to excel at death, but you have to be twice as good as your opponent and use unconventional strategies

  • Comeback

    Haha, the shutterbug is an actual bug :’D

    I like these small puns and jokes they put in.

  • The Power

    I love the rainbow hair honestly

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