Happy 5th Birthday Pirate101!

Happy 5th Birthday Pirate101!

Happy 5th Birthday Pirate101!


Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of YUM! Can you believe its been 5 years since Pirate101 came into the spiral? Happy 5th Birthday Pirate101! Imagine  the amount of looting and ship battles in all that time! Boy, time sure does go by fast but let us take a moment to just reflect on our beloved game.

With the implementation of Ship PvP battles and some new storyline added to pirate, I’m looking forward to pirate receiving more updates. I want to see more bundles and gauntlets (even if they’re only available online) and I would love to see more levels added until we one day hit that elusive level 101. 

I want to know how everyone feels about pirate so for a chance of getting an random AMAZING prize let me know what your pirate wish list is. Who knows, maybe KI will stumble across all these ideas and feedback and make an effort to make these changes we want to see.

Once again, Happy Birthday Pirate101 and to all the staff members who put countless hours into the game, you guys are simply amazing.

* Redeem the code fifthoween to receive cool prizes on pirate, including the following:Happy 5th Birthday Pirate101!

  • New Darkling Duck Petp
  • Parrrrty Hat
  • Birthday Eyepatch
  • Mega Snack Pack
  • Ashes of Armada Pack
  • Rainbow Friendship Mask



Let us know what new additions/ changes you would love to see for Pirate101 in the comments below!

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  • Joe Young

    I like Pirate very much but the slow pace is killing me!! I would like a new World as our AMAZING pirate gift. Please make it happen KI!!!

    • Alex Thunderstaff

      What world are you most looking forward to? I really want to see Polaris myself but I guess any world at this point would be nice?¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • Sierra

        Polaris already has a storm gate and was expected to hit pirate before wizard, so that would be a good start!

      • Joe Young

        Ideally I would looove to see Darkmoor but at this point, I’ll be happy with any new World that we can get.

  • Joel Collier

    My wishlist for pirate101:

    Introduce blacksmithing(crafting)+ gear enhancing capabilities

    Scavenger hunting(fun non fighting way of getting slots of gold, scrip, and potentially a rare chance of a rare crowns item)


    Pirates first side world, Blackperia, and base it around pirates of the carribean

    A card that can be used once to reshuffle our powers

    Make all privateer weapons boost off of will

    Give us more stitching options with weapons

    Make pet training less random and more focused around genetics and improved probabilities of certain things we want to manifest. It’s already stressful enough we have to wait hours to days for a pet to finish it’s training.

  • Simon

    My wishlist for pirate101:

    Fishing and crafting

    New quests

    New bundles

    New companions

    New side towers like moo manchu

  • Ryanmoon101

    Pirate is so dead though

    • Alex Thunderstaff

      Use this post as a chance to communicate to KI. They’re watching and if you feel discouraged, chances are that the person looking will feel discouraged as well? What exactly do you want added in pirate101? More secret trainers? Ranked Ship PvP? A new pet system? More powers? New content, but what exactly?

  • Carlos SeaSword

    I wish Kingsisle would stop making mobile games, and instead they should focus just on their MMOs. It’s what made them successful, so why did they ever decide to abandon them in the first place? I know this sounds bad, but I want them to have another lay off, so maybe then they will realize what the community actually wants.

    As for what I want Pirate to have, I think Kingsisle first needs to actually provide more than 1 or 2 updates a year for the game. They need to provide new content on a regular basis, such as the much-demanded Polaris and crafting system. The level cap seriously needs to get raised, and in order for the game to become popular again, something has to happen that will shake the game up in a way that benefits Pirate101. When Darkmoor came out for Wizard101, literally everyone was there farming for the new gear, because the gear seriously changed the meta up in a way that never before happened. I’m not saying that Pirate101 needs to become broken in the higher levels, but there needs to be new higher level gear that will challenge the pre-existing gear.

    Kingsisle also needs to advertise for Pirate101 on TVs again, as not many people really know the game exists…

    The game also obviously needs more packs and bundles, NOT reskinned pets.

    • Alex Thunderstaff

      A layoff sounds a little extreme, but I like your arguments on new gear. I find it annoying going to 7 different bosses to gather gear for PvP

      • Sierra

        I kinda like it reminds of good old DS days lol! At least it kept endless farming interesting and we were not sitting at the same exact boss for days on end!

  • Jeffery Christopher


  • R.I.P

    This game awesome. I’m sure it will make it into 2019.

    • Sierra

      Thanks for your input to improving the game, have a nice day 🙂

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