Poll: Melee or Ranged? (Pirate101)

Melee or Ranged



Which Companions do YOU Bring?

 Since Pirate101 PvP went live a little over a year ago, players have been debating which Companions are the most useful on a Pirate’s crew. Early on, El Toro was a popular choice due to his Espirit de Corps Power which many felt gave them an advantage in any PvP match.

As time went on, top PvP players agreed that Bonnie Anne is a must-have Companion. She’s so good, in fact, that other players begin developing “Anti-Bonnie” strategies, usually consisting of another Musketeer companion trained specifically to out-gun her. 

Countered nausica hitting pirateThen came Nausica. The Centaur Queen came charging onto the PvP scene from the Empire Bundle, dishing out massive damage and taking out everything in her path. This controversial companion is so powerful that Tournament Master Alex Deathflame wrote an entire article devoted to techniques to counter her! 

With two very powerful Musketeer Companions running around the board and the variety of Companions available, Duelist101 asks: what type of Companions are YOU bringing to PvP matches?

Is your crew made up of melee or ranged Companions? Take our poll below, and let us know in the Comments!

Thanks for reading and Happy Pirating!

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  1. too bad i can’t contribute cuz i don’t play pirate…lol

  2. Bold Benjamin Hawkins says:

    You should try it.:D

  3. Swordroll says:

    I vary quite a lot based on the class I’m fighting. I do tend to bring Nausica just because everyone IS currently using Musketeer companions to some extent, and she’s a great counter to that. While I like my melee companions, and will hardly pass up Toro for his buff (though if I can get both parties to agree not to use him, as he’s overused in general and it makes for a more interesting battle without him, I will), I lean toward a second ranged companion just because my goal is obviously never to be playing up close as Musketeer. 😛

    Used to be two melee companions and a ranged companion were popular. I’m excited to see the ways in which this will continue to develop in our next expansion. I’m loving that they’re revisiting old companions as well. It seems like our best ones are universal. Sure, that’s the easiest way to make things fair. Suppose we all get an epic companion that tops all the others, but it’s different for each class? (The teasers indicate something of the sort.) Then you get diversity while maintaining power.

    I love to hear about out-of-the-ordinary strategies, so if anyone is using three ranged or melee companions, please elaborate! 😉

    • It looks like two of the voters (so far) are using 3 ranged companions, but no one has selected 3 melee yet. When Nausica first came out, there was some talk of switching to more Melee companions but it looks like that’s not the case! (Or maybe everyone has Nausica? lol)

  4. El Toro, Kobe and Hawkules (son of Zeus, in case anybody missed it) isn’t so bad a lineup on my Buccaneer, I find. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to argue that it’s in any way “ideal” just a challenge I find fun to duel with, I guess. The thing is they all can have fairly “violent” Relentless chains (which I like). Give Hawkules Relentless3 (Veng2, since you yourself can supply all the possible Veng3) and his chains can get even more “violent.” There’s no question, however, by and large, Musketeer Comps. dominate PvP. Too much, in fact, needs balance…

    • Merciless Jean Percy says:

      Really? I would try that (only i don’t have Kobe). I would think that against a privateer that would be terrible as you wouldn’t even hit musketeers often, with all their accuracy and dodge buffs. But then again, one turn of focus fire on a companion would obviously kill (so much chances of relentless it’s impossible not to knock them into red). I guess Nausica did change the game for some people.

  5. as a musketeer, i’m completely biased, i definitely get used to ranged attacks and it influences my companion decisions…i’m pro-ranged all the way (probably to my detriment, but still! ranged! woo!)

  6. Merciless Jean Percy says:

    I’m always choosing bonnie, zeena, and toro. I pretty much laugh whenever my opponent uses all musk companions and they aren’t a privateer. It means i’ve won because with toro buff and elusive my (POWER LEVEL IS OVER 9,000!!!) dodge is over 235, so i pretty much dodge everything that the musketeer companions throw at me, and i kill the pirate first so i don’t get owned by aoe’s. When facing a privateer, i’d like to go all musketeer but there are no good ones you can get through the storyline, only 2 (bonnie and zeena) for swashbucklers at least, so i can’t do that. Then i have to use toro because of his buff, which upsets me because he’s useless against a privateer since he always misses. Nevertheless, 2 musk and 1 swash seems to work out all the time.

  7. Test realm is out in wizzy101 for players to check up on a few minor updates 😀 pet time, lol

  8. Celestial Wanderer says:

    I think the main issues with companions are the imbalances in their classes. Swashbuckler companions deal great amounts of damage, but in a Meta that’s not geared towards swift kills, they’re definitely lacking. They may have nice dodge, the health difference between them and the other classes aside from Witchdoctors is too big a gap.

    Privateer companions are practically the same as Buccaneer companions, but much less damage and no TT.

    Witchdoctor companions are very easy to approach with one unit due to their low accuracy, poor health, and poor range.

    If KI wants to balance them out and discourage the overuse of Musketeer companions, they shouldn’t make their only legit counter a Musketeer itself.

    There are so many solutions to fixing the companion imbalance, but KI has yet to listen to a single one. Perhaps the incoming update will come with the changes players have requested and suggested.

  9. I use one ranged such as Bonnie and two melee like Hawk, Goro, or Toro since Toro buff and Goro awesomeness. 😀

  10. Vaughn Poulson says:

    El Toro, Bonnie Anne, and Zeena are my top three companions.

  11. Seth Vint says:

    I personally prefer to use Old Scratch (my firstmate), Bonnie Anne (my secondmate) and Ratbeard (my thirdmate). I’m a witchdoctor, and this setup has been pretty successful for me so far. My teams current epics are as followed:

    Old scatch: mojo echo 2 and improved mojo blast 2.
    Bonnie anne: burst fire 2, stock assault, quick draw and overwatch.
    Ratbeard: hold the line, repel boarders 2, first strike and bladestorm.

    I don’t use el toro as I find him and his buff to be overrated and plus I don’t need him on my main pvp team either. When people do use him, I do try to take him out as soon as possible as I know the damage he can do, and if the player fails to use espirit de corps right away before he goes down, well then bonus to me then, hehehe.

    Ratbeard is often my first-line of defense and also usually the first of my team to go down as well, with me and my ranged units bringing up the rear as needed. Since old scratch is so rarely used in high level pvp, he’s often still alive at the very end of the match, or at the very least the final person of my main companion units to fall.
    In the past I have used different units besides the 2 “lovers” so-to-speak, such as bones McGee (quick adjust, double-tap and critical strike) and moresco de valvida (quick draw and burst fire 2), the latter of whom makes a pretty good anti-musketeer musketeer I must say since he does deal primarily physical damage as opposed to magic damage (aside from his incendiary shot power but that’s beside the point really).

    I do occasionally try to switch up my pvp team lineups depending on the levels of whom I’m facing, meaning that if I’m facing some lower leveled opponents, then I shall use my lowest leveled companions (lv.42 and 43 (batacuda (lv.42 vengeance strike), sky snake (lv.43 first strike and flanking) and skyfire (return fire, overwatch and critical strike), but still though). I’ll also occasionally just park my units in certain places while my summons do the fighting for me (usually the stygian chorus though since they do have low base attack power and I don’t wanna try to kill them all in one hit if I can possibly avoid doing so).

    Oh yeah, before I forget, in case you were all wondering, I’m a max leveled witchdoctor and I also prefer to fight from a distance as well, so there’s that at least.

  12. Stormy Dolan Underwood says:

    Against a swashbuckler (I’m a buccaneer), I’d use Bonnie, Peter Quint and El Toro. Bonnie to kill their dodge, Toro to buff (and that would give them an even lower chance of dodging, and my buffs compared with Peter’s(While all this is happening, I’ll do Levy call Kraken’s Lament), Then go ahead and reckless frenzy. Of course after I get close to the enemy.

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