Pirate101 Smuggler’s Arena

SmugglersArenaKingsIsle has introduced a new concept to the skyways with the latest release: the Pirate101 Smuggler’s Arena.  Read on to get the details!

What It Is

The Pirate101 Smuggler’s Arena is a special housing item that can be purchased in the Crown Shop for 7,500 crowns.  It appears under the furniture tab in your backpack.  If you are familiar with Wizard101, the Arena works the same way as the Winterbane, Midnight Sun Pagoda and Spiral Cup Gauntlets.  Simply place it anywhere in your house, jump on the sigils with up to 3 friends, and away you go!  It can also be placed in your shared bank and moved between pirates on your account.

SmugglersArenaEntranceCaptain! Another sewer?

What To Expect

The Smuggler’s Arena is a gauntlet of 10 back to back (to back to back to…) fights, without any breaks between battles.  Each fight is against a single boss and a group of random minions – if you are soloing, it is a boss + 3 minions against your pirate + 3 companions.  You will face two bosses from each of the five pirate classes, with the second set of 5 bosses being tougher than the first.  The minions are from the same world as the boss, but can be drawn from any of the classes.  The level of your opponents will begin at the same level as the highest level pirate on your team, and will increase one level per battle.  Consequently, running the gauntlet with pirates of widely disparate levels isn’t a great idea.

GauntletPrepForBattle We who are about to die… 

When you first enter the Arena you meet Scriptop, who offers you a choice of playing in either Practice or Challenge modes.  In Practice mode, any companions that are defeated will be available for the next fight.  In Challenge mode, all defeated companions are NOT available for ANY of the remaining battles, and will require bed rest afterward to recover (just as if they were defeated in normal combat).  In either mode, all damage sustained by companions who are not defeated will be erased between fights (i.e., they are restored to full health), but all damage sustained by pirates WILL carry over to the beginning of the next fight.

Every couple of bosses, Scriptop will “encourage” you with commentary about how impressed he is at your progress so far, how certain he is that you are going to die shortly, how astonished he is that you can simultaneously walk and chew gum, blah blah blah.  After defeating the fifth boss you earn the ArenaAce badge; after defeating the tenth (and final) boss you earn the ClubChamp badge. 

A gauntlet run is finished when a battle is lost.  At the end of a Challenge run, you earn scrip based on how many bosses you defeated;  a Practice run earns you nothing (except practice).  After finishing a Challenge run, you must wait 2 hours before you can do another.

How To Prepare

For the Smuggler’s Arena, preparation is everything.  Selecting your gear and doubloons, and arranging the order of powers and doubloons is critical, because you are going to have to use the exact same setup for all 10 battles.  The only thing you can vary is your companion selection.  This can help some with certain bosses, but given the random nature of the minions, it is of limited usefulness.

Important Note: Once you begin the first battle, THERE IS NO WAY TO PAUSE OR STOP THE FIGHTING until you are either defeated, or finish the entire gauntlet.  So make sure before you start that you are comfortable, the dog has been walked, and you are not going to need to visit the bathroom for the next hour (or more, if multiple pirates are playing).

Flexibility is key.  You will have to defeat bosses and minions from all classes, and will not be able to “set” for just one or two.  If your battle plan depends on facing only one type of boss, or having a specific companion available, or getting a certain power on the first turn of a battle, you are probably going to struggle.  Gear selection is important – choose items that can be used to support multiple different classes of companions.  Gear that offers protection (Valor’s Shield/Armor/Fortress) is especially useful.  Perhaps the most desirable power to have is healing, not only for companions, but because your pirate will not have any time to recover between battles.

BosunEnters2Send in the Lions!  Er, I mean… crabs.

Once a fight begins, watch out!  These guys are tough.  If at all possible, try to finish the fight with a fairly healthy pirate.  I often save a heal for the last turn for exactly this purpose.

PotionsOne last thing: before you start, make sure your potions are completely filled.  While all pirate damage carries over to the next fight, you CAN drink a potion and heal yourself between fights.  But you have to be quick!  The potion icon in the lower left corner of the screen will only appear for a moment in between battles.

Details On The Bad Guys

This information was gathered using a level 65 pirate – lower level pirates will face lower level opponents, with fewer abilities and lower health.  This is a Work In Progress, so if you observe any powers not listed here, let us know!

While the boss for each fight is fixed, the minions seem to be drawn randomly from all 5 classes.  Minions have a generous helping of epic talents, and in addition usually (but not always) have the following powers (and they WILL use all of them):

  • Buccaneers: Two Brutal Charges, Whale’s Might (strength boost)
  • Musketeers: Tempest Of Torpedoes, Hail Of Cannonballs, Rain Of Mortarshells (all 3 types of bombs)
  • Privateers: Reinforce, Regroup, Refresh (all 3 group heals)
  • Swashbucklers: Two Assassin’s Strikes 
  • Witchdoctors: Mournsong, Soulreaver, Ghostwail (all 3 infinite range attacks)

BossToeiEntersAnother Boss appears

Bosses have all the same special abilities as minions, plus some extra stuff.  I haven’t (yet) seen the full range of powers you might expect from a level 65 opponent, but wouldn’t be surprised if the bosses have the same abilities as an equivalent pirate of the same class.  Given the AI’s preference for attacking at all costs, it may just be that all non-attack/non-heal powers hardly ever get used.  Be warned: both bosses and minions seem to get more than their fair share of critical hits. 

Scriptop Dialogue and Boss Sequence

 Before the fighting begins, Scriptop has a bit of advice for you: ScriptopDialog1

First Boss: Bosun Backfin – 4004 Health 


Second Boss: Walt White – 4236 Health



Third Boss: Boss Toei – 3656 Health



Fourth Boss: Fakir Musafa – 3795 Health



Fifth Boss: Euryale – 5015 Health



Sixth Boss: Xenacanthus Lockjaw – 4068 Health



Seventh Boss: Emilio Zaguana – 4123 Health



Eighth Boss: Oni Baba – 5225 Health



Ninth Boss: Richie Turpin – 4873 Health



Tenth Boss: Tauron – 5148 Health




ScripAt the end of a Challenge run, you are awarded an amount of scrip based on the number of bosses you defeated.  We are not sure yet what determines exactly how much scrip you win.  Time spent in the gauntlet might be a factor, but it may also include number and/or level of pirates, number of companions lost, or something else entirely. For a level 65 pirate, the amount of scrip awarded for winning 10 battles is in the 425-525 range. The amount you win is heavily backloaded – you won’t win much for completing just the first few fights.  Scrip can be used to purchase items in the Black Market – see here for details.

What do you think of this new gauntlet?  Leave a comment below!



  1. Is it members only? My subscription has ended, but I would love to try this out.

    • Since you purchase it from the Crown Shop, I suspect it is available to everyone. But I’m just guessing.

    • just a guest says:

      but this is sadly a bad part there is a new add on for the ship but it is 25000 script i hope there will be a quest for a lot of script in the future

  2. Brand Ghostspear says:

    Interesting, if I ever enter that dungeon, what I would do is raise an army and charge! If you lose soldiers, bring in more soldiers! XD

  3. Cody Nightblade says:

    Heh, as for Pirate, that only affects ship battles, as said on the description of the talent. I wonder whether there will be any low level mobs when there’s a max and a lower level running the dungeon. Anyone know? If all of them are a low level, this means us pirates can just farm like that. Hah.

  4. Is this NOT what Wizards have been asking for forever
    An endless housing dungeon

    I see how it works better for Pirates though
    This is awesome

  5. Tatiana Unicorntamer says:

    I bought this and have to say I’m sorry I did. I think I’m an average player. I play for fun and this was just too hard. I haven’t survived the first round on several attempts. I sad.:( I didn’t I was that horrible at this game! I am level 42 and have survived some tough fights/dungeons by myself and with friends. This is the first time I flat out couldn’t do even the first round. Wish I could get a refund on my crowns!!!

  6. Winsome Roslyn says:

    I’m disappointed.. I’m lvl 65 Swashbuckler and I haven’t survived the first round yet. I tried sinking ships and managed to find 2 Scrip so I was hoping that this new dungeon would be a better option…but now I’m reading that a lvl 65 only gets 100+ scrip for surviving all 10 rounds! Apparently I will not be shopping the black market anytime soon! lol

    • by the time get next book might more scrip 🙂 getting bored playing wizard101 sick playing ice never rank pvp (moving storm) through pirate101 allot more easy game better then wizard101 (making everything worst) much as shadow magic in wizard101? but keeping ice wizard 🙂

  7. Quick chris pace says:

    I am doing this right now with 2 swashbucklers a bucaneer and a privy, we are on round 4 and so far it has been a breeze although the swashbucklers have been a big problem with their massive damage in the 1,200-2,000 assasins strike range.