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Battlemage Keep Bundle

There is a brand new bundle in town! The Battlemage Keep Bundle has just recently hit the stores (more in particularly, Gamestop) and has now been officially announced by Kingsisle. An important fact one should notice in this bundle is that we get a reminder of the traditional sense of wizards and witches alike different from any of the other magical bundles.

Furthermore, due to a misprint on the back of the bundle card, players will get an additional 2500 crowns with the standard:

  • Wargoyle Pet
  • Battlemage Attire
  • Battlemage Staff and Shield
  • Battle Havox Mount
  • Battlemage Keep Castle
  • 5000 crowns or one month membership

Wargoyle Pet

Battlemage Keep Bundle - Pet

Pet Details

Battlemage Keep Bundle - Pet stats

Talent Slots:

  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???


Battle Havox Mount

The fierce Battle Havox mount is pretty much ready… for battle. This intriguing two-legged mount offers your wizard an additional 2% universal damage. Not only that, but you are also able to dye it to a set of different colors!

Battlemage Keep Bundle - Mount

Battlemage Keep Bundle - Mount Stats



Battlemage Attire

Quite the fashionable choice for a wizard! The Battlemage attire is not only stylish but effective. As an added bonus, there are some eye catching spells available in high level tiers as you can see below.

Battlemage Keep Bundle - Attire



Battlemage Staff and Shield

Not a lot of noticeable change between different low level tiers, however it can be quite useful at higher levels. What will certainly grasp your attention are the may cast spells. Both spells are auras that manipulate pip gain. If cast on the enemy it will remove a pip from them every turn, and if cast on yourself it will grant an additional pip every turn! Moreover, you can pick and choose between 7 color variations for this staff and shield.

Wand Variations

Battlemage Keep Bundle - Wand

Battlemage Keep Bundle - Wand


Battlemage Keep Castle

Personally, I think this is the very highlight of this bundle because as it is often said, “save the best for last!”. The Battlemage Keep features this three storey castle (even though it looks a whole lot taller!), a quite astonishing fishing pond, and a rooftop arena! Honestly a terrifying place to duel if you are afraid of heights! 

Battlemage Keep Bundle - Castle

Battlemage Keep Bundle - Castle

Battlemage Keep Bundle - Castle

Battlemage Keep Bundle - Castle


Are you looking forward to obtaining this brand new bundle?
Don’t wait any longer and head to Gamestop right now!

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  • Blaze MeOut

    first comment 🙂
    probably the coolest bundle i’ve seen in awhile

    • Vino Jn Pierre

      I agree

      • Inge Määttä

        Me too! It’s great!

  • Blaze Fireweave

    I got the bundle and I love it!

  • Michael Hammer

    Another Bundle. I never saw so many bundles! This one has the dumbest looking mount of all time. Yes it may impress the kids, but not me. The game has bottomed out. There out of ideas. The best years of the game are long gone.

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