Spooky Carnival Bundle – Wizard101

Spooky Carnival Bundle

There’s so much excitement going on lately that we forgot to mention the brand new spooktacular Spooky Carnival Bundle that has recently surfaced in Wizard101. This exciting bundle has some quite unique features that will definitely interest you. Big thanks to Kingsisle for providing the bundle for us at Duelist101 to review and share with you.

The bundle provides you with:

  • Booloon Pet
  • Spooky Carnival Attire
  • Spooky Throwing Knives
  • Creepy Clown Car
  • Scarousel
  • 5000 crowns or one month membership

Booloon Pet

Pet Details

Spooky Carnival Pet

Talent Slots:

  • Tick Kicker  (Brand new pet talent!)
  • Fire-Shot
  • Ally Volcanic Shield
  • Courageous
  • Gifted
  • Dashing
  • Sunbird Call (Brand new pet talent!)
  • Tireless
  • Careful
  • Armor Breaker


Creepy Clown Car

In my opinion the best part of this bundle is the Creepy Clown Car mount! This mount is not only good because of the +50% speed, but also for the unique 4 person mount which for some quad-boxing players like me will be amazingly useful.



Spooky Carnival Attire

Lots of new interesting spells available from this gear set… even at low levels! Also, could this be the new Jade robe? It certainly poked my interest as an avid PvE player.

Creepy Carnival Attire Look



Spooky Throwing Knife

Beware the sharp edges! Also, be more careful of that Bunferatu waiting to attack. He cannot be trusted with those may cast beguiles.

Spooky Carnival Wand Look



Another unique item that can only be obtained in this bundle, the Scarousel. This housing item adds a certain flair to your house, especially if you’re decorating a house for Halloween. Additionally, you can interact with this item and let your wizard ride while you watch from the 4 different available views.

Spooky Carnival Scarousel


Are you looking forward to obtaining this brand new bundle?

Don’t wait any longer and head to Gamestop right now!

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  • James Earthwalker

    I had the chance to zip around in one of my friend’s cars the other day. I WANT.

    …But don’t have the money. ;-;

    • Christopher RubyRunner

      same I’m broke for a while haha, but it does look cool I’m looking forward for Christmas. I’m gonna try to get the yuletide stag mount for my balance and a cool robe that drops at lvl one hundred it’s blue I forgot what it is called but I’m gonna stitch it on my ice.

  • Brand Ghostspear

    I bought the bundle last week. The stats are bad, but the design looks nice. The knife seems pretty dangerous on the way my wizard is holding it. That balloon is going to give me nightmares. I wonder how 4 players can fit in that small car, especially when one or some of us are holding knifes. And the carnival was pretty fun to ride on. There was a known glitch that can happen randomly when you stop riding it (not sure how rare since that happened the second time I rode the scarousel ride), but it’s already been reported with some pictures of proof. Overall, I find the bundle interesting. And now I’ll have a creepy balloon clown to hate. lol

    • Jonathan Firehammer

      robe has slightly more resist than jade**

      • SuperToare

        The level 110 jade robe has 23% resistance the level 120 carnival suit has 21%

  • SuperToare

    The spooky carnival suit is perfect for jades.

    • Igor Efimov

      It probably will. It has both pips and generic accuracy, something jade tanks have secretly pined for.

      The spell is really only useful for self-immolation to get rid of bird droppings and feints. Timed right, it’s a guaranteed self-cleanse-all. Death will want this as a reset button but only in those battles where you get more than one virulent plague or juju or whatnot per heal.. maybe vs Loother Ray…no idea. Pretty much everyone else will want to disable it.

      Dunno how it stacks up with life rat robe

      The ice minotaur is insane, it’s even bigger than death mino… ;_; what’s up with that?

      • SuperToare

        The robe also gives much more incoming than the jade one.

        Maybe the ice minotaur is stronger because it has 5% less accuracy idk.

  • brandon123

    I would love to get this bundle

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