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Do you absolutely love badges? Are you in love with the fishing badges, but just can’t seem to love fishing itself? Unfortunately, you might be out of luck. Many of the fishing badges are relative. It takes some luck to obtain most of the badges, but thankfully, you can boost your RANK and get the rank badges quickly if you fish methodically. By following a simple fishing plan, you might be able to get most of the fishing badges!

As with many other games that incorporate fishing as collectibles, (Toontown comes to mind) players tend to make fishing plans to maximize the efficiency of their fishing. For Wizard101, this also means efficient energy consumption and quick badge obtaining. It’s fair that fishing plans have pros and cons; all plans have them. Take a look at some of these strengths and weaknesses to see if fishing plans are right for you.duofishing


  • Saves time on obtaining rank badges and fish caught.
  • Efficient energy consumption (don’t waste energy in a pond with 1 new fish, instead, go to a pond with 3 new fish possible)
  • Identifies which fish are easy to catch, displays their schools and allows you to plan ahead.


  • May feel restricted because of instructional feel
  • May not want to catch the fish listed. (If you want a favourite fish, you might not be able to go for it)

In conclusion, if you really want to get badges and fishing experience, and don’t mind instruction, then by all means, follow a fishing plan!

Feel free to skip to any part of the Fishing Plan!

Stage 1 Stage 2: Wizard City Krokotopia Grizzleheim Mooshu 

Stage 2.5 Stage 2.75 Stage 3 Extra Resources

 Stage 1 (The Mandatories)Icecuda

Stage 1 is considered the questing stage. These are the mandatory fish that everyone has to catch. Why do you do the fishing quests first? Well, you get access to fishing vendors and you get a nice Slow Fish spell for the fast fish.

Obviously, you’re going to want to catch the Quest fish for Stage 1 of your fishing guide, which includes only 11 fish.

There is a bit of an order in which fish should be caught first.

1 + 2: Icecuda and Frost Dekoi

Reasoning is fairly simple. You get an opportunity to obtain better lures for catching the fish, and they’re both extremely easy to catch in the Commons. These two might not seem like much, but it’s a great introduction for fishing. You also manage to receive your Gone Fishin’ badge at this phase. Congratulations!

Once you complete both of these fish, you’ll have 2,000 experience just from catching the new species alone. Congratulations! You’ll be promoted to Rank 2 Neophyte Angler!

3-9: Catfish, Sharkspeare, Garrrfish, Fish Sandwich, Bone Fish, Mainstream Dekoi, Mechanical Armorhead

There’s not a particular order in doing this set of fish. It’s suggested that you do the Bone Fish, Garrrfish, Mainstream Dekoi, Mechanical Armorhead and Fish Sandwich in their respective locations first. Chances are, you’ll get each one within the first full pond. After that, Catfish and Sharkspeare may require more than one pond, which is why you should target these fish later.

By the end of this phase, it’s very likely that you’ve either caught one or both of the Whopper/Small Fry requirements, so congratulations! If not, you’ll get them soon, so keep up the faith!

Also worth noting, if you were to somehow only catch each of the required fish (and therefore only collect 9 fish worth of experience), you’d have 10,200 experience. Congratulations! This is either just short (by one new species worth of experience), or just more than enough for your Rank 4 Badge (That’s right! You’ll pass over Rank 3 if you finish the quest!) Initiate Angler!

10 + 11: Todd Pole and Bear Acuda

Fortunately, this will be the end of your mandatory fishing, and can then move on to some other fish. I’d highly suggest going for the Todd Pole first as it’s really easy to get the Todd Pole. The Bear Acuda will most likely give you problems.

By the end of this phase, you’ll have 13,300 experience (3,100 from this phase).

Let’s do a quick recap. Within Stage 1, you’ll have already obtained 13,100 experience, a minimum of 11 different types of fish, a Slow Fish spell, and these badges:

  1. Gone Fishin’
  2. Catch of the Day/Deep Sea Pro (or both!)
  3. Rank 1-4 on fishing, ending in Initiate Angler badge
  4. Fishy Business (most likely… For catching 25 things)

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Stage 2 (The Easy Fish)

Stage 2 is all about collecting the easier hard badges. You should aim towards getting a few particular badges, including Angler Management, Hook, Line & Sinker, Catch of the Day and Deep Sea Pro badges if you haven’t yet collected both, and most importantly, Rank 6 fishing. Before you start this stage, it’s advised that you invest in a few, if not all of the 4 energy lures. They will make it easier for you to catch some of the fish with minimal failure. By this stage, you’re gonna want the Reveal Fish School spell as well, as it is the bread and butter to catching fish efficiently and successfully.

Here’s where the fishing plan gets a little more “Free Choice”. Each of the 4 worlds have easy and difficult fish to obtain. So for this stage, you can pick a world, and start working on its fish. You’ll be back to visit the same worlds later on in the plan.wizard-city

Wizard City

There are many fish in Wizard City that are considered easy to catch. You want to target these easy fish first.

  1. Archer Fish (This one’s leaning towards the medium difficulty, but still fairly easy to catch. This is one of the only easy fish that might take you more than 1 pond to catch)
  2. Cuddlefish (This, along with the Deathacuda, are fairly easy to catch. They’re the two main death fish on Cyclops. Catch them both in 1 trip)
  3. Deathacuda (See above, Cuddlefish)
  4. Garrrfish (Go to Olde Town and throw a few lures out for ice fish… You’ll get this almost instantly)
  5. Mechanical Armorhead (A good strategy for this fish is to catch it in Ravenwood, as 99% of the time it’ll be a Mechanical Armorhead)
  6. Mythacuda (Search for this on the stream OPPOSITE where you find the Fish Sandwich)
  7. Treantfish (One of two life fish on Unicorn Way. Lifecuda is NOT listed in Wizard City as there are easier places to catch it, but the Treantfish is VERY easy to catch as well. Chances are, you’ll get both the Lifecuda and Treantfish on this trip though).

Wizard City’s totals will give you 7 more new species of fish, bringing your total different species collected up to a minimum of 18 if you’re following this plan in order, word for word. Catching these fish will give you 8,500 more experience, which, if you did this world first, will give you 21,600 experience.

Note for this phase: The only fish you should be skipping here is the Archer Fish. The other fish are catchable within 1 or 2 ponds maximum.



Krokotopia doesn’t have a lot of “easy” fish… Kind of more along the lines of “medium”… In fact, there aren’t even that many ponds to fish in (specifically 3), making fishing a bit more difficult!

  1. Balancecuda (Extremely common in Oasis. You might get lucky and catch the Krokotopian Eel while hunting for this fish too)
  2. Chameleon Fish (While not certain, the Chameleon Fish is usually able to be caught within 1-3 ponds in Emperor’s Retreat)
  3. Firecuda (This fish can be found everywhere, but the Oasis is probably an almost-instant catch if you hunt down the fire fish)
  4. Four-Eyed Grouper (Very easy fish to get. Same boat as Chameleon Fish… Might take 1-3 ponds, but it’s relatively common)
  5. Hammerhead Shark (Same as Chameleon and Four-Eyed. It might take 1-3 ponds, but it’s very easy to get this fish)
  6. Strawberry Jellyfish (This one is considered easy to catch along with the Firecuda. Try to make one trip for both of the fish, as they’re relatively common, same school, and both in the same location)

As mentioned, there aren’t many “easy” fish to locate here. Fortunately, these 6 fish are on the higher end of experience for common fish, netting you a total 7,300 experience. If you’ve been following the guide completely in order, you’ll have 29,900 experience minimum. Congratulations! This will net you the Rank 5 “Intermediate Angler” badge.




Grizzleheim doesn’t have many “easy” fish to offer for you that you haven’t already caught. Fortunately, there are some of the more interesting fish here.

  1. Boar Fish (This one’s somewhat wishy-washy. It might take you 3 ponds or 1 cast to catch it. Generally won’t take more than 3 ponds)
  2. Fish and Chips (Probably the coolest looking easy fish. Almost a guarantee of catching it in 1 pond in Helgrind Warren)
  3. Tattoo Fish (VERY easy to catch in Mirkholm… Might get lucky and find the Life school Rune Fish too)
  4. Tongue Fish (Gives a great amount of experience and is our first “Large” fish. Almost guaranteed at the Boiling Fields area)
  5. Troll Trout (Same as Tongue Fish, but the guaranteed location is the river near teleport stones, NOT Boiling Fields)

Fortunately, these 5 fish are pretty cool. If you’re still following the guide in order, you’ll now have 29 different fish! Congratulations, that means you’ve got your Hook, Line & Sinker badge! At this stage, you’re probably near or have already obtained your Angler Management (100 things caught) badge, so congratulations if you have! Total experience in Grizzleheim so far is 6,600… Bringing your total (if you’re following in order) to 36,600 experience.


Mooshu has a lot of fish in general. Naturally, this place is a treasure trove for experience.

  1. Charred Dekoi (A Dekoi….)
  2. Corroded Dekoi (Another simple Dekoi…)
  3. Codfather (Medium sort of fish… It’s tough. Sometimes it wants to show up, sometimes it doesn’t. Just be patient!)
  4. Doodlefish
  5. Doodlefishette (Along with the Doodlefish, these two can easily be caught in the same pond or within 3 ponds completely. Do both in 1 trip to the Tree of Life)
  6. Dragon Eel (Just fish around the big Moodha statue in front of the Palace. You’ll get one in the first pond 90% of the time)
  7. Fabled Dekoi (You’re gonna catch a lot of new Dekoi in Mooshu. Very simple, much like the -cudas)
  8. Grape Jellyfish (Fairly simple. I’d suggest trying for the epic Musushi while doing this fish at Crimson Fields)
  9. Jackson Pollock (More of a medium fish. It may take a pond or two. Especially frustrating based on fish spawns and distance from them)
  10. Jolted Dekoi (It’s a Dekoi… Simple enough)
  11. Lifecuda (Very possible that you might have already caught this fish. Fortunately, if you’re looking for either the Sumo Koi or the Jackson Pollock, you’re certain to have the Lifecuda somewhere along the way)
  12. Marmalade Jellyfish (More medium than easy… Wouldn’t stress too much about catching this fish)
  13. Mud Dekoi (Another Dekoi… Free experience…)
  14. Mullet Fish (I’ve never seen anyone not get a Mullet Fish within 2 full ponds… Chances are good if you catch all the Myth fish in the pond)
  15. Ninja Fish (Also a bit of a medium fish… It might be alright to skip this and come back later)
  16. Origami Fish (Despite being rare, you’re probably gonna catch this sometime if you attempt to catch the various Storm fish in Mooshu)
  17. Samurai Fish (Exactly like the Ninja Fish… You might want to skip this fish and come back to it. It’s very fickle)
  18. Stormacuda (While it can be caught almost anywhere… It’s really easy to find it while going for Musushi, Jolted Dekoi and Grape Jellyfish)
  19. Sumo Koi (Like the Jackson Pollock, somewhat rarer than the average easy fish, but generally still obtainable within 1-2 ponds)

A whopping 19 fish! Yeesh. There are all sorts of easy-easy/medium fish to catch here. It might be acceptable to skip a few (Marmalade/Samurai/Ninja/Codfather come to mind) and come back to them once you’re satisfied with the amount of “easy” fish you’ve gotten. If you’ve gotten all the fish so far, which is an accomplishment itself, you should have 48 different species of fish.  Total experience (if you really feel like adding 19 different 3 and 4 digit numbers… Yeesh) for Mooshu is 23,900 experience (wow!). If you’ve been following this guide in order of worlds, your total experience minimum is 60,500!  Congratulations! That’ll bring you up to Rank 6, Journeyman Angler! If you successfully caught all of these fish and got to Rank 6, I’d highly suggest grabbing the Summon Fish spell immediately. It’ll be your life saver.

Recap time! By the end of Stage 2, your rewards table is looking a bit larger! In total, your rewards should be:

  • Catch of the Day badge
  • Deep Sea Pro badge
  • Fishy Business badge
  • Gone Fishin’ badge
  • Hook, Line & Sinker badge
  • Angler Management badge
  • Rank 1-6 Fishing Badge (“Journeyman Angler” is the one you can currently display)
  • You might also have obtained your Master Caster badge, depending on how difficult your fishing experience was (200 things caught)

Quite the big difference in rewards, eh?

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Stage 2.5 (Intermission!)

It’s time for a check-in! Before you progress to the difficult stages of the fishing plan, you need to evaluate your progress. Some things you should be checking for:

  1. Do I have the Summon Fish utility spell? If not, go to Frode Silverscale in Grizzleheim and get it immediately. If you aren’t Rank 6 yet, go back to Stage 2 and fish more. You shouldn’t be trying Stage 3 until you have this spell. It’s mandatory.
  2. Do I have all the possible lures (4 energy and 3 energy)? You’ll probably want to invest in the 4 energy ones for each school.
  3. Do I have my Master Caster badge yet? If not, you might want to go back and continue fishing until you achieve 200 things caught.

If you’ve said yes to all of these things, you’re definitely prepared for the next stage. If you said no to #2 or #3, you’ll have some difficulty with achieving all of the next stage’s goals, but you should be fine.

With that being said, let’s move on to more difficult tasks.

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Stage 2.75 (The “May Have Missed”)

These don’t really deserve a stage on their own, so they get .25 of a stage. These fish aren’t necessarily harder to get, but may be more frustrating to get than some of the other fish in the previous stage.

  1. Bearded Trout (Somewhat tricky and fickle… Definitely a medium sort of fish)
  2. Cranky Catfish (Yes, it’s an Epic fish… But it seems to spawn a LOT more than some of the other Epics, and it’s easily accessible in Commons… You can walk into its pond and reset the pool yourself too!)
  3. Gullfish Grouper (Somewhat fickle… Mainly “May Have Missed” due to it being in Triton, so far away from everything else)
  4. Krokotopian Eel (Ridiculously hard for a “Rare” fish… Should have caught it with your Oasis fishing though. If not, try a few more times!)
  5. Owl-Eyed Pike (Very difficult on many occasions, but some people get it fast. It’s in the Commons with a bunch of other Ice fish, but you might have gotten lucky and already snagged this fish. If not, consider trying one or two ponds worth of fish)
  6. Sun Ray (Particularly difficult because of the massive amounts of Firecuda and Fish and Chips… Also, a moderate boss fight is required to access the pond it is swimming around in)

If you’ve fulfilled this stage, you’ve achieved a few new rewards! First, you’ll have obtained 54 different species of fish. Congratulations! The 50 different species badge “Skipper” is yours! This stage alone gives you 9,200 experience. If you’re still with the fishing plan at this point, you would now have 69,700 experience, not including other possible catches you’ve made. Congratulations again! That’s enough experience for Rank 7, Expert Angler!

Two badges for this Stage alone… Not bad, huh?

  1. Skipper (50 different species of fish)
  2. Rank 7 “Expert Angler”

If you’re ready for the final stage, continue on. Be warned, it’s the most difficult and will require a lot of patience to complete.

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Stage 3 (The Horrors)

This stage is basically the final stage for fishing. You’re going to scream, shout, cry…. You might want to quit. These last fish WILL require patience (or dozens upon dozens of energy refills). Hang in there, we’re almost done.

By the end of this stage, you’ll have some of the harder badges, along with quite a few Epic fish!

These won’t be listed in order of world, but will be listed in certain difficulty stages.

Hard Fish

  1. Boss Hog (Hard to get it to spawn, easy to find and catch as it’s the only Storm fish in Savarstaad)
  2. Brain Sturgeon (Annoying piece of work. Beautiful fish, but sometimes doesn’t spawn for awhile, swims with a bunch of Lifecuda and to make matters worse, you can’t walk into the pond it’s swimming in)
  3. Bubba Fish (Only Balance fish in Shoshun Village, and the pond is able to be walked in. It’s just hard to get it to spawn)
  4. Goldfin-ger (Uncommon spawn rate, swims with a lot of other fire fish… Fortunately, it moves slightly faster than the other fish and the pond can be walked in, so it’s not all that bad)
  5. Rune Fish (Perhaps the easiest Epic fish to catch. Though the spawn rate is VERY poor, the cave is dark, which makes fishing easier, it is the only Life fish in Mirkholm AND the pond is able to be walked in) 
  6. Silver Streak (Same predicament as Goldfin-ger, but slightly harder. It swims with three other possibilities of Ice fish, as well as the fact that you can’t walk into the pond… Fortunately, it moves faster than most of the other fish, making it easier to identify)
  7. Sturgeon General (The most annoying Epic fish… This thing almost never spawns and often gets away if you use anything BUT the 4 energy Myth lure. Redeeming factors? It’s the only Myth fish in the Entrance Hall, almost never escapes if you use the 4 energy Myth lure and fairly easy to position yourself to catch the fish without scaring others off)general sturgeon fish

By the end of this phase, you’ll have 61 different species of fish, and it’s very likely that you’re close to the 500 things caught badge (Baited Breath). It’s fine if you don’t have Baited Breath by this stage, but you’re awfully lucky if you haven’t caught 500 things by now. You’ll get 11,500 experience for this phase alone, bringing your total experience up to a minimum of 81,200.

Nightmare Fish

These fish are the most difficult and frustrating fish in the game. People may get lucky and catch them fairly quickly, but for many people, these fish are nightmares! Expect 5~15 resets to even have an attempt at catching some of these fish.

  1. Blackberry Jellyfish (The worst part about this fish? It almost never spawns. The spawn rate is so poor, there was a report of someone having to use 18 “Summon Fish” spells in order to actually see the Ice fish. Why else is it difficult? It’s in a dungeon and the pond it swims in can’t be walked in. Have fun!)
  2. Errol Flynn (This fish spawns about the same as the Hard fish, the only problem is the drastic amount of energy it will take to catch it. Between Balancecudas, Mainstream Dekoi and Archer Fish, how does KingsIsle expect you to single out the one Errol Flynn in 5 or so ponds? It’s ridiculous. Fortunately, the pond can be walked in, but be careful! It’s not uncommon to accidentally scare the fish away from this pond)
    Wizard101's most frustrating fish!

    Wizard101’s most frustrating fish!

  3. Musushi (Personally, I think this is the most devilish fish in the game. It’s made me frustrated and want to give up, but I eventually got it. It’s not the only Storm fish in Crimson Fields first of all. So even if you can get over its extremely low spawn rate, you won’t know which one it is. Don’t worry though. In order to actually get to its pond, you’ll need to go through most of the Crimson Fields dungeon [which is insanely long, especially if you don’t have multiple people]. Finally, you’re gonna need to spend lots of energy on it as you can’t reset the pond by walking in it. You’re going to have to spend the 10 energy each time… ON TOP of the energy wasted catching Stormacuda and Grape Jellyfish instead of the Musushi)
  4. Polar Bear Acuda (It’s probably one of the more tame on the Nightmare fish. The major problem is the spawn rate. It rarely shows up, sometimes taking more than 10 resets to appear. What really makes this fish a nightmare, is the graphic catastrophe in which this fish calls home. You’re going to need to fiddle with your graphics in order to make the pond less bright. Don’t even think about using Reveal Fish School until you change your graphics options; You’re not going to be able to tell what school any of the fish are… It gets fairly easy once you change the visual options though. You can reset most of the pond by walking in it too, so that’s a plus)

By the end of the nightmare stage, you’ll have 7,600 extra experience. The grand total for experience in this fishing plan (at the MINIMAL amount, which means you couldn’t have caught any other fish besides a new species every time), is 88,800 experience. If you’re interested in getting Rank 8, good luck. Rank 8 requires 101,745 total experience. This means you’re 12,945 experience off from your Rank 8 badge. Another feat that you should have accomplished by now is the Baited Breath (500 things caught) badge. If not, you were EXTREMELY lucky. Otherwise, congratulations!

Final recap for the whole fishing plan:

  1. 88,800/101,745 experience (for Rank 8)
  2. 65 different species of fish
  3. Gone Fishin’ badge
  4. Catch of the Day badge
  5. Deep Sea Pro badge
  6. Fishy Business badge
  7. Angler Management badge
  8. Master Caster badge
  9. Baited Breath badge
  10. Hook, Line & Sinker badge
  11. Skipper badge
  12. Rank 7 Expert Angler badgefishing3

Please note: Seasonal fish are NOT included in the fishing plan as they are available at different times and not static. If you want to take a break and catch those Seasonal fish, feel free to do so at any time in the plan (probably wouldn’t suggest it until after Stage 1 at least).

If you’d like to complete this plan, it’s advised that you use two handy dandy links. The first is the Fishing Locations guide. This will help you identify which fish you’re supposed to be going after and which place it can be found here !

The second useful resource you may want to look at is this Energy Elixir guide with contributions from Heather Shadowslinger and Kyle Nightstrider. Energy is your stamina. You’re gonna need many energy refills, so this guide might help you make things easier.

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 Time to Go Fishing!

Hopefully by the end of this Fishing Plan, your wizard has gained some valuable rewards and badges! If not, what are you waiting for? Fishing is a wonderful opportunity that can be very rewarding if you put in the patience and effort. Duelists, do you fish commonly, or find it to be more of a chore? Would you ever consider following a Fishing Plan or schedule? Let us know!



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  • Kenzie Rain

    Great post Morgrim. Guess it is time for me to do some fishin’. 🙂

  • ChoGath

    Any recommendations / discussion about the fish needed for crafting? I’ve been intimidated by the frustration posts about fishing, but would really like a tapestry to the Bazaar.

    • Valdus

      I haven’t been much on fishing at all, but I was determined to craft that tapestry. The cuddlefish aren’t too bad. I usually got one or two for each pond in cyclops. They’re never in the streams. I tried to minimize the fishing I had to do by only doing the first quest then buying the death lure. Took a couple days.

      • ChoGath

        Yep, this was my experience. Just finished up with crafting the Bazaar tapestry.

    • Easy peasy, just buy all the reagents at the bazaar and just keep fishing.

    • Morgrim Shadowfist

      Honestly, just keep focused. For the catfish, just keep searching for the fire fish. That’s all you can really do. Clear out ALL the other fish that you know aren’t fire. (Walk into them, while avoiding the fire fish). This helps limit the risk of catching a non-fire fish and helps you stay focused. Other than that, just stay patient 🙂

  • Kyle

    How do you reset the pond by just walking in it?

    • Morgrim Shadowfist

      You can walk into the fish to scare them away. If you scare/clear all the fish from a pond, it will reset after a certain time.

  • 1. It’s Errol Fynn it is, they changed the wording for pun reasons 😛
    2. Ninja Fishes swim insanely fast. You don’t even need reveal fish for them. Just see if any of the fish are zooming. If you have any doubts, it probably isn’t a Ninja Fish.
    3. For all Epic/Rare Fishes and the ones that are labeled as common but not commonly found in their ponds, they swim faster than usual. Not Ninja Fish or Silver Streak fast, but relatively faster. That’s how I caught my Mushushi. Ignored all the huge shadow fish that were slow.

    • Morgrim Shadowfist

      Thanks for the Errol Fynn name!
      As for the other two, well, in my experience, it’s just not true. While it may seem like that, in actuality, most fish don’t actually move faster than others. Been testing a few of the fish and their movement speeds, and so far the only ones that DO seem to move at an overall increased movement speed are the robotic fish. The possible confusion comes from one of two things. The first is the different speeds that fish can travel. Fish can increase or decrease their speeds at different times, stop and start up again at random times etc. Perhaps this is what you saw with all the epic/rare fish. The second possibility is the lag effect. This occurs when you or the server lags and makes certain/all moving objects “catch up” to where they were. This is most noticeable with fish and PvE enemies. They will continue to move in the same path that they were going to, but at a distorted speed in an attempt to get to its correct location. I’ve made the same mistake as well, and it seems to occur a lot more in Mooshu and Wizard City locations.

      • Yeah I’ve experienced that before with Spells. Not sure if it applies to Fish though, I run a Vista so it’s actually on the slower side, but the processor is a 2.6 ghz soooo IDK. Perhaps you are right, but every time I look for uncommon fish found within the pond, they’re super slow. And I guarantee the Ninja Fish speeds all over the place. Really, really fast. Maybe I’ll try to get a video.

  • Errol Fynn or Polar Bearaucda…I don’t even know which one is worse.

  • Aaron S.

    Hey guys, I’ve been hearing odd rumors about Wizard101 being permanently disbanded within North America on December 17th (2014), with all other countries soon to follow. This rumor (a string of comments I found on many wizard101 youtube videos) all sound fishy and false, but the chance that this may be true worries me. Any thoughts? I truly hope this rumor will be confirmed as false ASAP…

    • lol Definitely a rumor.

      • Aaron S.

        That’s what I thought… these “trolls” are very convincing though O__o

        • Blaze MeOut

          The story in wizard101 isn’t even finished the grandfather cob left the story at a “movie cliffhanger” indicating a sequel arc to the morganthe arc so its very unlikely this will occur

    • Ethan Breeze

      Haha, making hundreds millions of dollars each year, decides to shut down their most popular game… Nick speaks truth!

    • If it is on YouTube don’t trust it unless it is KingsIsle or someone that works there

  • James Earthwalker

    So.. . many… words… D:

    • Morgrim Shadowfist

      There’s a lot of fish and explanation unfortunately. There’s a few navigation tools you can use to move around the guide though 🙂

  • Rogan Redriver

    My angler is only rank 6 but I’ve noticed that if you’re to catch a rarer sort of fish for the first time from any pond (and this counts for the brain sturgeon which is a bit less common than lifecudas) you’ll always get it on your first shot, and it doesn’t matter which fish as long as it’s the right school, so if you’re after a musushi you just reel in the closest life one and if it’s the wrong fish stop, reset pond and try again. Using this tip and the duelist guides you should hit rank 6 in no time. If a pool has more than one rarer species it’s possible to get one on first cast then a few common ones before you get the second. This happened when I was in tree of life. First catch was doodlefish, then a few fabled decoi before I got the doodette.

    • Rogan Redriver

      Sry just remembered you don’t get summon fish until lvl 6. What I did was if I didn’t get the rarer fish after one try I went to a different area. But once you have the spell you could just use that.

  • Wolf FairyForge

    Fishy… *sniffs*

  • Mora Misthead

    I think I will really like this guide once I start fishing on a char 🙂 It’s good to have a step by step plan 🙂

  • KileyRose

    Don’t forget the badge for catching 1000 fish – Drop The Bass

    • We all already know about that one KILEY

    • Morgrim Shadowfist

      Well I didn’t put Adept Angler and Drop the Base for multiple reasons. But the main reason is that you may not get the Drop the Bass badge by following this guide. If you specifically hunt for new fish and are lucky, you may not ever get 1,000 items. I did mention that by following this guide, you will be close to the Adept Angler badge though. Unfortunately, if you ONLY follow the guide, you won’t get the Adept Angler badge, which is why I didn’t put it on the final list of accomplishments. If you ONLY catch new fish every time you cast, you won’t have enough experience to make it to Rank 8.

  • KileyRose

    And Rank 8 Adept Angler badge

  • Brave Brianna Noble

    I have been through Emperor’s Retreat at LEAST 10 times now and emptied out all 3 of the ponds. I absolutely just can NOT catch the Hammerhead. And only 1 in like 20 fish ever get away. :/

    • The hammerhead was a seasonal fish

      • Brave Brianna Noble

        I think you’re referring to the Warhammerhead shark. The Hammerhead shark is not a seasonal fish. Warhammer is storm, hammer is balance.

  • Jacob Blue Sword

    Thanks! This really helped me out.

  • Jeff Kalmar

    Tattoo Fish (VERY easy to catch in Mirkholm…)
    Maybe it was when you wrote this, but I just fished the pond clean twice and it was all Bone Fish and Deathacuda. Still a good guide though.

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