Free 1st Second Chance Chest Roll (New Member Benefit)

Free 1st Second Chance Chest Roll

KingsIsle introduced a brand new member benefit: Free 1st second chance chest roll. Let’s take a quick look at it.

What is second chance chest?

We’ve all seen them already. They’re spread from Wizard City all the way to the Emyprea. It’s a mean looking chest that is just screaming and begging you to open it and check what’s inside.

But there’s a catch. You can open it, but to see what it drops you have to pay the price. It starts with 50 crowns and get more expensive with every new try. The chest rewards you with stuff that is dropped by its boss. It can be a rare drop or just some random robe.

WARNING: spending more crowns doesn’t increase the chance of getting a rare drop. It just gives you another chance of drops without having to fight the boss/dungeon all over again.

But fear not – the price won’t go up forever. It resets after one day and you can start again by starting with only 50 crowns!


How does it work during the event?

Loremaster! Finally I’ll have an easy way to get spells! Not so fast, there’s a catch. Just like the regular chest resets once a day (for example doing the boss or dungeon again won’t reset it), the free reroll also works only once per day per dungeon.

After you’ve beaten the boss you’ll have an opportunity for free chest. After that, you’ll have to pay the reguler fee (50 crowns, 100 crowns, …). If you quit and do the dungeon again, the chest will continue from where you left off. You’ll have to wait one day to get another free second chest reroll.

It basically works exactly the same as it does normally, just that it has one more level before 50 crowns: zero crowns.


What places should I farm?

So, we came to conclusion that Loremaster isn’t best choice to farm. If you’re a dedicated farmer who grinds a lot, then this one extra chance won’t make much of a difference to you. If you’re not the dedicated grinder, though, it’s time to become one! Especially if you really want to get a specific spell. Spell drops are so rare that second chance chest generally won’t help you too much if you just farm it from time to time (but of course, it doesn’t hurt!)

So which places would be beneficial for this benefit?


Oh good old Tartarus. It used to be pretty popular dungeon that kinda lost its relevancy due to the powerful Darkmoor gear. But if you want to get your hands on the Amulet of Divine Influence, then you should definitely visit Hades again!



Medulla’s battle is long and confusing, requiring a fairly large chunk of time. As such, it’s awesome to be able to skip one run and try your luck on the chest! The Cabalist wands only seem to drop in this battle.


Darkmoor is another dungeon that takes a large chunk of your time. The cheats are really difficult for an uncoordinated team. With gear that many players still use at level 125, it’s a must have dungeon to visit!

House of Scales

House of Scales isn’t that important if you’re marching your way toward max levels, but if you decide to stay and PvP at mid levels, it’s a nice dungeon to visit. Gear is an aggressive alternative to the famous Waterworks gear. This is a good opportunity to test your luck here!


The good old Malistaire from Dragonspyre. While his gear isn’t nearly as useful as it was at the begining, you should still visit him for the good old nostalgic days. And you can help someone in the team-up kiosk on the way there!

Baba Yaga

There are also some other boss fights that doesn’t require doing a whole dungeon who are bit tougher and worth trying your luck with second chance chest. Baba Yaga (you can run around first battle), Morganthe, Grandfather spider, Rasputin are just some choices…

What’s your favourite place to spend a free second chest roll?

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  • A

    Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. Never has kingsisle made such a pitiful attempt to please their customers. Apparently they do not know that actually listening to the players gives them more profit than just adding things with no input from the community. this benefit should apply to each run of a dungeon, not just once per day. Also, all member benefits should last one week, and there should be a constant benefit going on. During one month, there are maybe 10 days that have a benefit. People have wanted a pet talent reroll for a while now. pay a couple hundred crowns at epic or mega to get a different talent. max 3 tries. I also think that the training system needs a change. maybe a benefit where people can just keep feeding the pet and not play the game. paying 10 to 15 percent extra gold per hatch to choose which egg to get back should be a permanent addition.
    All of these things could increase kingisle’s profit, but they are too lazy to listen to the players and improve the game. the only actual accomplishments that they have made since January 1 is the dispel shields. they cannot even make a full world in 1 year, just a short half world. There are dozens of changes that players have come up with, but they will never make it into the game. How sad.

    • Blaze MeOut

      1.) You can always quit wiz if you don’t like it. I don’t mind something extra because it’s extra and can be actually useful as a member already. Membership already gives a huge advantage in this game compared to buying by area so I really don’t expect more from it.
      2.) Being a game developer is hard, especially when you get a decent sized community in wiz wanting things to be fix/improved. They literally just added headless horseman as a spell because of the community. They also tried to fix some pvp updates last summer. Not to mention emoji’s and default menu chat to make it easier for the menu chat community. Obviously, a lot of their ideas listening to the community failed because both the community and the developers aren’t perfect. They are only human.
      3.) Not all of your ideas are gonna get accepted because either they are too complicated or too overpowered in wizard101. Games are rarely considered perfect. Cut some slack … Unless, you can and have programmed a better mmo game that is higher rated than wiz I really don’t see your comment progressive in any way. Pet reroll? Really? Kingsisle made pets to be time consuming … this just gets rid of time and money actually, so no they won’t do that unless they charge an absurd amount of crowns. This is actually something in-game that requires hardwork and isn’t necessary in game. Just like housing, crafting,fishing, and monstrology.
      4.) Kingsisle isn’t lazy. MMO’s are hard to build. They are a dying genre actually. There are mmo’s with better graphics than wiz now these days, but its not like kingsisle can just update their graphics to a higher version. They literally have to create a entirely different game like a overhaul. And like runescape, there is always gonna be OG players wanting a original version of the game server.
      5.) Kingsisle knows what’s in market. The next generation of gamers are hooked onto phone games, not mmo’s. Because kingsisle is desperate and short of money they need to develop a good phone game and eventually put wizard101 on steam to get a higher audience. If this fails, sorry wizard101 is gone for good. A lot of mmo’s are already gone, even club penguin. The fact that wizard101 lasted this long means is a long time veteran of mmo’s.
      6.) Being short on money is affecting kingsisle, you can call it lazy, but if you don’t got money–> You got tons of stress just putting out limited content by a community. Games aren’t just fun; they are a business.

      • Blaze MeOut

        7.) Kingsisle made wizard101 FOR THEM AND NOT YOU … going back to point #1 quit wiz if you don’t like it.

        • The Balance Wizard Soloer

          I think the word pathetic is how he’s describing his feelings on how Kingsisle is implementing things without even considering the audiences opinions. He does have a point, don’t focus on the pathetic side to it, he is giving constructive criticism. The point he is trying to make is that Kingsisle are putting things without considering the audiences voices and they’re only pleasing them hastily in unnecessary things just to get more profit. This has definitely been the case because wizard101 these past 2 years has been dying.

          • The Balance Wizard Soloer

            To add on, I mean at this point it’s clear that Kingsisle has been FORCED to listen to the player’s out cries and it can definitely be seen through dispel shields, chess based tournaments, lower health in mobs and bosses (which is completely ridiculous to me). But the fact of the matter is, it might be too late for them. Thats’ why they’re ending the 3rd arc with Empyrea with 3 parts instead of 2 more worlds. I mean the 2nd arc was 4 worlds and the 5th had 2 parts.

          • Blaze MeOut

            How about some constructive criticism for both of you guys and work on how to actually constructively criticize instead of whining over something small and beneficial that has no negative side effects to members in a game.
            1.) Both of you offered frustration of wanting more in wizard101 than that’s currently there as a player which is respectable, but shows your immaturity to criticizing mmo games. Like I said, recent updates proved they have been trying to listen. Not all of your ideas are gonna get accepted or gonna be implemented correctly that fast. They do a big update every 3 months which is actually considered fast for most mmo’s. World updates occur every single year which is insanely ridiculous considering most mmo’s, like WoW and Tera, actually do it slower than wiz.
            2.) You guys don’t offer comparisons to other games that have/had similar issues and worked ways around it.
            3.) You guys don’t offer solutions without understanding what’s going in the game
            developmentgame/making/programming/marketting side. Also, does not take into account the original purpose of such things like pets. Ideas like pet reroll disregard the time spent on pets which kingsisle purposely put. This won’t increase profit; this idea is just for personal gain for pay to win players and increases the pay to win factor in wiz…I really don’t like that.
            4.) Your comment is in the fan page of a wizard101 site? How the heck is this gonna be seen by a kingsisle developer. If you actually want to make progress, work for kingsisle, get a forum comment famous, and notify them.
            5.) Previous point #7 Kingsisle has all the rights to everything you thing you own on wiz. Nothing not even the money you give is yours after you signed that online comment. Your comment is irrelevant, non-progressive, and hardly noteworthy of saying constructive criticism. If you dont like wiz, quit.

          • Blaze MeOut

            Also, the 3rd story arc is based on the earthsea trilogy, the Farthest Shore. Empyrea is split into multiple parts because a big event is gonna happen… But its hardly noted as the last world. At most, this is the second to last world in wiz. Already over lvl 100 in any mmo is an achievement, wiz is old and all games die is the cycle of life. It won’t die so soon, but the end is near, and so is the spiral…

        • its wiz

          idk what that has to do with my comment

      • its wiz

        lol don’t bring disney MMOs to your argument lol Disney is one trillion bilion zillion times worse than Kingsisle

        • Blaze MeOut

          Kingsisle makes mmo’s that are categorized as “family friendly” … Disney makes similar mmo’s and they have a billion times more money than Kingsisle so yes I am bringing Disney into it because you brought wiz into it.
          2.) Billion times worse? They fund Star Wars Old Republic, Toon Town, and Club Penguin … all were really successful mmo’s that recently closed down because they knew mmo era was going away. Not because they weren’t making actual profit.
          3.) If this is all you gotta say, sorry not sorry.

    • Cody RavenTamer

      I don’t see how your comment is helpful. If you want Kingsisle to even consider your suggestions you must provide CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. I don’t see how ‘pathetic’ is going to have any useful effects except for putting a rather negative light on yourself. Kingsisle has been taking player feedback and suggestions a lot more seriously as of late as evidence from recent updates.

  • David Dawn

    Nice article 🙂

  • Blaze MeOut


  • Wolf FireBreath

    Just did waterworks on my legend life… After beating Sylster realized there’s no second chance chest *FACEPALM*

    • Mora Misthead

      Oh darn >_< Poor you!

  • sonicflare9

    In mirage i did thieves den and eerem palace it seems too short were only there for 4 or 5 quests maybe they can add more to the worlds so people wont finish as fast

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