Free Training Point Buy Back: What to Use it for?

Free Training Point Buy Back: What to Use it for?

Kingsisle announced today that members can buy training points back for free until the 6th of August. This isn’t the first time this member benefit has come around, and you may have already bought back things you accidentally bought last time it was here. So what’s the point of it? Why should you care this time around?

Well! We have something not everyone knows about yet that could benefit you! Especially if you are a Death wizard, this member benefit is a great opportunity. You could get your hands on a stash of Deadly Minotaur TCs without having to farm the Bazaar or garden for them!

Mutate Spells

The Archivist in Celestia sells 7 different Mutate Treasure Cards.



Why would you want these?

So what’s the connection with the free training point buy back, you say? Let’s go back to our example of a Death wizard. Necromancers love Deadly Minotaur because of its double hit. With it, you can ignore a shield and still get a decent hit in one round. However, gardening for Deadly Minotaur TCs is annoying and the Bazaar rarely sells them. Using the Mutate treasure card, you can make as many as you want! The only catch is that you have to have the Myth spell Minotaur trained.

Unfortunately, this is a problem for many people. Not everyone has enough training points for this, like in the case of a Magus or Grandmaster level wizard. With this member benefit, you can now buy back your points, train Minotaur, enchant a million Deadly Minotaur TC (or as many as you can stash in treasure card decks).  Then simply buy back your training points once more, to train the things you will ACTUALLY use, like tower shield and infection. You will be left with a stash of Deadly Minotaurs that will hopefully last you until the next time this member benefit comes around.

You will need the following amount of training points to train each of these spells:

  • Forsaken Banshee: train Banshee in the Death school for 4 training points (level 10 required)
  • Mutate Swarm: train Locust Swarm in the Balance school for 4 training points (level 10 required)
  • Midnight Sprite: train Sprite in the Life school for 4 training points (level 10 required)
  • Inferno Kraken: train Kraken in the Storm school for 6 training points (level 22 required)
  • Fire Wyvern: train Ice Wyvern in the Ice school for 6 training points (level 22 required)
  • Thunderbird: train Phoenix in the Fire school for 8 training points (level 33 required)
  • Deadly Minotaur: train Minotaur in the Myth school for 8 training points (level 33 required)


The Mutated Spells

Of these, I have personally have used Deadly Minotaur, Midnight Sprite and Forsaken Banshee on my Death. The buff the latter two leave can be very useful sometimes and they’re excellent shield breakers. Thunderbird is also very useful for Storm wizards!


Other considerations:

  1. Be careful when buying your training points back after the rank reset if you have trained conviction! This spell requires you to be a Sergeant or higher, so if you’re still a private, you won’t have access to it until you rank up. 
  2. You may want to screen shot your deck set-ups so you can rebuild them easily when you are done.
  3. All resulting treasure cards are no trade, so you will have to keep these on the wizard who will be using them. Be sure to buy extra decks with lots of treasure card space so you do not over flow your main treasure card inventory.
  4. There are also other mutate treasure cards available from the Bazaar. Especially useful is the Mutate Elf (storm) which will turn a fire elf into a storm version which can provide a storm wizard with a much needed DOT.


Let’s start hoarding those TCs, shall we!? Benefit ends Sunday, August 6th!

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  • Angel Dawn

    Great guide!

  • 19

    I am planning to get all my training points back on my max level death. I think i will train ice to tower shield, myth to minotaur, life to sprite. I will train all dispels, reshuffle, and all triple blades and triple traps from niles.
    I also want to train damage enchants, sharp blade, potent trap, aegis, indemnity, and virulence. Will i have enough points for this?

    • Sierra

      Try out our updated Training Point Calculator, you can find it under Tools at the top of this page

    • Sierra

      Check out our updated training point calculator, you can find it under Tools at the top of this page

    • Mora Misthead

      Test to see if I can link out training point calculator:

      • 19

        I already trained them, still had some points left over. i decided not to train life since death scarab is better than midnight sprite

  • Duelist101 is too smart for wiz

  • Blaze MeOut

    Alternate idea: If you multiple wizards for different schools. You can take advantage of sharing these throughout your bank. Idk, if this is possible, but trading might be as well.

    • Sierra

      This is currently not possible, if you put a deck in your shared bank it empties the treasure cards out into your main inventory.
      Would be nice if we had a shared space for treasure cards though

      • Blaze MeOut

        what about trading using multiple accounts? after the spells got mutated

        • Sierra

          All the cards you mutate are no trade, so you can not do that

          • Blaze MeOut

            dang kingsisle nerfed it hard XD

          • Sierra

            Pretty sure its always been that way!

          • Taylor

            I remember them changing toughness cards from being able to allow trading on any card you enchant about 7-8 years ago, maybe Blaze is remembering that from way back when. But yea, I ended up taking advantage of this trick to make a bunch of storm phoenix’s on my level 70 diviner, it definitely helps a lot for wizards below max level.

          • It’s been like that for a long time, but at the beginning, like 2009 you could do that.

          • Sierra

            Thanks, I had no idea 🙂

          • Blaze MeOut

            true, but still they saw this coming for a reason.

  • Taylor

    Great guide, but I really don’t think this trick is needed too much at maximum level. My death wizard has myth to minotaur trained, mutate minotaur, ice to tower shield, stun block, life to sprite, mutate sprite, spirit/elemental blade/trap, reshuffle, shadow shrike, shift grreenoak, shift ogre, empowerment and adapt, cloak, epic line, potent trap, primordial+radical, sharpened blade, indemnity, aegis, and every school of dispel.

    So in other words, he has every single card that I consider useful since I run offensive aura TCs in my side deck. If he were to get anything else, it would probably be conviction or dipping into a school for a shield or something, which he could do with his remaining 5 training points. We have so many training points at max level that we can basically train anything we want; my fire is basically the same way, with 3 training points left over after training through all the basics as well as midnight sprite, fire wyvern, and fire kraken.

    • Sierra

      The thing is most schools train feint, which is 7 points, death probably has the most training points to spare. If you farm a lot you may need both tri-blades and traps, etc, it is better than it once was since off school dispels and prisms are readily available for purchase.

      Then consider some like alternative strategies such as shift spells. Personally I train fire to pheonix, make tc then sell back, perhaps I just do not like seeing fire spells on my storm though lol.

      At lower levels this is definitely a handy strategy.

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