Monstrology Bugs – An Updated List

Monstrology Bugs List – An Updated List

(2018 Summer Test Realm)

This article’s purpose is to track down any remaining Monstrology bugs that are currently in the game and group them together. Unlike other articles, this one is aimed to provide constructive criticism for Kingsisle to be of assistance. Therefore, no negativity will be allowed in the comments section.

Monstrologists in the Spiral have probably figured out by now that we can’t complete every section of the Monstrology Tome, and hopefully this will help in fixing that. I listed every single bug I ran into and also other ideas that could help improve each section of the tome. Please, don’t hesitate one bit to post your ideas and/or findings in the comments below in a respectful and constructive manner. I already posted a similar list in the Wizard101 Message Boards – Test Realm Section, but I wanted input from more wizards! This list is composed of both bugs that are already in live realm and those found new on test realm.

Bugs include:

  • Creatures listed under incorrect sections
  • Wrong statistics for creatures in the tome (incorrectly not/marked as a boss)
  • One time creatures in the monstrology system
  • Missing descriptions
  • Creatures that should clearly give animus but don’t

Monstrology Bugs - Extracts


  • Bellosh is not dropping any animus even though he is clearly an elephant.
  • Condemned Mander is incorrectly marked as a boss and should be listed under Dungeons.
  • Temple Guardian, Temple Phantom and Bellosh should be listed under Dungeons.


  • The Barkskin Treant and Green Man Minion in the life school of Pigswick Academy aren’t accessible for those who already defeated them.


  • Loremaster is missing it’s description + is not marked as a boss.
  • General Firetusk, Gurtok Demon, Gurtok Firebender and Gurtok Piercer are not marked as bosses.
  • Nodnarb is incorrectly listed as a boss creature.
  • Night Shadow Rank 3 Ice (baddle of the bands) was not moved with the rest of the creatures to the Dungeons tab.


  • Creatures that should be considered as polar bears but fail to drop animus: Agnetta Broadblade, Frostheart Raider, and Jorda Swordbearer.
  • Gurtok Barrier Demon is repeatable but isn’t available for monstrology.
  • Gurtok Barrier Demon is incorrectly not marked as a boss.


  • Carrion Flower Man don’t spawn unless there are 3 wizards present in the dungeon.
  • Amedras Lightstep and Murat Greyeyes is incorrectly not marked as a boss.
  • Belloq (Waterfront) is dropping animus but is not registered in the tome.
  • Aksil Blacktrunk is no longer spawning (if it’s included in monstrology). 


  • Tezomoc Stone Singer is a one time creature but still gives animus.
  • Rank 12 Belloq in Three Points and Rank 13 Belloq in Twin Giants are incorrectly listed under Zafaria.


  • The Tier 3 Gaikotsu Skeleton might be counting towards the total count of Khrysalis, but the creature is not in game.
  • Dragon Beetle is not dropping animus even though it could be a Wyrm.
  • Arkyn Moonblade, Laughing Calaca, and the Tree Root Elites are incorrectly marked as a bosses.
  • Balance Tree Root Elite is incorrectly marked as a boss.
  • Cree Curdwright is incorrectly not marked as a boss.


  • Draconian Pyromancer and Draconian Pyro have the same description.
  • Tier 3 Tanglewood Terror’s last battle has minions from the Tier 1 setting.
  • Kasai Baku from the 5 boxes event in WC box is not included.
  • Kasai Baku should be listed under Dungeons.
  • Zoraimei Helephant from the Midnight Sun Pagoda is not included.
  • Conscripted Mander from the Grand Tourney gauntlet is not included.
A discrepancy in the amount of creatures has been found in the Dungeons and Khrysalis sections. The amount of creatures exceeds the limit.
Also, some non-repeatable creatures might be added to the monstrology system. More specifically, creatures that could be listed under Dragonspyre, Celestia, Azteca, Mirage, Wysteria, and Grizzleheim. If aware of any, please post a comment down below.

Did you find anything else that is not listed above?

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  • Bianca

    You can collect the three polar bears from Grizzleheim, they just show up in Polaris.

  • Ritzy

    I really think the two different Rattlebones from the one shot dungeons should be in Dungeons, not Wizard City. Those two have been in the wrong category since the beginning of Monstrology, if I remember correctly, and it still hasn’t been rectified. All of the housing gauntlet creatures have been properly categorized into the Dungeons tab, but these two keep getting overlooked.

    On a side note, this isn’t really a bug, but I hope they can eventually figure out a way to allow you to select the tier for housing gauntlets like you can with one shot dungeons.. It’s not very pleasant going around asking lower level wizards to play a dungeon with you just so that you can get the tier of monsters you need to complete the dungeons section.

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