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Monstrology Rewards

Monstrology was launched in Wizard101 in the April 2017 Spring update and has ever since been a wonderful addition to the game. Unfortunately, a lot of players don’t share the same opinion. After a quick look at the game and/or social media sites related to Wizard101, I could conclude that a huge factor were the rewards. 

Let’s take a quick look at the rewards…

Summon Monster Treasure Cards

It’s extremely fun and useful seeing enemy creatures on your side of the circle for a change and them helping you quest solo. However, getting animus to make the treasure cards can be time consuming considering that when you summon them you’re only doing it for the one battle.

Expel Monster Treasure Cards

Surely the least used out of the three, Expel Monster TC is limited to minions only. While this is reasonable, it feels less useful than the other options.

House Guests

Nothing wrong with this idea. I’m sure that decorators everywhere can back me up here. House guests offer a lot of possibilities for housing especially now that castle magic has hit the Spiral.

Additionally, we have the Monstrodome. As great of a feature as it is, the rewards it offers are limited. Mostly, you will get low rank pet snacks and reagents, not to mention gold! Finally, we have some unresolved bugs that restrict us from collecting them all. I’m not suggesting some sort of system overhaul, but changes can indeed be made.


A 4th reward type… Transformations!

Our very own misthead happened to point out a (in my opinion) very brilliant idea – make transformations a reward for Monstrology! For a long time, there have been multiple requests by players to introduce more transformations in the Crown Shop. What if instead of them being in the Crown Shop, they could be a reward from Monstrology? This would bring tons of new transformations in addition to those that are already available in game.

This reward would work just like the other rewards: you gather animus from a creature and create the transformation of them. I am going to leave the duration and other technicalities to Kingsisle, but it would be more than amazing if the transformations lasted longer than 1 hour (especially if you’re going after Malistaire). Only one question left to answer now, which creature will you transform into first?


Transformations - Halloween


Do you have any other Monstrology reward ideas?
Share your ideas in the comments below!

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  • Blaze MeOut

    transformation, and polymorph’s for PvE in my opinion

    • Cody RavenTamer

      Didn’t think bout polymorphs! If implemented correctly that could be a nice feature.

      • Blaze MeOut

        It would be cool to get animus to unlock secret unique crafting gear recipes. These recipes can be like pets, new emotes, mounts, transformations, elixirs, or gear.

  • SuperToare

    Rare treasure cards

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