Roberto – New Skeleton Key Boss

Roberto – New Skeleton Key Boss

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We can test our skills against two new skeleton key bosses in 2018’s spring test realm. The first one is Roberto, twin brother of the well-known Diego the Duelmaster. If your wizard is level 5 or higher make sure to visit our favorite Wizard101 horsey and find out what’s going on between the two of them!

The quest is an introduction to Skeleton key bosses with a cute, short story. While new players will get to face their first skeleton key boss, experienced players will get another boss to add to their “I defeated them” collection.

Roberto – The Boss

robertoRoberto is located in Old Town, in the house on the right side just before you enter Firecat Alley. The location will be located on your map when you accept Diego’s quest, so no need to worry about missing it.

Roberto is a Fire school boss with 350 health. Since he doesn’t have any minions to help him in the battle, the battle won’t be too much of a struggle. Even if you’re a level 5 wizard who plays this game the second day you’ll be able to beat him without too much of a problem.

We didn’t test whether he has any resist/boost to specific schools, so if you have any information about that, please let us know in the comments. Same with cheats: we didn’t record that he has any, so if you find some let us know.


Some people may regard Roberto’s drops as bad. However, that’s far from the reality. Yes, 95% of players won’t use 95% of his drops, but after all, Roberto is a boss for level 5 wizards. Drops are well-balanced, according to his rank and level requirement.

Roberto’s Rapier

So, what can we actually get from him? The most desirable drop is his wand, Roberto’s Rapier. Stats/cards given from the wand are nothing special; you can find the same ones in the bazaar. However, its look is really nice and is a great addition for stitching outfits.

Roberto - drop

Other notable drops are 7 day mounts, which are pretty good for free-to-play wizards that are limited to wizard city (and maybe Krokotopia) only. Novice socket wrenches are also a nice addition to his loot table. Free-to-play players might make good use of them, especially since they often remain at the same level for longer periods of time and don’t need to change gear so often.

Wooden keys

Roberto - wooden keyIn order to enter Roberto’s lair, you’ll need to collect a wooden skeleton key. You can check our guide here to see all known locations for skeleton keys. Note that these are pre 2018 spring update locations and new locations have been added including in Wizard City.

From now on, maps will have a little sign if there is a boss who drops a key around that location. So there are high chances that this will get updated as well and even more bosses will drop desired keys. Right now, it’s rumored around the twitter that Kraken and Nightshade drop wooden keys. The perfect opportunity for free-to-play players to get some of them. High-level wizards may also find these locations interesting as there are a number of other wooden key bosses.

Do you like the new wooden key boss? Will you farm it?


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  • Ryan Lifesword

    Do the same for Corporal Tennisyn

  • Ryan Lifesword

    find out about the cheats and what strategies to use

    • Talon LegendStaff

      This boss doesn’t have any cheats and since he is just by himself with only 350 health, he’s basically an easier version of most of the bosses in Wizard City. The only real stategy that a level five wizard could do is simply spam him down or plan an attack that might kill with one shot. Roberto really isn’t a hard enough boss that deserves his own strategy guide. Nonetheless, can you make one on Duelist’s awesome community section.

      • Ryan Lifesword

        I was not talking about that boss, I was talking about Corporal Tenni’syn.

        • Jeremiah

          Then why ask a question about a boss that this post has nothing to do with? Should have open your own topic about the subject..

  • Ryan Lifesword

    All I wanted to know was to find out about the cheats for Corporal Tenni’syn

  • Toby H.

    It seems that I cannot pick up Diego’s quest on my Lv 6 Storm. Are there other requirements to make the quest available?

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