Craft Pigsie, Angry Snowpig and Ninja Piglets

Craft Pigsie, Angry Snowpig and Ninja Piglets!

The Wysteria Lore pack’s spells can now be crafted, awesome! They were also added as a potential drop from Loremaster.  You can find the recipes in the Wyrd, in Avalon. Inside the instance called Dun Scaith stands Grady, the recipe vendor. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do the battle to get to him! Just walk around the creatures.

The most problematic thing seems to be that, at the moment, you can’t craft the treasure cards. Grady doesn’t sell the recipe for them! As such, you will most probably have to go fight Loremaster in Dragonspyre and get the treasure cards as a drop, who knows you may get lucky and get the Spell dropped while you are there! Hopefully the TC will be craftabable at a later date.


Pigsie Crafting Recipe

The recipe for Pigsie requires 50 Celestium. Celestium is currently a mystery, as it is a new reagent that we haven’t gotten as a drop anywhere yet.


  • 10 Pigsie treasure cards (from the Loremaster)
  • 120 Perfect Jade (buy from reagent vendor, eg. Archytas in Celestia Base Camp)
  • 200 Citrine (buy from reagent vendor, eg. Archytas in Celestia Base Camp)
  • 60 Shell (reagent in eg. Celestia, try the Bazaar)
  • 50 Astral Shards (drop in Khr and Mirage, try the Bazaar)
  • 150 Golden Pearl (rare harvest from Pearl, try the Bazaar)
  • 220 Kelp (reagent in eg. Celestia, try the Bazaar)
  • 25 Amber (dropped by eg. Gladiator Dimachaerus)


Angry Snowpig Crafting Recipe


  • 10 Angry Snowpig treasure cards (from the Loremaster)
  • 120 Perfect Opal (buy from reagent vendor, eg. Archytas in Celestia Base Camp)
  • 200 Simple Vial (buy from reagent vendor, eg. Archytas in Celestia Base Camp)
  • 60 Shell (reagent in eg. Celestia, try the Bazaar)
  • 40 Silver (try the Bazaar)
  • 60 Scrap Iron (reagent in eg. Marleybone, try the Bazaar)
  • 50 Copper (try the Bazaar)
  • 25 Amber (dropped by eg. Gladiator Dimachaerus)

Craft Pigsie, Angry Snowpig and Ninja Piglets


Ninja Piglets Crafting Recipe


  • 10 Ninja Piglet treasure cards (from the Loremaster)
  • 120 Perfect Onyx (buy from reagent vendor, eg. Archytas in Celestia Base Camp)
  • 200 Black Coal (buy from reagent vendor, eg. Archytas in Celestia Base Camp)
  • 150 Black Lotus (reagent in eg. Mooshu, try the Bazaar)
  • 45 Cobalt (try the Bazaar)
  • 225 Iron (try the Bazaar)
  • 25 Blood Moss (rare harvest from Red Mandrake)
  • 25 Amber (dropped by eg. Gladiator Dimachaerus)

Craft Pigsie, Angry Snowpig and Ninja Piglets



You can also get these from Loremaster now!

Will you be crafting these spells?


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  • SuperToare

    One thing that’s for sure is that the most people are gonna craft Pigsie.

    • Sierra

      If we can figure out where/what Celestium is lol!

      • SuperToare


  • Blaze MeOut

    Kingsisle said they are adding more things in test realm later so that people wont spoil the entire thing. Maybe, Celestium will be a boss drop from Celestia, Empyrea, or another world.

    • Sierra

      I, as others are on the look out, so lets find it!

  • golden brigain

    Hoping for ice Minotaur and snowball strike to be craftable soon too.

  • James Earthwalker

    I just really hope Sacred Charge and the rest of the Skeleton Key-exclusive spells get craftable. I spent weeks farming Aphrodite II for the Ring of the Usurper alone; needless to say, there’s no way in heck I’m going back there.

    • Sierra

      I only ever managed to get the spell on my death and my storm, my life didnt get it, and after farming all the energy gear and damage rings i just gave up!

      • Blaze MeOut

        Honestly, I think those spells should be not craftable. The reason I think this way is because these spells are the main reason kingsisle included those skeleton key bosses, and making them craftable gets rid of the purpose of doing them. Second reason, these are not lore pack spells. Lore packs make it exclusively obtainable for heavy pay to win/high crown paying players. Adding crafting and loremaster made it easier for non-heavy-crown users to have a chance to get it either through hours of farming or crafting. Other than skeleton bosses, there isn’t much discrepancy for a pay to win player and a membership only player to have better chances of getting a spell drop. As a player, I do want some of these craftable, but if I look at it from a relevancy stand point, don’t make them craftable unless you’re gonna put them in a lore pack. Even then, make it so that certain tc and reagents only drop from the skeleton key bosses that drop the spell.

        • James Earthwalker

          Okay, maybe the spells ARE the purpose for the first two bosses. But for Aphrodite II? The reason we farm that boss is for the high Energy gear and the damage rings, not the spell. And Sacred Charge isn’t even that good of a spell, so what’s the point of hiding it behind one of the most frustrating bosses in the game?

          • Blaze MeOut

            For Aphrodite II, bosses can be farmed for multiple purposes. Energy gear tends to be very optional for a lot players as long as they have some energy gear; they’re fine. Not everyone is gonna farm that boss for energy gear because its not much of a needed stat in the game. The rings aren’t much useful either. They have been surpassed by the rings dropped in mimic in mirage. Having a dropped (decent but not best spell) is like a side reward for people farming energy. If you don’t consider it a good spell, there isn’t much of a reason to have it craft because why craft it? The boss isn’t that frustrating either. I consider it a semi-weak skeleton key boss compared to the rest of the battles in darkmoor. What’s super frustrating is farming omen for the deck.

    • Only recently got Scared Charge on my life. Took forever.

  • Igor Efimov

    Check with the crafting vendor in GH to see if he has a transmute draconium to celestium recipe? Very unlikely they would give us the transmute without making us sweat and farm it first for a few months but you never know.

    And OF COURSE the most useful spell of the bunch, has to be the one with the unobtanium reagent…OF COURSE

    • Sierra

      I did actually check for new transmute recipes, like you would think we woud have on for aether dust to aether ore, just have not found it yet! I also did all sides hoping to uncover a new reagent/recipe vendor, but no dice
      It is early in test yet, so it could be something they have just not added yet! Let’s keep looking 🙂

  • Blaze MeOut

    People should farm Beastman fight club gauntlet for these reasons:
    –Kingsisle said it would be difficult and challenging
    -Gear I seen in the gauntlet has been interesting so far (Cabalist gear!)
    –it would be cool if someone in duelist101 made a guide for it and compare it to other gear

    • The YELLING wizard

      the cabalist gear literally drops from any other enemy in empyrea.


      • Sierra

        I only got 1 piece of cabalist gear completing the content with 2 wizards, then again I do not have the best luck!

      • Blaze MeOut

        First off, I didn’t ask at all.
        Second off, it’s not a common piece of gear that is just dropped from any mobs and bosses. Just like any piece of gear so far, it looks like it tends to be a upgraded version of Mirage/Polaris gear.

    • Sierra

      Working on it, they already change the battle once so it is kind of early to be publishing a guide!

  • A noob posted


    except the 10 pigsie treasure cards D:

    • Ñełvô Çeñač

      I as well. Just missing the tcs and celestium. You got Celestium? If you do, where can they be found?

      • Inge Määttä

        Celestium got replaced with Astral Shards, if I remember correctly!

    • Ryan Lifesword

      same here, the loremaster rarely never drops pigsie treasure cards. I got only 1, and I dida lot of runs and still, no pigsie treasure cards.

  • what

    where’s the empyrea crafted gear guide? come on, literally everything that can be crafted, you posted it in a few days yet it’s been weeks and no crafted gear guide? like what lol

    • what

      y’all*** not you

    • Mora Misthead

      I’m a bit sad that you’re so negative.. We’re doing out best. This website is our hobby, not our work.

      You’ll be glad to know we do have an article about it coming! You could have been a bit nicer about reminding us though.

      • what

        my bad, i’m just really eager to see the empyrea crafted gear 😛

    • Cody RavenTamer

      Be patient! We still have loads to come, but we’re being more cautious b/c of the fact that it’s still in test realm and could be subject to change… just like the grandmaster crafted gear article.

  • tater thots

    so excited for getting pigsie, but the tc are gonna be a problem. at least i have everything else rdy, ive been farming amber from the glad & ultra king parsley

  • Logan LegendHunter

    Can someone confirm if Headless Horseman is still a drop from Loremaster (on live realm)? It isn’t mentioned in the update notes, only the spells from the wysteria pack, so i’m a little bit confused :/

    • Cody RavenTamer

      Unfortunately it was only a drop in test realm. It didn’t make it to live.

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