Flying Squid Ink: Where to Get it

Where to Get Flying Squid Ink

So you’re in need of flying squid ink? Doing your crafting quest, aye? No worries, here’s some sources where you can find what you need!

flying squid ink

Flying Squid Ink from Quests

First and foremost, there are several side quests that will have 2 squid ink as a reward.

Quest 1: Presporo’s Books

  • From: Prospero the Elder in Nowhere Village (Aeriel Shore)
  • Task: Defeat and collect 3 books in Aeriel Jungle
  • Creatures: Beastman, rank
  • Reward: 2 Flying Squid Ink


Quest 2: Underground Package Service

  • From: Dusk in Zanadu
  • Task: Talk to Dawn (from Dusk till Dawn, get it?)
  • Reward: 2 Flying Squid Ink


Quest 3: Postal Stamping

  • From: Dusk in Zanadu
  • Task: Deliver Catalogs to Twylight + Defeat 2 Common House Spiders
  • Reward: 2 Flying Squid Ink


Quest 4: A Reasonable Reaction

  • From: Dusk in Zanadu
  • Task: Defeat Nuhne (boss)
  • Reward: 2 Flying Squid Ink


Quest 5: Fahrenheit 4500

  • From: Algar Silvereyes in Outer Athanor
  • Prequest: interact with 4 sconces
  • Task: Go to Hidden Archive + Defeat Mob
  • Reward: 2 Flying Squid Ink

flying squid ink


Flying Squid Ink from Battles

1. Bosses that Drop Flying Squid Ink

The following bosses drop squid ink according to the wiki:

  • Bug Collector in Aeriel Jungle (boss)
  • Caleban in Aeriel Jungle (boss)
  • Crusher in Aeriel Jungle (boss)
  • Khan in Aeriel Jungle (boss)
  • Nightwyng in Zanadu (boss)


2. Instance that Drops Flying Squid Ink

In addition, there’s an instance called “Secret Tunnel” in Aeriel Jungle. The first two battles are against elite creatures, the third against a boss. All three drop squid ink.

  1. Gannon (Ice, 5200 hp)
  2. Madd’n (Fire, 4650 hp)
  3. D’viss (Balance, 15400 hp)

All in all, you’re probably best off first doing the quests that give squid ink and then farming Madden, Gannon and D’Viss for a while. Getting the 45 squid ink will take you a while, but the crafting quest that requires them is meant to be challenging. All in all, I’d even say this is one of the easier parts of the recipe, now that you know where to find your ink.


Good luck on your journey towards Revered Crafter!

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  • Joel Collier


  • Angel

    Flying squid ink the first time around isn’t hard to craft. However, I had to craft this weapon on a second account and I did those quests and sold the ink to my main account so he could get it faster. Starting from 0 on my side account, it took a while. All I’m saying is this weapon really is only worth it if you don’t have the 12 energy wand/a fisher. The badge is cool but only 30k gold? An easy mirage side quest gives more than that.

  • Matt Spence

    Secret Tunnel is pretty much the go-to spot for everything. Squid Ink, Cabalist Gear, premium pet jewels, etc.

    • Mora Misthead

      Agreed! 🙂 The not-so-secret tunnel is awesome :p

  • Hero Ahmad

    this guide really helpful, it helps me earned my revered crafted badge,thanks.

  • BhmsUS

    Wow, it’s awesome how you spend your time to get all of these information just to
    give us a guideline how we can get what we want. I’ve read several posts from you
    and ALL of them helped me pretty good. So I just wanna thank you 🙂

  • Herman Joe

    It will not drop for me in the secret tunnel. I’ve done the dungeon 11 times and I have one squid ink (from the first time). I don’t know I it’s been removed as a drop of if KI has tampered with the drop rate.

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