Breaking the Bonds of Gardening (Wizard101)

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Hello! I’m Sarai Griffinsong, avid Wizard101 player and gardener, with a guide for you about how to free yourself from the bonds of gardening.

Dedicated PVP players have many reasons to keep gardens (Click here to learn which plant is best for your PvP needs). Whether you’re gardening for mega snacks to train your dream pet, reagents for Evil-Magma-Peascrafting PVP gear or a steady supply of treasure cards to fill out your deck, gardening can be a very rewarding activity to take on in the game. But gardening does not have to be the tedious trudge that some believe it to be!

One of the downfalls of gardening can be the time it takes to keep your garden healthy and happy. Suppose you have a garden and you can’t log in for a day or a week or even a month? What will happen to your garden? Will everything be wilted and dead when you return? Do you feel like you can’t keep a garden because you can’t log in every day or even multiple times a day to take care of it? Maybe one day you’d like to use your energy for pet training instead of gardening but fear all of your plants will die if you do? Well I’m here to tell you that you can break free from the bonds of gardening by simply following the steps below!

Important to note: plants only develop needs when you visit and are in your house! With this crucial information in mind, let’s take a look at those rules! 


Follow These Steps:


1. Think about the type of garden you’d like to have. Be sure to choose a character who has enough energy to cover all of the needs that type of garden will develop. I find that it’s best to keep one type of plant in each garden house, or at most two types of plants depending on the level of your wizard. Whatever you do, make sure that your wizard’s total energy is enough to care for all the possible needs of the garden you are Prickly-Bearplanning. Let’s use prickly bears as an example. Prickly bears will need a maximum of 45 energy to care for all possible needs in one visit. So we will need to use a wizard that has a total of at least 45 energy.

2. Think carefully about the size of garden you’d like to have, then choose a house that will accommodate that number of plants. Remember a garden will take up two items slots per plant (the plot or pot and the plant).

3. Choose a house that you do not need to access on a daily basis or very often. In other words, don’t use a house where you store your pets that you like to show off or use for hatching, or a house that you use for parties, etc.

4. Only visit your garden house when you are sure you have enough energy to care for all of the needs at once. Get to know your plants and how much energy is needed to care for all of their needs in one visit. Using our previous example, prickly bears need 45 energy to care for all needs in one visit. So I would not visit my prickly bear garden unless I have 45 energy showing in my energy vial.

5. Tend to your garden as the last thing you do before you leave your house. Once you arrive at your house, if you decide you need to do some banking or move your furniture around or look for a long lost pet, do these things first! Then tend to all of your gardening needs right before leaving the garden house.

6. Care for all of the needs of your garden, harvest what needs to be harvested and leave your house asap.

a. Make sure you do not leave friends and visitors behind in your garden house. When you leave, ask your guests to leave as well.

b. Make sure to care for ALL needs before leaving your garden house. Some garden needs can be hard to see. Music needs are notoriously difficult to see. Look closely to be sure none of the plants have needs remaining before you leave

c. Make sure you do not have teleporters leading from one home to your garden house. If someone enters your garden house via a teleporter from another house, your plants could develop needs. This can happen even if you are not present and aren’t aware that someone entered your garden house.

7. Do not return to your garden house until you are sure you have enough energy to care for all needs and have the time to do so.



Cruise Control!


This is the point where you can leave your garden for hours, days, weeks, months, indefinitely … and your plants will be fine. Your plants will continue to grow from the stage you currently see to the next stage – seed to young, young to mature, mature to elder – but they will not wilt or die. If you return to your garden and find wilted plants, it’s because you didn’t leave your house soon enough and needs developed, you didn’t White-Desparaguscare for all the needs before you last left your house, you returned to your house at some point and did not care for the needs of your garden, or someone else came into your house (staying after you left, or arriving via a teleporter) and triggered needs to appear that were not cared for.

If you make a mistake and you return to find wilted plants, don’t worry! You still have a chance to save them. Hopefully you have followed my instructions and returned only when you have enough energy to care for all plants in your garden. Simply care for all the needs and your plants will then revert back to their young stage and will not die. Remember, the plants will only progress from the stage they are currently to the next stage between your visits. They CANNOT go from healthy to dead in the span of one visit to the next.

In order for your plants to die, you have to go to your garden house on at least two occasions and neglect the needs of your plants. If you leave your house when your plants are in the wilted stage and do not return to care for their needs in a timely manner, this is the point when they will die. Once your plants are wilted, you must care for their needs within a certain time frame (it’s different for all plants and depends on the likes that are present just how long that time frame is), or they will most likely be dead the next time you return. The key is to wait until you are sure you have enough energy to care for all of the needs, and THEN return. If you do this, they will never die!

If you have gardening questions or advice, let us know in the comments. Thanks, and happy gardening!

kevin dead plant 


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  • Thanks for the gardening info Sarai! Hopefully Kevin reads this, poor guy.

    • Alexis Hunter

      I suspect that he thinks he’s way too awesome to read guides. Guides are for noobs, not for pvp beasts! …Ouch, he’d probably never allow azoresgirl and iridian film him again if he only knew how they call him… what a cruel world he’s living in!

      • It’s funny you mention that… well, just wait for episode 17 after the holiday. 😉

        • Alexis Hunter

          AAAaaaHHH! Can’t wait for it!!

          Btw you girls are really doing an awesome job with Kevin, I can’t get enough of some episodes. Yesterday morning I suddenly started to giggle on my way to the bus station because I remembered Kevin doing his morning exercises and running repeatedly into a tree :)))

  • Thanks for the gardening info Sarai! Hopefully Kevin reads this, poor guy.

  • Thank you, this will help me a lot! I’m getting amber(RAGE!!) and mega snacks for my pets(hopefully i can find a MC fairy soon too!!). Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Sarai Griffinsong

      Thanks Pip. Amber gardens are the best gardens for cruise control since you don’t get amber until the elder harvest. I visit my amber gardens only for the change over from one stage to the next and save my energy for my other gardens and pet training. 🙂

  • Wow, this is all really great advice. I never thought about how leaving friends or a teleporter entrance in your house could advance them without you knowing. I hear people say their plants wilted even though they thought they cared for them, and this certainly provides an explanation of how that can happen!
    Now I have a question: if you visit your house more frequently, can that speed up the growth process? It seems like my plants never grow fast enough for me! D:

    • Sarai Griffinsong

      I’m glad you found the information useful!

      In order to speed up the growth process make sure you have placed all of the likes down before planting your seeds. I’ve found that if you plant and then place likes, the likes don’t seem to take effect until the next plant cycle. Visiting your house more often can seem to speed up the growth if you visit right after your plants have cycled from one stage to the next. For example, even if it is time for your prickly bears to change from young to mature, it won’t happen until you actually visit your garden. So if you go to sleep and check them in the morning when they were actually ready to change the night before, you lost 8 hours that you could have had them growing toward elder. I hope that makes sense? I’m planning to write a guide on this concept as well, but it’s a little more difficult to communicate. 🙂

      • That makes sense, thanks! I’m going to stalk my plants now, lol. (ouch, bad pun…) Now if you can just write a guide on how to get Amber really fast, I’d be set! 😛

        • firestarter

          Lol, stalk your plants. No such thing as a bad pun, they are all awesome.

  • Alexis Hunter

    This was extremely helpful, thanks a lot! I had actually stopped my Couch Potatoes and PBC production precisely because it started to be difficult to log in twice a day, so your guide answered precisely this issue.

    I still have a question, though. If I visit my house regularly until the plants become mature, then I return after a long time, will I be able to pick up one mature harvest after tending to their needs, or will they become elder imediately after I take care of them? Or they’ll become elder as soon as I enter the house after a longer absence?

    • Sarai Griffinsong

      Hi Alexis,

      If your plants are mature and you take an extended break (long enough for the plants to go from one stage to the next), they will be elder the next time you enter your house.

      • Alexis Hunter

        Thanks for the answer! Would this be a way to get elder harvests with minimum energy use? I mean, you enter once when they are surely done with the young cycle (when they may or may not have needs), then a second time when they are surely done with the mature cycle, when you just get the elder harvest and replant…

        • Sarai Griffinsong

          Yes, exactly right. What you outlined is good for amber harvesting or any plants that only drop the desired item/reagent at elder. It would not be good for prickly bear gardens because the mega snacks can drop from any harvest, not just elder.

          • Alexis Hunter

            Indeed! All in all, this post + discussion has been awfully useful, so thanks again!

  • ChoGath

    I’d add some comments about making a permanent pixie and proper arrangement of the pots to get 32 within the cast circle of the Large AoE gardening need spells.

    • Alexis Hunter

      The info about pot / plot arrangement would be great! That’s about medium pots, I’m also curious about the max plot per large area spell for large plots – I’ve managed to fit 12, but I read somewhere that someone got 13. I did manage to create some plot combos though, such as 12 large and 4 medium (I use this for Couch Potatoes and King Parsley), and I suspect that you could fit small pots in all spaces between large plots (this could be useful for a Deadly Ninja Fig / Fiery Boom Shroom combo).

      • Sarai Griffinsong

        I have a large stacked garden with 56 plots and the large spell works on them all. The stacking guides will probably require a video and that’s going to take some experimentation on my part (learning to make the videos), but it shouldn’t be too far into the future. 🙂

        • Alexis Hunter

          Looking forward to that!

      • izabera

        hey that’s a nice idea, i didn’t even think about it. thank you 😀

        • Alexis Hunter

          You’re welcome! In my message I was talking about the ground zero of a garden, with stacking you can get double (or triple) of all that.

    • Sarai Griffinsong

      Hi ChoGath!

      More gardening guides are on the way. This one was already really really long. lol Thanks for the comments.

  • chamender3

    Hey Sarai, I’d like to point out if you use Pots they only count as 1 item with the plant in it, where as plots are 2

    • Sarai Griffinsong

      Hi there. I just tested it in case there was a change. The pot and seed each counted for one item for a total of 2 in my house. 🙁

  • Monarch

    So i killed my plants? It was all me!? Cuff me officer.

    • IriGianthunter

      watch out, i hear KI is going to implement a gardening jail in the next update, for people who let their plants wilt! (jk)

      • Sarai Griffinsong

        Isn’t looking at their sad wilted bodies punishment enough? lol!

        • IriGianthunter

          it’s true, some of those plants get really weird looking once they begin to wilt. i think flytraps get the worst of it, they get a serious case of the uglies when they’re not doing well.

          • Alexis Hunter

            I find the wilted Tiger Lily simply spooky – particularly since I am deliberately killing them when they get a pixie, so the guilt is double. When they are fine they look so naively happy (particularly when they are ready to harvest), and then when they wilt they stop swinging and roaring, take on a grey look with a glassy, vacant stare – WHILE STILL TURNING AROUND TO FACE ME! I swear they know what I am doing and are preparing to haunt me ever after!

          • izabera

            totally true, make me feel like a monster :'(
            every time i cry at them and scream “forgive me, i’m sooooooo sorry!”

  • mmailliw

    So THAT’S what I was doing wrong (and why my Ivy League plants always wilted)… I would just close the game window and not physically leave the house – knowing that next time I logged in I’d be where I was before porting to my house!

    If I go to the Commons immediately after I finish gardening, though… I can safely keep my diploma-clad buggers healthy without having to log in 2-3x a day?

    • Sarai Griffinsong

      Yes, they will be fine as long as you leave your house after you’ve cared for all their needs. I’m glad the guide was helpful for you. 🙂

      • Sabrina Silverpetal

        Thank you Sarai Griffinsong for the gardening info I needed.
        One question … when I finish taking care of all my plant needs, if I just “x” out of Wizard to close down the Wizard program, does that NOT count as leaving my house since I didn’t actually leave it before I “x”ed out?

        • Sabrina Silverpetal

          Okay, it is driving me crazy. When I coast, once in a while I come back to all plants dead. I can’t figure out why. I haven’t visited my estate, I’m careful to leave after attending all needs (not X out), … why is it happening? Will they go dead during coasting if I left before the last need fulfilling animation finished (like leave before the watering actually finished the animation)? Am I doing something else I don’t know? Any ideas?

          • Sabrina Silverpetal

            Hi Sarai Griffinsong. I did some testing and I’m pretty sure I can answer my own question now. “Why are my plants going “progress toward dead” while I’m coasting?” Answer: “Because I don’t let the last animation of need filling finish. For example, I port out before the watering finishes the animation.”

          • Glad you figured that out. I’m pretty sure I have done that also.

          • Sabrina Silverpetal

            I plan on more testing. Nothing worse than coming home to the garden expecting to reap lots of elder plants, only to find them all dead. I want to confirm the “finish the gardening watering animation” theory, and also check the “Xing out” theory and “port to my dorm” theory and “port to someone else’s dorm” theory.

  • When I scrolled down, I saw Kevin with a plant. Kevin is doing an excellent job on gardening! Nice guide by the way! I love how you say something bout the energy and when you leave the house. I think keeping your plants alive most important part!

  • scarskywalker

    Hi, Thanks for the post! I tended my garden and left. When I came back the next day, all the plants had needs. I am not sure what I am doing wrong? I didn’t stay in my house. I have 2 houses with a garden in each house.

    • IriGianthunter

      if i understand correctly, once you return to your house, the needs will appear; but the needs won’t progress while you’re away, meaning plants won’t wilt, no matter how long you’re away, as long as no one enters your house. however, sarai can answer this better than i can; i just interpret this post to mean that plant needs don’t progress while you’re away, but they will pop up once you enter your house, if that makes sense.

  • the only place where i cant kill plants is on W101, at home cant even keep a cactus alive

  • tZuc

    I finally understand why my plants (Malestrom Snap Dragons) and the other ones went to Elder when I was bannned for 3 weeks. I did take care of them BEFORE I got banned, and in those 3 weeks, I did not enter wizard (Lol.. like I could…) at all, so my plants went to elder, even if they just hit Mature when I was banned. Great guide, congratulations!

  • Alexis Hunter

    After learning all the useful tips from this guide, I was still curious about something, so I made a gardening experiment and thought to share the results here. I was interested to see whether a seed planted INSIDE a house is affected by the wizard’s visits OUTSIDE the house (by going home, but not entering the castle).

    For this, I planted a Dandelion in a pot inside my Desert Villa (in the building), then left the interior and only visited the exterior (the area whith world door) repeatedly for 3 or 4 days. When I went inside again after this while, the plant was YOUNG. If my visits had affected the plant inside, it would have been wilted or dead by that point.

    The conclusion is that VISITING THE OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOUSE DOESN’T AFFECT THE SEEDS PLANTED INSIDE. So you could use a house both for quick teleporting or pet storing, and for elder harvest gardening, as long as you don’t go inside unless you have enough energy for taking care of the possible needs, or just don’t go inside until the plant is elder.

    As to indoors gardening, you can still plant in stacked plots by glitching them with crates (or the statue base), but I guess this is well known information. Also, it seems that the Villa Gardens allows you to actually create plots on the ground indoors, in the inner garden of the house.

    • Alexis Hunter

      by “Villa Gardens” I mean actually Wysteria Villa

  • Patrick Ironthief

    Sarai do u know any good plants for diamonds and amber?

    • Not sure about diamonds, but I think King Parsley and Red Bell Peppers are supposed to be good for Amber.

  • Oran S.

    Owech!! Now I see why my plants(and me)were having a problem! I’d spend the night in my house, and started with my morning watering. Thought this was best for gaining higher life, and did get filled up. But still didn’t get all i needed for training? Another question – Do you have “live” plants in your home? I could use some help there!!

  • Taylor

    where are all the gardening spells to buy

  • Jordan Lifecaller


    • Jordan Lifecaller

      *I FOUND IT oh wait there is an edit button 😛

  • stacy5838

    Found it!

    • Sorry, this pet has already been found.

  • stacy5838

    oh someone did….

  • Luke

    Since I now see this, my Snow Apples went forever and when I went back to check them, They had JUST started wilting! My Frozen Fly Trap made it to Elder without being cared for!

  • Fiona

    why can’t you allow others to stay at your house

  • JacobDB

    so, i had a fiery boom shroom that had a fairy i usually let it wilt and just gave it its needs and kept doing that. i stopped gardening for a week i came back to the house and it was elder. i was amazed. i expected to see that dead black stick popping out of some dirt.

  • Jacquie Dane

    How do you stack garden?

    • Sabrina Spellflame

      Try searching on Youtube Wizard101 Stacking Garden Tutorial, I have to warn you though, KI will not help you with ANY gardening problems in a stacking garden, not even if you paid for EVERY SINGLE SEED.

  • Darby

    Is there certain gear you can wear to increase the gift value from gardening?

  • WilliamD

    this makes allot of sense because i planted some king parsley in like 2009 or so and left the game till late 2013 and when i came back they were all still alive lol

  • MythicalArt

    Will your plants still grow if they’re ready to harvest but your not harvesting them?

  • Sabrina Spellflame

    Erm…. I left my plants for an hour, was in the commons and after I gardened I left through the spiral door, and when I came back they had needs, what did I do wrong?

  • ChoGath

    I would expand this conversation beyond plants that drop mega-snacks. There’s a whole conversation to be had about plants that drop key PvP TCs.

    Plants that drop Infallible – Couch Potatoes, Sour Fickle Pickle, Sunion

    Plants that drop Vengeance – Bamboo Shoots, Couch Potatoes, Purple & Red Grapes of Wrath, Sour Fickle Pickle

    Plants that drop Colossol – Sour Fickle Pickle, Sunion

    Plants that drop Gargantuan – Red Grapes of Wrath, Sour Fickle Pickle, Sunion

  • Jo Polette

    I have a level 6 bug and don’t know how to kill it. help. And is there any otherbugs after level 6 bugs and how do I kill them and where do I go to get it?

    • If it’s only on one plant, you can put a Fairy on it. For multiple plants, you need a higher rank Pest spell – Itsy Bitsy Spider, Ant Lion, Strawman. All should work.

      • Doug W

        I can’t find any guide that tells me where to find remedies for rank 4 and higher bugs. Do all worlds have gardeners (so am I just not finding the gardeners yet)? Can you get remedies from people or places other than gardeners?

  • Pete Mayes

    oh, wow that would explain a lot of things… I have a gardening house but I only really go there like every few weeks ( usually when I am bored and have nothing else to do in wiz) and I come back to my gardening house to realize that all my couch potatoes are elder 😀

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