Battle Points: Critical Stats Beyond 100%

Critical Stats Beyond 100%

crit-monsterHades Gear, Hoard Packs, and recent Pet Talents have all conspired to put the top level focus of W101 on Critical stats. They’ve created the ability to get Critical and Block well beyond 100%.. but what happens then? How much is your Critical and Block really worth? Duelist has been testing, and we believe we have the answers for you.

In this era of Jadezillas and Crit Monsters, how do your stats stack up? How safe are you? Read below to find out.

The Critical Theory

A few weeks ago we released a guide to How Critical Works. This guide does, indeed, account for how critical works below 100%, but it doesn’t account for critical or block above 100%. This is because 100% critical means you will Crit every attack, so the random rolls stop having any effect on whether you will Crit. But the real question becomes: Will you block?


Independent Block Theory

We tried the most simple theory first: If 100% Critical means you will Crit every time, then 100% Block means you will Block every time, right? Wrong.

Testing with Heather ShadowSlinger, we proved that 106% Critical can get past 101% Block. Check the article here for video proof.

Wizard101 Critical Attack


Crit Minus Block Theory

The second most simple theory was that the chance for a successful Critical was just Crit – Block. We tested this by using 115% Crit vs 11% block. If this theory were correct, a block should never happen.

115 – 11 = 104. Block should never happen.

This we proved wrong also. Here’s the data from testing with PoppyRB of the Mercs:

Total Attacks: 336

Unblocked Criticals: 300

Blocked Criticals: 36

This is a 10.7% block rate, slightly less than the full 11% and definitely more than 0%. It’s also more than a 1% minimum for having any block gear could account for. Theory: Disproved.


Scaled Block Theory

crit-diagram-beyond-100We needed something that would account for Basic Critical Theory and the new findings for beyond 100%. The formula we came up with was simple and encompassing: Chance to Block = Block% / Crit%.

Below 100% this would have no effect on Critical dynamics. With more Block than Crit, it means you’ll always Block. Beyond 100%, it means that Block scales down depending on how much Crit there is. It’s perfect, and so far it accounts for all of our data:


Data Set 1

115 Crit vs 50 Block. 50/115 = 43% Block Chance.

  • Total Attacks: 300
  • Unblocked Crits: 180
  • Blocked Crits: 120

This is a Block Rate of 40%. Not exactly the 43% we were looking for, but within allowable limits for the randomness of Critical.


Data Set 2

115 Crit vs 11 Block. 11/115 = 9.5% Block Chance.

  • Total Attacks: 336
  • Unblocked Crits: 300
  • Blocked Crits: 36

This is a Block Rate of 10.7%. Not exactly the 9.5% we were looking for, but within allowable limits for the randomness of Critical.


Data Set 3

108 Crit vs 5 Block. 5/108 = 4.6% Block Chance.

  • Total Attacks: 126
  • Unblocked Crits: 121
  • Blocked Crits: 5

This is a Block Rate of 3.9%. Not exactly the 4.6% we were looking for, but within allowable limits for the randomness of Critical.


Data Set 4

30 Crit vs 5 Block. 5/30 = 16.9% Block Chance.

  • Total Crits: 93
  • Unblocked Crits: 77
  • Blocked Crits: 16

This is a Block Rate of 17.2%. We tested below 100% as a control, and this was our most effective data set.


So that’s it, Critical Theory fully and completely explained: Chance to Block = Block% / Crit%.

Thought or Questions? How will this new information impact your PvP Build? Let us know in the comments!



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  • WizFanaticz

    Well…there’s people out there with 400 – 600 critical. Add a vengeance and that’s around 100 more critical. Now facing them would mean you have to get lucky to block. Now it depends on how much critical they have that will impact the block they have. With the right gear and pets they could have a decent amount of block with high critical. I will probably start packing up on vengeances in my tc so I can slap that on and play a game of critical. I keep 220 block and 200 critical, because sadly that’s the best I can do to keep my crit and block balanced. The other option would be conviction, but that’s better for people with high block and no critical what so ever.

  • Swordroll

    Can you clarify this for me – you indicate that your formula is “Chance to Block = Block% / Crit%,” but you use “Chance to Block = Block / Crit = %” in your data sets. Which is it? Or when you say 30 Critical and 5 Block do you mean 30% critical and 5% block?

    I’m also curious if you’ll share the percents that the ratings came out to and vice versa for the data sets. Thanks!

    • These are all percentages. I made it clear that Chance to Block = Block % / Crit %.. so the numbers must be percentages if I’m using them in the formula.

      • Swordroll

        Great! Would you be willing to share the ratings that produced these percents in your data sets?

        • Nick, I appreciate that you took so much time to share the details of your testing with us so we can better understand too. Thank you!!

          Swordroll, I feel compelled to interject here. He gave the percents, which is what he used for his testing and explained it all quite well. Maybe you can do some of your own testing if you are looking for additional detail?

          Again, thanks Nick!

        • These weren’t recorded because we proved early on that they mean basically nothing, except as a way to calculate the percentages – which are what the entire critical mechanic is based on. Would just be superfluous data.

          • Swordroll

            Alright, gotcha. I see what you mean. Thank you. 🙂

  • Tyler Moonblade

    Wouldn’t it be easier to beg KI for the formula instead?

    • Send them an email, let me know how that turns out. 😛

      • Tyler Moonblade

        Scenario 1: 5 Years later…..

        Scenario 2: “I dunno, beats me.”

        • They actually don’t explain things like this on purpose, so that the community has a chance to explore it and figure it out on their own. Same with some of the P101 mechanics we’ve explored.

          • Tyler Moonblade

            I see why…

            But Nick, remember world burner? I want to see something like that but with new Aquila gear. At least a test run to see if it could be a legitimate option for regular matches, ice, and jade.

          • Already been working on it. And with Life/Myth also.

  • Oh joy

    Interesting, the temptation to go critical.

  • Nesogra

    Just for the record, for random roll tests it is really easy to calculate the margin of error (I’ll call it moe for short, the mathy name for it is sigma but I like moe better ^_^) given the number of data points. Moe = 1/sqrt(# of data points). For your data set with roughly 300 tests that means the moe is 5 to 6% and for the sets with roughly 100 tests your moe is about 10%.
    In other words all the tests you’ve done are within one moe which means statistically all the data is consistent with your theory.

    • Yeah.. Will actually crunched the numbers for me and verified how close we were. I just tried to keep the math to a minimum, as people have a tendency to glaze over and walk away. lol

      • Aaron S.

        So. True. Lol

    • Cody DragonRider

      Once in a while Ill see Nesogra slipped out of M4H and coming to Duelist101 XD
      Also, for critical, It’s exteremly hard to understand the system that KI created.
      It seem that lots of wizards out there test their critical and block, believe it or not, my level 1 wiz that has 20 block rating (from pet= 5% for level one) are to block a few critical from waterworks gear for level 60. O. o

  • devindragonflame

    Interesting, however, my friend had 157 block and the enemy had 135 crit, and my friend didnt block the 135 crit? why?

  • SophiaShadowhunter

    Ty for the explanation Nick. Am pretty confident whilst we are still starting the era of the crit, we will start seeing more block introduced slowly to negate the over 100% in crit. Over the past couple of years I have observed that KI has a habit of changing the playing field on us. 1st there was resist, then damage, crit and pierce have been introduce, and am guessing the end game, is a plethora of options that over time negate each other somehow 🙂

    • I think the next volley will involve shield enchantments. During a recent test realm we got video of a KI worker showing off some tricky unreleased stuff, and it seemed like they were enchanting their shields to bigger percentages.

      • SophiaShadowhunter

        lol. yes that would work perhaps this will be to decrease the impact of pierce. Also, almost everything that is being introduced is being translated to pet talents as well :),

    • KI made their first big mistake with Jadezillas, Icezillas and immunity. People think WW gear was a mistake, I think it was very decent. Then they did the reshuffle change for even longer matches with turtles. Then they tried turning it around with the Hades gear. Now the shadow spells(shrike especially) will just tip the scales over to offense. As Nick said, they’re probably going to go for shield enchants and they’re going to intro some serious block to neutralize everything.or something like that. This way, all comes to peace in the game and you have a fun, diverse set of opponents you can face, with spells and gear that can make it fun to fight them, not stressful 🙂

  • jewelshadowcaster

    It still puzzles me why KI just don’t use actual numbers? Whats the point having ratings if the actual crit/block doesn’t match? Why they just don’t use % or whatever. Thanks to you Nick, any of us now can calculate, very closely, how “good/bad” our crit/block is. Great article and Thanks again NIck 🙂

    • I think the reason is because of the gear. Each piece of gear has the same rating but will give you a different Crit% or Block% based on your level. So the Waterworks Hat, for example, will give you a higher Crit% at level 60 than it does at level 90. You need a rating system to make that work, otherwise it would just be x% at every level.

      Anyways, I do wish that our stat displays showed the values as % (instead of ratings, which are pretty useless and misleading).

  • Rhin0


  • Aaron S.

    Hey so what happens to the previous random roll theory that duelist had? Is that now obsolete, or does it somehow correspond to the block/critical theory? I’m too lazy to figure out for myself, it’s just that the random roll theory was very convincing, lol

    • they work together. It still works like that, this is just about when critical goes over 100%.

      You can’t critical more than 100% of the time, that’s every time. So what happens is block scales down. Having 115% crit makes 50% block scale down to 43%, for instance.

      • Aaron S.

        awesome, thanks for clarification

  • What if the percentages are equal? O: And I’m assuming that if the block is higher(in percentage of course), then every critical will be blocked?

    • Cameron

      According to the formula if the percentages are equal, the critical will be blocked every time. If block is bigger than crit then the critical will be blocked every time as well.

      • What he said. ^

  • WizFanaticz

    This is a really detailed and informative article with something that helps me understand pvp a lot better now. Nice work.

  • WizFanaticz

    As a balance wizard would you use the amulet of divine influence or a death mastery? I recently got really lucky with it while trying to get my hades hood.

  • I don’t see anywhere that it’s stated that the formula for below 100% is different, so in that regard you are incorrect? lol. I think you’re talking about Aaron’s question where he asked if this replaced the previous critical theory and I explained that they work together.

    In regards to the math, you are correct. There’s actually no difference. “Block % / Crit %” almost certainly happens in every single instance, but below 100% critical it has no impact at all on the effective block %.

  • Sabrina Spellflame

    Just wondering, but how would you have 100% Critical or more as a level 100 Fire wizard… I can get 51% with my Hades hat (Waterworks Upgrade), my Waterworks robe, and my Hades wand.

    • ProdiousTheGreat

      You can. But you need proper pet stats, crown shop boots, and the hades robe. I also might recommend amulet of divine influence if your lucky enough to get one.

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