Best PvP Wands (2017)

Best PvP Wands

For this article, I collected screenshots of overlords in the Arena in November and December 2017. As a result, I have screenshots of 310 overlords with their wand of choice. Last year, I did the same, and collected roughly the same amount of overlords in two weeks instead of two months. Hence, we can say the amount of overlords seems to be in decline. Back then, I wrote two articles based on these wands: one for max level PvP (which was prodigious back then) and one for lower level PvP. This year, however, I’ll combine them all in one and the same article.

Please note that not all levels are equally common in the Arena. My data only gives a general idea of how popular certain level ranges are. After all, there’s always the chance that – had I collected my data at a different time of the day – I would have found more overlords of a different level. Based on my research, the most popular level ranges seem to be Champion (level 120+, 68 overlords) and Legendary (level 60+, 66 overlords). Next comes Grandmaster (level 50+, 47 overlords), closely followed by Magus (level 30+, 31 overlords) and Exalted (level 100+, 26 overlords). As a result, these are the only levels I will be taking a closer look at.

This article is written in colaboration with Jeremy Ravenhunter, whose expertise with gear is greatly appreciated. I, as a misthead, can’t really grasp gear fully since there are so many variables. As such, misthead has provided and analyzed the data for this article, while Jeremy has taken care of the wand descriptions.


Best PvP Wands for Magus Wizards (30+)

We begin with the most simple of levels: Magus. At Magus there isn’t really much competition. The best wand by far is the Sky Iron Hasta from Mount Olympus. A total of 29 out of 31 Magus overlords were carrying a Hasta around.

Additionally there were two Magus overlords with a pack wand: one was using the Headmaster’s Sky Staff (Professor’s Hoard pack) and the other the Mandolin of Evermore (Hoard of the Hydra pack).


Sky Iron Hasta

The Sky Iron Hasta is a no-brainer if you’re doing Magus PvP. Statwise, there isn’t any other wand that could match this beast. It’s a guaranteed drop in Mount Olympus and some people still use this wand for questing in much much higher worlds. It’s not a surprise that this wand is the most popular choice. There are some pack wand alternatives, but it’s not really worth wasting the crowns. The Professor’s Hoard pack wand is good for Storm wizards only (due to other schools having lower damage), since it has almost the same damage and gives you a school hit to get rid of set shields. But for everyone else, blading with Hasta into a DoT is the way to go.


Best PvP Wands for Grandmaster Wizards (50+)

I ran into a total of 47 Grandmasters while I was gathering data.

1. Pack Wands for Grandmaster Wizards

First of all, Grandmasters are mostly fond of pack wands. Their wands come out of a total of 9 different packs. Two packs are especially popular: Hoard of the Hydra and Keeper’s Lore, with 10 overlords each. So that makes 10 Mandolins of Evermore and 10 Order of High Glory Banners. Next, the third most popular pack wand is the Road Legend Skull from the Road Warrior’s Hoard pack.

2. Dropped Wands for Grandmaster Wizards

Second, some Grandmasters are still fond of the Sky Iron Hasta, which we saw earlier is very popular at level 30. That 10% damage is hard to resist!

3. Bundle Wands for Grandmaster Wizards

Last but not least, there was one overlord using the Ranger Marksman Bow from the Avalon Outlaw’s bundle.

Mandolin of Evermore

As the preferred choice of heavy defensive players, the Mandolin of Evermore provides you with a “second chance” card. It’s the perfect extension for slow and defensive players. While the wand is really powerful at higher levels, it’s a bit of a tricky tool to use at Grand. Healing boosts are pretty low here, which means that you can die pretty fast after getting revived.

Order of High Glory Banner

This wand is a bit easier to use than the Guardian Spirit counterpart. Depending on your school and/or the mastery amulet you’re using, you might want to pick this one over the Mandolin. The card is really strong since, for only 5 pips, you’ll take away 4 (power)pips from your opponent. You will also deal extra damage, depending on the amount of pips. It’s a great tool to control the flow of the battle and buy yourself some more time before your opponent can unleash a high pip attack or some deadly combo.

Road Legend Skull

While the Sky Iron Hasta provides nice offense in the form of 10% extra damage, people opt for this skull wand for a reason. The roles are different than they are at the magus level. Here, the Sky Iron Hasta is an alternative to pack wands, rather than the other way around. The damage of this wand is a bit higher and, together with its pierce, it becomes comparable to the 10% damage on the Hasta. Additional critical  and block, together with the maycast chance, are what gives this wand its popularity over the Sky Iron Hasta. All the additional stuff is simply too good to be left out.

Ranger Marksman Bow

A direct upgrade of the Sky Iron Hasta. It gives additional pierce and it’s a nice offensive alternative for Balance wizards, since they don’t get a stat wand from the Immortal’s Lore pack. Buying the bundle just for this wand isn’t really worth it, but if you happen to have the wand, you might just want to use it over the level 30 counterpart.


Best PvP Wands for Legendary Wizards (level 60+)

Best PvP Wands at the End of 2017At Legendary, there are two prominent choices. Both pack wands and arena ticket wands are used by 32 out of 66 Legendary overlords, which makes 48 % each.

1. Arena Ticket Wands for Legendary Wizards (48 %)

First, there’s only one Arena Ticket wand that is popular at level 60+: Diego’s Staff of Flashing Blades.

2. Pack Wands for Legendary Wizards (48 %)

Second, in packs, there’s a little more variation. The most popular is the Mandolin of Evermore from the Hoard of the Hydra pack. A total of 16 out of 66 of the Legendary overlords (24 %) use this Mandolin that comes with a Guardian Spirit item card. Second in line is the Aquilan Velite Lance, with 10 legendary overlords out of 66 (15 %) using it.

3. Bundle Wands for Legendary Wizards (2 %)

The Witch Hunter’s Arbalest is used by one Legendary overlord, so it is rather rare.

4. Dropped Wands for Legendary Wizards (2 %)

One single Legendary overlord was still using his Sky Iron Hasta, the level 30 wand from Mount Olympus.

Best PvP Wands at the End of 2017

Staff of Flashing Blades

This used to be the only choice for Legendery wizards, but with the meta evolving, the wand preferences have changed as well. It’s still a really good wand. However, there are some other alternatives that are more suitable for offensive players. This wand provides a nice amount of critical and block chance as well as power pips and accuracy. You can easily achieve 100% power pip chance with this wand. Additionally, the 10% accuracy makes a big difference at this level (*cough* lore *cough*).

Mandolin of Evermore

The reasons for this wand’s popularity are similar to the ones for Grandmaster levels. If the Staff of the Flashing Blades is the wand for defensive players, then this one is for ultra defensive ones. You can back up Guardian Spirit with the Stellar Signet and the Cosmic Kris at Legendary which, together with Sanctuary, gives you an overpowering defensive combination.

Aquilan Velite Lance

This is an offensive wand for Legendary wizards. The Sky Iron Hasta doesn’t work that well at this level anymore, so a pack wand is the way to go. The pierce is amazing on this wand and the damage is still good. It’s definitely a wand to choose if you want to give some additional punch to your hits. The maycast is a nice addition to the wand, but the offensive stats are the main reason to use this wand. With the overgrowing popularity of defensive players and highly offensive players, there often isn’t much room for a “middle ground”.


Best PvP Wands for Exalted Wizards (level 100+)

Best PvP Wands at the End of 2017I have a total of 26 Exalted overlords. While that’s not enough to make detailed conclusions, we can still look at the general trends among Exalted overlords nevertheless.

1. Pack Wands for Exalted Wizards (58 %)

First, out of my 26 Exalted overlords, 15 chose a wand from a pack. Most noteworthy are the Immortal’s Lore pack‘s wands (6 overlords), followed by the Mandolin of Evermore from the Hoard of the Hydra pack (2 overlords) and the Terror’s Hoard pack‘s wands (2 overlords).

2. Dropped Wands for Exalted Wizards (34 %)

Of the 9 dropped wands that I found among Exalted overlords, 8 were Darkmoor wands and 1 was a Tartarus wand.

3. Bundle Wands for Exalted Wizards (8 %)

With this small of an amount of Exalted overlords, 8 % comes down to two bundle wands. One was the Witch Hunter’s Arbalest and the other the Shard Warrior’s Hammer.

Best PvP Wands at the End of 2017

Aquilan Secutor Lance

The meta has shifted heavily towards the offense at Exalted+ levels and the wand choices reflect that. It’s hard to survive with defensive strategies unless you dedicate yourself to a Jade angel/juju strategy. As such, offensive wands are a logical choice here. The Darkmoor wands are a decent alternative, but statwise they are still inferior compared to pack wands.

Staff of the Void Stalker

This Balance wand would be the only exception though, since – similar to the reasons for Grandmaster wands – there isn’t a pack wand for Balance that would give a damage and pierce boost.

Hades’ Staff of Reckoning

The Tartarus wand is an interesting choice. Either someone didn’t bother to farm Darkmoor long enough to get a wand or is running a specific strategy with this wand. Critical builds might work really well with schools like Balance. Landing a critical on Availing Hands gives back a nice amount of health and the 1,3x bonus quickly turns into a deadly tool, if you have a spammy strategy (*cough* lore *cough*).



Best PvP Wands for Champions (level 120+)

Best PvP Wands at the End of 2017

Next, at level 120+, pack wands and crafted wands are the most popular. Of my 68 Champion overlords, 25 (so 37 %) were carrying a pack wand. Another 23 (so 34 %) were using an Arcanum crafted wand. Bundle wands were the third most common group, with 14 overlords (21 %) carrying a wand from a bundle. Finally, there were 5 individuals with a dropped wand and 1 with a crown shop wand.

1. Pack Wands for Champions (37 %)

First of all, when looking at only pack wands, it’s interesting to notice that of the 25 champion overlords with a pack wand, only 3 are using the level 120 version. Everyone else is still using the level 100 or level 110 versions of this wand. I suppose getting wands requires buying too many packs, which probably leads to people settling on the wand they already have rather than upgrading as they leveled up.  This may also be due to the fact that in many instances, the level 110+ and 120+ are not direct upgrades, for example, one level may have pierce while another level focused on pip conversion or another stat.

The Immortal’s Lore pack is currently the most popular. Especially the Aquilan Secutor Lance attracts overlords, as it accounts for 11 out of 25 pack wands. The second most popular pack wands come from the Terror’s Hoard Pack. When I researched this topic a year ago, this pack’s wands were the most popular, as it was the most recently released. Its popularity has since declined, with 7 overlords using a wand from this pack. Of those 7, 5 used the Fortune Teller’s Eternal Gaze.

2. Crafted Wands for Champions (34 %)

Crafted wands take up 34 % of all Champion overlord wands, which comes down to 23 crafted wands in total. Currently, the Arcanum allows max level wizards to craft Legendary and Focused (Revered) wands. First came the Legendary wands with the release of Mirage in November 2016. Next, the Revered wands were added with the release of Empyrea. While this new wand is pretty awesome, it requires a lot of effort to craft. You have to PvP, fish, do silver chest games and farm for reagents to craft this wand. Due to all these requirements, it seems most overlords stick to their Legendary wand for now.

3. Bundle Wands for Champions (21 %)

The most popular bundle wand is the Shard Warrior’s Hammer from the Jewel Crafter’s Bundle. This wand was used by 11 overlords, which makes it as equally popular as the Aquilan Secutor Lance (see above).

4. Dropped Wands for Champions (7 %)

Another three Champion overlords are still using their Darkmoor wand, while two Jades went for the Sword of Kings from Avalon’s Keep of Ganelon dungeon. All in all, dropped wands are not popular anymore in PvP at max level, which is in sharp contrast with last year, when Darkmoor wands were good for 23 % of all max level wizards’ choice. Consequently, we can say we’ve moved on past Darkmoor as far as wands are concerned.

Aquilan Secutor Lance

The reasons for using this wand are similar to the ones at Exalted levels. Offensive wands are still dominant here, although more variation exists at Champion levels. Wands from the Immortal Lore pack are overall well-balanced wands, since they give (almost) everything you need. You get additional pierce, damage, crit and block chance as well as a maycast. The only thing lacking is pip conversion, but this stat isn’t too popular at max levels (yet).

Jaki’s Legendary and Focused Bow

The revered crafting wands are a good choice for everyone who doesn’t want to spend crowns on a wand, but it especially stands out for the Balance school. It is the same old story: the lack of Balance pack wands forces Balance wizards to use other alternatives. While the critical chance is significantly lower and block non-existent, the damage boost is amazing with pierce and pip conversion being nice additions for the wand.

Shard Warrior’s Hammer

This last wand choice is an interesting one. Especially since critical is known as a more or less “useless” stat since the nerf. However, these overlords prove us wrong with a bit of a different build. While there is absolutely no damage boost here, the pierce you gain and the critical chance might be good trade offs. Just make sure you try to add more critical gear pieces to go along with this wand. It’s a tough task though, since you mustn’t completely neglect other stats…


Were there any surprises in this article?  Let us know in the comments below!

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