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Empyrea Champion Crafted Gear

With the release of Empyrea Part 1, new crafted gear sets for wizards that reached Champion crafting level made an appearance in the Spiral. More specifically, you can find this gear from Loligo in Aeriel Shores.

Champion Crafted Gear - Loligo

This gear could be considered an upgrade from the dropped gear obtained from Mirage’s finale, the Sands of Time. It’s also a valid alternative to the gear obtained from last April’s Professor’s Hoard Pack. The hat is designed to be offensive which might limit it’s use for PvP, while on the other hand, the robe is highly defensive which might find some use for support PvE players. Meanwhile, the boots offer great potential and can therefore be of major use for PvE and maybe some PvP builds. The universal gear is as follows, which is exactly like the new trend in gear that Kingsisle has been creating ever since Polaris – no resist on hat, block on robe, and critical on boots.

Alphoi Sovereign Mantle

Champion Crafted Gear Universal

Alphoi Sovereign Surcoat

Champion Crafted Gear Universal

Alphoi Sovereign Boots

Champion Crafted Gear Universal

This time round, there is a huge benefit to this gear – not having to farm for it, but can instead simply craft the pieces you want. The recipes are quite simple. The most challenging crafting requirements you may get are Aethyr Dust, which can be found all over Empyrea, and ‘Interstellar‘ gear pieces you can get from fighting creatures in Empyrea. Do note that ‘Interstellar’ gear is no auction but can be traded.

Fierce Alphoi Mantle

Fierce Alphoi Surcoat

Fierce Alphoi Boots

Proud Alphoi Mantle

Proud Alphoi Surcoat

Proud Alphoi Boots

Aristocratic Alphoi Mantle

Aristocratic Alphoi Surcoat

Aristocratic Alphoi Boots

Stubborn Alphoi Mantle

Stubborn Alphoi Surcoat

Stubborn Alphoi Boots

Lofty Alphoi Mantle

Lofty Alphoi Surcoat

Lofty Alphoi Boots

Haughty Alphoi Mantle

Haughty Alphoi Surcoat

Haughty Alphoi Boots

Imperious Alphoi Mantle

Imperious Alphoi Surcoat

Imperious Alphoi Boots


Will you be crafting this gear?
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  • Carlos SeaSword

    I’ll be crafting the shoes on all my characters. I really like how the only difference between the crafted gear and the 125 dropped Cabalist gear is one or two statistics change, which allows people to mix and match to focus on the stats that they want.

    • Cody RavenTamer

      Plus, people who hate farming for gear can simply choose the crafted set as an option 🙂

  • James Earthwalker

    Unless we get Darkmoor updates, I ain’t interested. I’ve always been a “balanced stats” kinda guy.


    • Firegod

      same dude, same
      they need to go back to the old critical / block system

  • Wolf FireBreath

    The health on these boots is YUUGE, might have to invest in these for pvp. I’ve been using the ghulture boots for a while… An extra 6% fire damage, 21 critical, 4% accuracy, and 300 health traded for 7% resist and powerpip… wait, maybe not

    WHY IS NONE OF THIS GEAR BALANCED, there is not a single piece that I would actually use for pvp.

    • Jonathan Sengstock

      This is more for questing than PVP, the main goal in questing is just to hit fast and get outta there while in PVP more defensive stats are crucial.

      • Wolf FireBreath

        Yee, but in solo questing, when you face bosses, that hit fast strategy just might not be enough. I solo pretty much everything (sometimes duo) so hitting fast and hard isn’t gonna do much for at least aa quarter of questing. I used to be a critical monster, I can still reach those stats, but it’s just not worth it in my opinion when I can reach 140% damage and 50% resist with 50% critical versus 120% damage and 30% resist with 98% critical (and barely any power pip…)

    • Sierra

      I would not expect an upgrade to malistare gear at level 125, perhaps they have something planned for level 130?

  • nobody posted

    I will be crafting the boots for that huge health buffer and I’ll be farming for the Cabalist hat since it gives the same stats as the crafted except that it gives POWER PIPS instead of accuracy.

    This is a great PvE gear set. PvP? Not so much.

    By the way, what in carnation are those robes? The robes is a HUGE disappointment. It SHOULD be an upgraded Khrysalis crafted robe!

    • Abigail Craig

      lol you mean what is the point of a robe for fire with no damage boost or critical and less resist then hades cloak

  • Guest

    So this is gonna be the new trend of crafted gear? Simply a small difference from the dropped gear? Sigh.

    • Sierra

      This is what people who do not care to farm wanted after all!

  • Blaze MeOut

    can anyone compare this to the beastman fight club gear? … I just want to know where I would stand with newer gear.

    • Guest

      They all have the exact same stats with minor differences…
      For the hats: Beastmen/Medulla has power pips instead of accuracy
      For the robes: Beastmen/Medulla has accuracy instead of power pips
      For the boots: Beastmen/Medulla has 1% less shadow pip chance and 200+ more health

      • Guest

        For the boots I meant, Beast/Medulla has 1% MORE shadow pip chance lol 3% compared to the crafted ones with 2%

  • golden brigain

    I would love those boots but man is that a huge chunk of power pip chance i’m giving

  • Sabrina StormSlinger

    I don’t have a wizard at these levels yet, but my storm just turned Promethean, and I’ve got a full set of Hades including the wand. I can’t seem to convince myself to use any of it. I’ve managed to get perfect accuracy with WaterWorks gear and the resist/damage I have is pretty good too. Higher level gear, while nice, forces me to give up too much.

    I’m hoping to find some nice jewels that will get me back to perfect accuracy so I can enjoy some of this higher level gear.

    Having a “no fizzle” policy is VERY nice.

    • Sierra

      Darkmoor gear is right around the corner and will give you very nice storm stats along with 100% accuracy!

  • Fluxyyz

    where do i go to craft the boots?

    • nobody posted

      Right now at this moment, the gear is glitched so you can’t craft it yet. We will have to wait until they update the game again during the weekly maintenance.

  • sir dexter

    im a noob in crafting and never crafted anything.
    so can i craft it as a noob or not?!?1

    • Cody RavenTamer

      You need to be a Champion crafter, so if you’ve never crafted anything, that’s a no. However, you can always go talk to Eudora in Olde Town to start your crafting quests which will eventually lead you to this gear.

  • Blaze MeOut

    Irrelevant, but useful: can anyone compare deck stats dropped in empyrea to Omen’s deck in Polaris … I really just want a better deck without doing Omen again.

    • A

      i got a death deck dropped from a mob. it gives more health, but i think the block is a little worse, no critical, some pip conversion, and only give 4 copies, and 6 death copies. the side deck is only 36, so the omen deck is still the best.

    • Firegod

      Omen is still the best, trust me 🙂

      • Blaze MeOut

        Yeah been using omen decks for PvP and boss fights … for a short deck for questing i’ve been using the other deck … depends on the situation

  • 46blitz

    I am a 108 Life and have done a little crafting. I am a level 11 crafter and just finishing Khrysalis. Is there a level you need to be to craft these? Thanks

    • Cody RavenTamer

      You need to be a Champion Crafter, which you get from Ignus Ferric in the Arcanum after completing the quest “Forging A Legend”.

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