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Empyrea Cabalist Gear

Cabalist Gear

So far, one of the best gear sets found in Empyrea part one is the Cabalist Gear.  It’s similar to the the Time Warden gear set from Mirage’s Sands of Time. It’s also similar to the crafted gear in Empyrea. Therefore, we’ve included the crafted gear next to the hats, robes and boots so you can compare and distinguish.

The hats, robes and boots have been noted to drop from Yowck, Medulla, and several other bosses and dungeons in Empyrea.  Additionally, we’ve had good success farming the Secret Tunnel dungeon in Aeriel Jungle for the gear (and Flying Squid Ink, if you’re into Revered Crafting). Gannon and Madd’n drop hats and boots, while D’Viss drops robes as well.

However, the wands appear to only drop from Medulla, as far as we know. The decks and rings seem to only drop from the Beastman Fight Club.



Cabal Hood of Disruption

Crafted Option: Aristocratic Alphoi Mantle

Cabalist Gear

Cabal Cloak of Disruption

Crafted Option: Aristocratic Alphoi Surcoat

Cabal Stompers of Disruption

Cabalist Gear

Crafted Option: Aristocratic Alphoi Boots

Cabal Banner of Disruption

Thanks to Neela NightRunner!

Cabal Ring of Disruption

Cabal Deck of Disruption

Thanks to Neela NightRunner!



Cabalist Hood of Finality

Crafted Option: Proud Alphoi Mantle

Cabalist Cloak of Finality

Thanks to Alric Wild!

Crafted Option: Proud Alphoi Surcoat

Cabalist Gear

Cabalist Stompers of Finality

Crafted Option: Proud Alphoi Boots

Cabalist Banner of Vengeance

Cabalist Gear

Cabalist Ring of Finality

Cabalist Deck of Finality

Thankls to Wolf ShadowBane!



Cabalist Cleansing Hood

Crafted Option: Fierce Alphoi Mantle

Cabalist Cleansing Cloak

Thanks to Fred Mythslinger!


Crafted Option: Fierce Alphoi Surcoat

Cabalist Cleansing Stompers

Cabalist Gear

Crafted Option: Fierce Alphoi Boots

Nostalgic Cabal Banner


Cabalist Cleansing Deck

Thanks to Nathan TaleGiver!



Cabalist Hood of Vengeance

Crafted Option: Stubborn Alphoi Mantle

Cabalist Cloak of Vengeance

Thanks to Neela NightRunner!

Crafted Option: Stubborn Alphoi Surcoat

Cabalist Gear

Cabalist Stompers of Vengeance

Crafted Option: Stubborn Alphoi Boots

Cabalist Banner of the First

Cabalist Ring of Vengeance

Cabalist Deck of Vengeance

Thanks to Neela NightRunner!



Cabalist Hood of the First

Crafted Option: Lofty Alphoi Mantle

Cabalist Cloak of the First

Crafted Option: Lofty Alphoi Surcoat

Cabalist Stompers of the First

Crafted Option: Lofty Alphoi Boots

Cabalist Cleaning Banner

Thank you James Earthwalker!

Cabalist Ring of the First

Cabalist Deck of the First

Thanks to Neela Nightrunner!



Nostalgic Cabal Hood

Crafted Option: Haughty Alphoi Mantle

Nostalgic Cabal Cloak

Crafted Option: Haughty Alphoi Surcoat

Nostalgic Cabal Stompers

Crafted Option: Haughty Alphoi Boots

Cabalist Chaotic Banner

Nostalgic Cabal Ring

Thanks to Luke!

Nostalgic Cabal Deck

Thanks to Valkoor SkullBreaker!



Cabalist Chaotic Hood

Crafted Option: Imperious Alphoi Mantle

Cabalist Chaotic Cloak

Crafted Option: Imperious Alphoi Surcoat

Cabalist Chaotic Stompers

Crafted Option: Imperious Alphoi Boots

Cabalist Banner of Finality

Cabalist Chaotic Ring

Thanks to Alric Wild on Facebook!

Cabalist Chaotic Deck



Cabal Schism Hood

Crafted Option: Alphoi Sovereign Mantle

Champion Crafted Gear Universal

Cabal Schism Cloak

Crafted Option: Alphoi Sovereign Surcoat

Champion Crafted Gear Universal

Cabal Schism Stompers

Crafted Option: Alphoi Sovereign Boots

Champion Crafted Gear Universal

Cabalist Schism Banner

Cabalist Schism Ring

Thanks to Alric Wild on Facebook!

Cabalist Schism Deck

Thanks to Valkoor SkullBreaker!


If you have any of the gear we’re missing of find other drop locations, please post them in the comments so we can add to the guide!

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  • James Earthwalker

    What do they look like? o:

  • James Earthwalker
  • Blaze MeOut

    hmm comparing the decks for storm so far … It looks like there are two types of decks dropped in Empyrea for each school. The cabalist deck that I see here is better than the decks dropped from Omen in Polaris.

    • Blaze MeOut

      hmm for myth the omen deck has 2+ more block … but the cabal’s deck dropped in empyrea gives +4 critical and slightly higher health in the deck. I would say Empyrea’s cabal decks might be slightly better than Omen’s deck for builds that gear towards higher health and slightly higher critical. Dang, Omen’s deck has been surpassed. Anyone reading this try to verify which schools it might benefit compared to omen.

      • Blaze MeOut

        There are disadvantages to cabal decks though … sideboard is 6 lower for tc than omen
        … max copies of cards is 6 instead of 8 for cabal
        … hmm omen deck provides more max copies and tc space, but cabal deck seems to have higher critical/block/health altogether

        …both have a triangle socket jewel so comparing these is useless

        • Wolf FireBreath

          I’m gonna stay with Omen/Rasputin decks (was too lazy to farm Omen for a deck), especially on my balance, I need extra copies

          • Blaze MeOut

            I guess it honestly depends on whether you favor stats or card space/flexibility in decks … at least kingsisle gives a choice for it now

      • Matt Spence

        I’ll stick to the Interstellar/Rat/Omen decks to be honest.

        – Interstellar has the exact stats as those 120 Spider decks with triangle. The less copies is annoying but can be overcome.
        – Rat & Omen decks if you have them are all you really need. The fights are far easier than the hassle of downing the beastman. Well, mostly… (Omen, I still hate you, lol.) And the extra copies give them a valid edge over the Cabalist ones. Especially if you PvP.

        • Blaze MeOut

          Interstellar decks are trash I’m not talking about those… There are 2 types of decks dropped in empyrea:
          Interstellar decks
          Cabal decks
          By comparison of overall critical/block/health in the Cabal deck is better than Omen’s
          BUT… Omen’s deck still offers more tc space and card flexibility than Cabal’s

        • Blaze MeOut

          Also rat decks were good for lvl 110 but considering critical decay by lvl 125 they are eh to me … just like how waterworks at lvl 90-100 turns to trash
          Omen decks are still decent, but they require a gold key and patience as your most likely gonna get a mount, pet, and amulet rather than their gear.
          Cabal decks the only thing stopping you is difficulty … there is no gold key requirement and omen isn’t easy either.
          Omen decks are still superior with card space/flexibility still so honestly it depends on what you value in this game … space or stats

  • Blaze MeOut

    hmm comparing the rings to mimic … mimic is still better, but its funny how close certain stats are to mimics in part 1 of empyrea …. the next part might have rings that are better than mimic’s

  • Angel Ice

    Why does the cabal hood of vegenance have like a 0.1 percent drop rate?! I literally have farmed the fire boss and Dviss in the secret tunnel for like 2-3 days, and I still have not gotten it! Does anyone know if medulla drops this hat? Or some other boss because this is straight up annoying

    • Matt Spence

      Took me a while before I got my balance stuff, I got literally every other hat & boots before I got my main’s. Just keep at it in Secret Tunnel. You’re getting good Sparkling Defense Opal +27 & EMPs for days on the side.

    • Patrick

      It’s because you WANT it. I got 3 hoods of vengeance but of course not the school I wanted…

  • golden brigain

    Thanks but imma just wait until part 2 comes out and I get my hands on all that sweet level 130 gear and level 128 shadow spells. I’ve still got to make the new wand, and I need to work on getting reagents for reindeer knight this Christmas. Including other spells and couch potatoes I’m stocked full for the me t couple of months.

  • Nathan TaleGiver
    • Blaze MeOut

      k ty so much … yep health/critical/block better than omen’s just like storm and myth deck

    • Mora Misthead

      Thanks! I added it 🙂

  • Bren

    I love this post!

  • Flamewave

    Great guide guys, I love this post!

  • Tyler Lieser

    I love this post

  • Emily McMillan

    Out of curiosity how long has it taken you all to get your gear? (Ive done around 40 runs and gotten 2 of my school hats but no boots, for instance)

    • Mora Misthead

      Hmmm… I don’t remember it being very hard… But then again, I was just farming for squid ink, the gear was a little something extra.

      • Emily McMillan

        True it’s not hard, it’s just a lot of farming for that one piece–like KI knows we want it and makes sure it’s the last thing to drop XD

        • Matt Spence

          I can attest to that. Balance Hat & Boots were the last of the cabalist stuff I got and was looking for the most.

    • Patrick

      Think I’ve farmed Secret Tunnel for Squid Ink over 150 times with two accounts. Two wizards have full Cabalist gear, while one still needs boots and another still needs a hat. So could be a few more runs or could be a lot…

  • Fred Mythslinger
    • Mora Misthead

      Thank you! 🙂 I added it.

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