Mastery Amulets: Which One Is For You?

Mastery Amulets

Mastery Amulets

So, you want to try to make your pvp game more dynamic by adding a mastery amulet. Or maybe you’re just wondering why people have, say, a Fire mastery amulet on a Life wizard, or an Ice mastery amulet on a Balance wizard. Or perhaps you’re trying to find the best use for a mastery amulet you already have. Well, look no further. This is your crash course on masteries.

Why do people use mastery amulets?

Most commonly, they are used to either strengthen a weakness of a certain school or strategy, or add a dynamic aspect to a strategy (the best masteries often accomplish both of these.) For example, Ice wizards at lower levels can opt to use Balance mastery amulets. Balance mastery is very efficient because it provides Ice with a heal, something it doesn’t naturally have, as well as adding cheap reshuffles and spells such as Scorpion, Sandstorm and Judgement to their arsenal.

Which one should I choose?

View the tabs below for a more in-depth analysis of each mastery amulet (please note that these are general recommendations aimed at less experienced players and they do not mean that the schools/levels listed below are the only ones on which the given amulet can be effective.)


Fire mastery amulets aren’t generally common amulets to see, as they are generally only considered usable for a few schools. The main advantage of this amulet is the ability to break Tower Shields with spells such as Fire Elf and Power Link, as well as adding minion killers such as Scald and Meteor Strike, a bubble in Wyldfire and powerful finishers such as Heckhound and Immolate. This amulet doesn’t see much use at higher levels in ranked because most of the advantages it offers become obsolete.

Best level range: Journeyman-Grandmaster

Why?: Higher levels render its advantages obsolete compared to the metagame and other mastery amulets

Best schools to use with: Balance, Life

Why?: Both of these schools tend to have some shield issues, and the main shields used against them will be tower shields. Also, these schools don’t have a great bubble war tool, which this mastery offers. Life in particular benefits from the off school finishers as it generally lacks in attack power, as well as from the minion killers, which Life naturally lacks.


Ice masteries also aren’t as common, but are not unheard of by any means. The advantage of this amulet is to both be able to break shields with Frostbite as well as deliver solid damage with Winter Moon and Snow Serpents. Balefrost is also an advantage of this amulet. Blizzard can be used for minions with this amulet. This amulet usually isn’t seen at top level because the advantages it provide become obsolete.

Best level range: Grandmaster-Transcendent

Why?: It can be argued to use this amulet at a lower level, but I feel like it is most comfortable at this level range because Winter Moon is much more readily available at this range. Also, its shield breaking capabilities are surpassed by Fire when it is needed on a smaller scale.

Best schools to use with: Balance

Generally only seen on balance wizards because they have the best strategy using Winter Moon to add a stun to their arsenal, and Frostbite to deal damage and strip shields, which add to their already unrivaled control capabilities. It probably can work on other schools, but Balance can fit it into their natural strategy easier.


Storm amulets are probably the least common amulets in the arena. If you want to run this amulet, you really need to develop a strategy around it. I would say the best advantage of this amulet is the punish game it gives you; what I mean by this is that your opponent must be constantly on guard to avoid being hit with Storm attacks, and if they make even one mistake in defending, you can capitalize on it and punish them dearly in the form of Storm’s incredibly hard hitting attacks. It also gives a bubble in Darkwind, as well as allowing for cheap minion kills. I have never seen this amulet used beyond Grandmaster range. 

Best level range: Journeyman-Grandmaster

Why?: Punishes with Storm attacks become much less threatening after Grandmaster range, mostly because of the bigger health pool and lack of off school damage from arena gear.

Best schools to use with: Balance, Life, Death

Why?: These schools are generally weaker attack schools, and benefit from Storm attacks. Also, they gain Darkwind as a bubble war weapon. Cheap minion kills with Lightning Bats and Thunder Snake also benefit them (Life and Death especially.) Most importantly, these schools all have effective ways to heal within their school, meaning that they don’t lose much from not using a healing amulet (this is also why these schools are the most versatile in mastery amulet choices.)


Easily the most commonly used amulet in the arena, the Life amulet is one I feel is dramatically overrated (personal bias.) The benefits it gives you is heals. Thats it. It can also give you Luminous Weaver, but that isn’t very commonly used with Life amulets. Often times people use this amulet strictly for one spell: Satyr. Despite my opinions of this amulet, it can be quite useful as it is the best amulet for healing.

Best level range: Pretty much any level

Why?: Heals are needed at all levels.

Best schools to use with: Any school CAN use it, but generally Ice, Myth, Storm and Fire wear it best (in that order.)

Why?: These schools lack effective natural heals (with the possible exception of storm, but Healing Current is unreliable.) Therefore, a Life amulet benefits them greatly.


Death amulets are very offensive. Mainly used for the cheap cast of Doom and Gloom at high levels, but can also break tower shields with Poison, add an extremely powerful AoE with Deer Knight and add Vampire and Wraith as a bonus. Sacrifice can also be used as a heal.

Best level range: Pretty much any level

Why?: Offensive pressure with Doom is good at any level.

Best schools to use with: I would argue any school can use it effectively, but it is generally associated with Balance wizards.

Why?: Balance gets poison to break Towers, Doom to add to their great pressure game and at lower levels, and drains to add even more healing to their arsenal. Another school that can work well are Life, with Poison to add a DoT to their arsenal as well as a way to break Towers, Doom to add to bubble war options (although it isn’t advised to spam it,) and Deer Knight to help greatly with minion killing troubles. Storm is also a good school for the job due to how Doom adds to their pressure game, and drains can add an alternative to straight damage attacks to recover some health.



Myth amulets are generally used for Earthquake, but other useful spells are Minotaur, Ninja Pigs, Medusa, and Time of Legend. Myth amulets are defensive amulets, or more specifically, counter amulets. They can counter bladestacks and Shrike, as well as having some deadly sucker punches.

Best level range: Pretty much any level

Why?: It has multiple counter abilities to suit all levels; Minions and Humongofrog at lower levels, Earthquake/Aftershock at mid/upper mid level, and Medusa to combat Shrike at higher levels.

Best schools to use with: I would argue any innate-heal (Life, Death, Balance) school can use it effectively, but it is generally associated with Life wizards.

Why?: Life has a very resilient gameplay at basically all levels, and the Myth amulet’s counter ability gives a Life wizard a very strong defensive build. Also, it can add difficult to stop damage to Life’s arsenal at lower levels in Minotaur as well as a minion killing AoE in Humongofrog. Ninja Pigs is a hard hitting attack at all levels that can be used effectively even with the general 20-30% off school damage at higher levels. Time of Legend gives Life a two pip damage bubble in addition to all of these perks. Many of these perks transfer over to Balance or Death, but Life generally can pull off a defensive build the best due to being the most heal based school. 


My personal favorite amulet, Balance amulets offer tons of utility; Sandstorm, Judgement, Loremaster, Reshuffle, Helping/Availing Hands, Loremaster, Unbalance, Savage Paw, Mander Minion, Loremaster, Supernova and even in some cases Mana Burn. Even Hydra and Spectral Blast can offer great utility by providing odd damage points, especially to spirit schools. Cheap Reshuffles are/were a big selling point of this amulet to experienced duelists. Of course, the Loremaster train is rolling through the spiral as of now, and this is amulet is the best way to hop on!

Best level range: Pretty much any level

Why?: It has many, many utilities as a control amulet, giving offensive (Loremaster, Judgement), defensive (Availing Hands), counter (Sandstorm, Supernova, Unbalance), AND neutral spells (Mander Minion, Reshuffle) that are effectively used at any level.

Best schools to use with: I would argue that all schools can use this amulet, but I think that it is very dependent on your playstyle; Balance amulets tend to thrive in control playstyles, an uncommon playstyle in today’s metagame.

Why?: Balance amulets have so many tools to aid you in so many areas, but doesn’t offer extensive enhancements to any one area (e.g., Death amulets provide huge offensive benefits, while Life amulets provide huge healing benefits.) Today’s meta generally has people needing an amulet leaning towards one of the extremes, so Balance amulets aren’t as common (also the Reshuffle change helped to make this a less common amulet.) Although I think it can work on all schools because it offers universal benefits, I think it can work extremely well on an already very strong school (such as Fire) for the reason that it doesn’t fill in for a weakness of a particular school/strategy; it works to strengthen ALL areas of the given school/strategy.



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  1. Jeremy Wind (Diviner) says:

    Great one. Being a storm wizard, I never liked Ice (i do have a captain lvl 33 Ice wiz), and I kept thinking where people use ice amulets. Frostbite sure is the best spell out there for low level pvp, i think it is better than any other trained spell. I was expecting you to mention the problems with fizzles with storm amulet. I did see some fire wizards using it for Triton, and it is an effective strategy. Thanks for the recommendations BTW, according to me, Life Mastery is THE BEST (my opinion) out there!!! (First xD 😛 )

    • Jeremy Wind (Diviner) says:

      Also, this is my first comment ever. I never really comment on things even when I have ideas. Being a seasonal player, I come on this site everyday to see some great guides and information about new things in W101. Although I did notice how the uploading of these things on this is not consistent these days and I do understand where you guys may have some kind of issues. Thanks a lot, you guys are doing a great job!

      • Charles Darkflower says:

        Thanks for the compliments! We always appreciate comments about reader’s ideas, so keep ’em coming! I think our schedule was thrown off a bit with test realm stuff, but it should be back to normal soon.

    • Jeremy ShadowWraith says:

      I believe there is a Balance PvP guide on duelist, that actually includes ice mastery. I can’t remember what ice spells are in the deck though.

      • There were Balefrost(the bubble), Melt(the dispel), some Blizzards in the side deck, frostbite, and of course Tower Shield.

  2. James Earthwalker says:

    Life Mastery Amulet? More like Satyr Spamulet.

  3. Jordan Legendhunter says:

    I think u should mention the use of these masteries outside of the arena. But still great guide

  4. Uhhh favorite colour is black so I usually go for death mastery.

    • Also, myth mastery is overrated.

    • Gabrielle Shadow says:

      The Death Mastery Amulet orbs appears to be darkish blue when equipped. Sorry, but there aren’t any black ones.

      Here are some colors you might like:

      Life: lightish green
      Death: darkish blue
      Myth: yellow
      Fire: light orange
      Balance: hot pink/brown (mostly hot pink)
      Ice: light blue

  5. swaggy tyler 360 says:

    i hope this amulets come out with a spell if there is gonna be

  6. Wolf FairyForge says:

    I saw bunch of Loremaster mentions. Typo? or exaggerations? xD

  7. Laurel Balanceblade says:

    I think it is very commendable to be on this game for a most a year and never see someone wearing a life mastery. Its just everywhere. I have one too.

    • True. Same. Absolutely, and no doubt.

      I was thinking of making a (legendary) balance with Ice mastery build in the near future, when this post just happened to come out… it kind of reinforces my drive to be original 😛

  8. IMO for Storms, it’s best to use either a Death Mastery of Balance Mastery. Death Mastery because you could throw up a Doom and Gloom and then release a whole string of unhealable attacks and Balance Mastery because of it’s whole slew of useful spells. I would reccomend Death Mastery over Balance Mastery though; but which one you prefer is dependent on your playstyle.

    • Shh..we don’t want storms to know about this. Or at least I don’t, xD

    • TechnoNecro says:

      Take out half the storm’s health with 1 lore and watch them struggle to come back underneath a doom&gloom and an unreliable heal in healing current.

      • Charles Darkflower says:

        This is somewhat exaggerated, but I would agree that Balance>Storm under doom. So maybe not the best idea at higher ranks (although Storm/Death build has been known to be able to destroy jade juju)

  9. jacob dark blood says:

    nice article! 🙂

  10. I plan on using Life with Ice Mastery
    I’m having trouble on where to start though, since I don’t know where you can get good gear for Ice stats as off-school

    • Crafted gear in zf can go on any wizard, I think (idk about other worlds though)

    • Charles Darkflower says:

      Simply put, you need to have universal damage. At levels above grandmaster range, this often comes at a price, but it is certainly possible. I’m assuming you’re talking about top level, and in that case, I would run felled titan, alpha and omega, a pain giver pet, and maybe a hat/robe with universal damage (most likely from packs, I would look at the Shaman’s Lore, Nightmare Pack and Yuletide Pack). Thats about 40-50% universal damage right there.

  11. MatthewLegendCaster says:

    Whenever I see a life with a myth mastery, I assume he’s going for the medusa stun power. When their opponent sees that they are a life, they are going to discard those stun blocks. That’s when you roll out the medusa 🙂

  12. Noah LifeGiver says:

    Btw, the period goes after the bracket, not before.

    • Charles Darkflower says:

      While in some cases this is correct, in others it is incorrect. When I wrote, “Most importantly, these schools all have effective ways to heal within their school, meaning that they don’t lose much from not using a healing amulet (this is also why these schools are the most versatile in mastery amulet choices.)” for example, this is correct because an entire sentence is contained within the parenthesis. There may have been other times where I mistyped or implied a verb or subject (I assume you speak of parenthesis because I didn’t use any brackets.)

  13. Matthew Pitcock says:

    Once I’ve seen a storm mastery. The guy using it was an exalted overlord, had universal damage gear, and the Jack Hallow wand.

    • The Jack Hallow wands do provide an opportunity to sucker punch with other schools, and with Storm School, that’s a very unique strategy. I love it 😀

  14. Dakota Battleflame says:

    I’m a life wizard with a balance amulet

  15. Michael Wright says:

    How can you Mana Burn with balance mastery amulet. Is there some way to get Mana Burns treasure cards?

  16. 1st age Storm Warlord says:

    Myth is easily the best mastery amulet for storm. Why would you use a death amulet? Doom and gloom costs only 2 pips(ok, 4 if you have power pips, but storm doesn’t have such a great pip chance) and that’s pretty much the only reason. Now, the myth one enables you to use shatter and earthquake which are crucial for a school without dots. Life amulet is not a must have for a storm. Despite the general view, healing current is a pretty good card for an offensive school.

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