Wizard101 Aztecan Builder’s Bundle

aztecan-builders-bundleAztecan Builder’s Bundle

Wizard101 released a new bundle! Purchase this $39 bundle at GameStop. Read on to learn more about it.

This bundle features a level 100 wand with May Cast Blinding Light and gear with an always helpful Feint Card or two. The pet is quite talented as it has four Epic slots. Among other things, the Toucan’t pet can bring pain, resist stuns, resist damage, and cast Infallible. Have hours of fun rearranging the oodles of pieces to make your own Aztecan castle or village.

Aztecan-Builder's-Bundle-houseThe Aztecan Builder’s Bundle includes:

  • Serpentine Escape (Build-a-Castle Plot and Pieces)
  • Feathered Raptor Mount (40% speed increase)
  • Toucan’t Pet
  • Your choice of Wild Wing Outfit (Tier 1 through 11)
  • Your choice of Wild Wing Axe and Shield (Tier 1 through 11)
  • 1 Month membership or 5,ooo Crowns

toucant pet icon Toucan’t Pet toucant pet icon

DNA 67
Gives 1 Smoke Screen at Teen (1 pip -40% Accuracy to all enemies)
Max: 240 Strength, 220 Intellect, 230 Agility, 240 Will, 220 Power
Hatch Time: 5 Minutes

More about the Toucan't Pet




Talent Slots

  • Slot 1 (Ultra-rare) Stun Resistant
  • Slot 2 (Ultra-rare) Fire Sniper
  • Slot 3 (Rare) Pain Bringer
  • Slot 4 (Epic) Fire Assailant
  • Slot 4 (Epic) Spell Proof
  • Slot 6 (Epic) Incredibly Infallible
  • Slot 7 (Ultra-rare) Health Bounty
  • Slot 8 (Ultra-rare) Fire Ward
  • Slot 9 (Ultra-rare) Fire Dealer
  • Slot 10 (Epic) Ardent Amplifier

Wild Wing Outfit


Wild Wing Headdress (hat)

Wild Wing Battle Tunic (robe)

Wild Wing Warboots (boots)

Click the level tab to see the gear’s stats

Level 100


Level 90



Level 80



Level 70



Level 60



Level 50



Level 40



Level 30



Level 20



Level 10



Any Level



Wild Wing Axe and Shield Weapon

wing-axe-and-shield-look shield

Click the level tab to see the gear’s stats

Level 100


The weapon’s Blinding Light is triggered randomly by using the Ultra Rage and Ultra Torment damage spells.weapon-cast

Level 90


Level 80


Level 70


Level 60


Level 50


Level 40


Level 30


Level 20


Level 10


Any Level


Feathered Raptor Mount

The Feathered Raptor Mount adds 40% to movement speed when used.

feathered raptor mount

Serpentine Escape

Interior-Aztecan-CastleThe Serpentine Escape plot has two castles.  The exterior castle has 214 pieces and the interior castle has 140 pieces. Travel between the exterior to the interior sections of the plot via the two waterfalls.  To quickly get to your bank, slip underneath the upper waterfall and turn to your right.

Aztecan-FountainAztecan building utilizes the same skills as with other castle building.  We can move the individual pieces or quickly reset the pre-made castle though our housing toolbar. This set includes multiple sized walls including some with hidden passage ways and some with windows. There are many fountain pieces with stacking parts. 



School symbol statues are a nice addition to the top of the fountains.  We can place them anywhere.



Ready to take a peek at the new goods?


What is your favorite feature or features of the Aztecan Builder’s Bundle? Will you use any of the gear in your PvP build? Let us know in the comments below! Feel free to share pictures of your epic castle creations too.

Happy Dueling!



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  • Lol this came a tad bit later than when the bundle came out, in fact, a second bundle came out right before today.

    • So harsh. Thanks for the support?? This was done in my free time of which I have very little.

      • Understandable. Hope you can manage to get life sorted out 🙂

      • BoilingHotCoffee

        Well… I do have to admit that this site has become pretty slow. It used to be a daily routine to check this site everyday, so I could learn something new about this game. I wondered what happened

        Are there less writers? Any of them retire from this site? Busy schedules? Other stuff?

        • Seth

          It’s a number of things, but we overall have less writers, busy schedules, and the overall state of both games.

        • Yes, articles have not been as frequent. KingsIsle really hasn’t been doing all that much either. Some authors have more to offer than others, some have more interest than others. Keep in mind, we write in our free time, volunteering to the site. It’s not like KingsIsle pays us for our time/work or covers our expenses. See what I wrote above to Chase, hopefully that will answer your questions. That being said, I won’t share personal information, I like to respect everyone’s rights to privacy. I’m happy to hear we were part of your daily routine. It is nice to know our work is appreciated. Thanks for your support!

      • I think you had this guide come out at a great time, Heather. The guide doesn’t always have to come out the same second the bundle does.

    • Guest

      Which bundle? Where was it shown? Does this have to do with the Grand-Tourney-somethingarather that someone pooled together?

    • Logan LegendThief

      I would make a guide but I’m lazy 🙁

  • ThatGuy

    Makes guide about bundle, A week later a new bundle comes out. What the heck Kingsisle

    • We are working on the details of the new Grand Tourney Bundle and the Grand Tourney Gauntlet. We will have that up for you as soon as we can. In the meantime, back to working on the video for this 🙂

      • Chase Stormhammer

        why have you guys not posted for a while

        • This isn’t an easy one to answer. Real life gets busy sometimes, we pick up other projects, and some people move on too. It doesn’t help the KI, by lack of action, seems to refuse to actually fix the PvP system. PvP is the part of the game that enthused many of us. It isn’t anywhere near as fun as it used to be. Wiz PvP is so unbalanced and being forced to farm in long dungeons for the only gear that will give us a chance is not fun either. Grinding for gear gets really old, really fast. They still haven’t come up with much for P101 PvP either. I wouldn’t be surprised if KI closes down all PvP at this rate.

          • How about trying out strategies that DON’T require the “best” gear or no jewels? Like fun handicaps. New twists. Just throwing out ideas and suggestions :3 I do sincerely hope that this site is revitalized over the summer. Thank you guys for the effort you are able to put in 🙂

          • We usually write about our PvP passions. If you have some new strategy thoughts, I encourage you to write about them in Duelist101.com/community. For best results, include your gear/deck set up and successes like we do. Players are always looking for ideas.

          • Best. comment. ever. Finally someone agrees with me. 😛

  • Billy Garvey

    So 500 universal block with 70 resist. Yay. Without block pet

  • Quinn Sixth

    thanks heather 🙂 btw i love your youtube vids and hope when you get more time you can make more of them

    • You’re welcome Quinn! Thanks for the compliment. Much appreciated 🙂

      • I definitely agree with Quinn. You’ve inspired me to make videos of P101 as well, but I have one question that I’ve never been able to answer: are there any suitable and easily used video recorders and editors? I’ve tried 25+ of those and each has at least one problem among: lagging the game or the sounds, awful graphics in the video, bad video frames, no audio or even no video at all. Can you please assist me? 🙂

  • Aj

    with this hat and wand grand arena robe and battle of the bands boots death can finally make a comeback >:D

    • Matthew Hawktalon

      I’d like to see them make a comeback

  • Blaze MeOut

    The hats has more defensive capabilities then the jade gear 😀 go block!!!!

  • Blaze MeOut

    The wand looks super scary right now because of the may cast and number of wand cards… especially when your in group … pvp is gonna get a whole lot interesting now … I think may cast wands and gear are gonna be the next big thing in the new world … just like the morganthe arc introduced critical and block

    • I us my mc rebirth wand on life in PvE. I don’t see the need for it as much in PvP, but this one is a different story. Stun or get rid of a shield? Sure count me in!

  • Brand Ghostspear

    I think the wand is not too bad in a 4v4 battle. Also quite useful in spamming in defensive gears, especially for myth or ice in a 1v1 combat.

    • I agree. Get rid of a weakness or dispel and stun them at the same time sounds great to me.

      • Paul F.

        I think this is a great wand for my exalted ice.
        It has really good block, accuracy, and some stun resistant chance.
        The best part is, it has off school wand hits for ice, though I want wand of Arund vale, but they never bring it in crown shop. Plus it is rare to to get it from winter land pack

        • Guest

          The arcane builder’s bundle is the perfect replacement for ice’s DM wand by replacing useless critical more block, and retaining the same pierce. Here, the pierce is replaced by accuracy, which every school has 100% of. The stun resistance and may cast spells are too low chance to matter too much.

      • Jordan Nightblood

        its almost has as much block as lunar scepter or anubis so its great for tanking

  • Aj

    new gauntlet 😀

    • Article in progress. Nothing big in there so far. It’s fairly easy.

      • Aj

        true the pixie set energy gear drops from the guy with the dragon though

  • Downriver

    I need to ask few questions. 1. Where is Dear Diego? 2. If Dear Diego is gone, who do I ask for a balance Ask Duelist with death mastery and level 40 to 49?

    • As far as help for PvP, we have several guides in the 40 to 49 range and many Death School guides. Some of the guides are older, but have fabulous strategic information that still applies.

      If you look in the menu at the top of the page, under Wizard101 you will find an entire section on PvP guides. Even though they may not all apply to your specific situation, you can still learn from them. Even reading guides from different schools can be helpful to learn about what your enemies will try. Be sure to flip through the comments too. Sometimes helpful discussions take place. You may find just what you need.

      Here is a good one to get you started http://www.duelist101.com/wizard101-pvp-guides-2/low-level-guides/verdict-dead-grandmaster-death-1v1-w-balance-mastery/

      Another place to look is in Duelist101.com/community. Do a search there and you may find exactly what you seek. Good luck!

  • Logan LegendThief

    I will continue to discouraging purchasing bundles until the company pays attention to their customer.
    The items are not balanced. That is all I will say.

    • UltimateOrange

      Why? It isn’t YOUR money that’s being spent. The customers want it, and they buy it. If they think that it’s unbalanced, then they don’t have to buy it. Its all marketing. If your company is having some money issues, you’ll want more marketing for more money. Why would it be unbalanced anyways?

    • Matthew Hawktalon

      I just like looking at other peoples’ stuff when they purchase the bundles

  • Emmanuel Acosta

    so where’s the bank?

    • Aj

      next to the top waterfall

    • “To quickly get to your bank, slip underneath the upper waterfall and turn to your right.” Quoted from the Serpentine Escape section above.

  • Downriver

    I am looking for something good for when you do PvP and PvE. I do really want to do PvP now for several reasons, but I fail to have a good pet. My pet currently does batusi and vengeance may cast and I still can’t get a pet that has unicorn to pop up from packs. I also require my “perfect” pet, it to be a floating sword and shield so I can get the cards it provides. And it has another talent I need. Spell-Proof. And I also want critical block. 🙂 Kinda want to cover all my basses. So if you could help me on how to do this… I could really use your help.

    • Aj

      get the things you want one at a time get the armament for proof first then go from there perfect pets take a long time

    • Getting the “perfect pet” is a grind for sure. Very time consuming. I find it helpful to start chatting with regulars in the hatchery or people I see with awesome pets. I have been able to find people willing to hatch a few times with me that way in the past. Check back here, maybe someone will offer to hatch their awesome pet with you! (hint, hint to readers with awesome pets!)

      • Billy Garvey

        I commented before I read this lol

      • Billy Garvey

        If I remember correctly, I think you got some pretty sweet pets yourself. I got my perfect death pet from you I think 🙂

    • Billy Garvey

      What school are you? I got a couple good ones that I could hatch

  • Moonriver

    P.S. Ment to post as Moonriver. Auto-correct. Grrrr……

  • Arthur Soulsword

    I think for mounts like that since they are faster in real life it should have a bigger speed increase but i still can’t wait to get it

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