Hatching101: What Pet Will You Get?



Part 1: What Pet Will You Get?

Wizard101 Doctor PurreauThere’s no doubt about it: Pet Hatching is one of the great mysteries of the Spiral, fraught with myths and rumors which rarely turn out to be true. The process is mostly random but there are a few trends that can help us build our Perfect Pet. 

If you’re a frequent hatcher, surely you’ve heard some theories about how to control the outcome of the hatch. Are these merely rumors, or do any of them turn out to be true? Does it matter which pet is on the “left side” and “right side” of the hatcher? Surely there must be a trick to all this madness, right!?

In Part 1, we’ll take a look at which pet you can expect to receive back from a hatch. I’m sure many of us have had the experience of trying over and over to get that particular pet that you think looks awesome or has great pet cards. Is there a 50%/50% chance that you will receive your pet back, or is there some deeper force controlling the type of pet you receive? Let’s find out!

The Hatching Experiment

We conducted an experiment of 40 hatches using a Sea Dragon and a Bloodbat and recorded all the results. Thanks to Jewel Shadowcaster for all the data!

Why a Sea Dragon and Bloodbat?

BloodBatThe Bloodbat pet that you can purchase in Wizard City is one of the most common, lowest-pedigree, cheapest pets in all the Spiral (although don’t mention that to Kevin the Noob!). 

The Sea Dragon pet is available for Crowns or as a very rare drop in the final dungeon of Celestia. It has some of the best stats, talents, and pedigree of all the pets in Wizard101!

Because these pets are so very different from each other, it’s easy to track the results of the hatches!

The Conditions

Of the total of 40 hatches, half of them were conducted with the Sea Dragon on the “left side” and the other half were with the Sea Dragon on the “right side”. Why? Some players have speculated that the location of the pet on the screen influences the outcome of the hatches, so we decided to test it out.

How much did it cost? Over 1 million gold!

The Results

 It turns out, you are much more likely to receive a Bloodbat than a Sea Dragon when you hatch the two together. Of the 40 hatches, exactly 32 of them resulted in a Bloodbat, while only 8 of the offspring were Sea Dragons.

Why do you suppose this is the case? Well, I believe that the Advanced Pet system intends for “rare” pets to be harder to obtain, making them more special and valuable. So if you are trying over and over again to obtain a certain pet from hatching, it’s probably better to avoid using a very common pet… or you may need to prepare yourself for a LOT of hatches!

UPDATE! Thanks to reader Varro Teyenaz for finding this link to the Wizard101 Message Boards which was posted when the Advanced Pets system was introduced:

“If you start with a Stray Piggle as one of the two pets you’re mixing, you have a very high chance of getting another Stray Piggle. If you use a common pet and a rare pet, the chances of getting the common pet are much higher than the rare.”

Next time: we’ll tell you how the rest of this experiment turned out in terms of how the Stats and Talents of these pets transferred to their offspring.

In the meantime, have you had any particularly difficult or frustrating experiences in the Hatchery trying to obtain the pet of your choice? Tell us in the Comments! 🙂


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