New Pets – Spring 2016 Update


Something has snuck under the radar – until today – we have some new pets!

Today, they tweeted the following:

Shh! There are a few new pets out there in The Spiral for you to discover with this latest update! Found any yet?


While we aren’t sure of exactly how many new pets there are – some have been discovered!

Also – as a note – going to be trying a new format since a common complaint about pet articles is how massive they can become.

Trendkill Pantra


  • Dropped from Trendkill Pantra mobs in Outer Yard in Avalon
  • Death – Gives 1 Death Prism Card at Baby

Dreamsong Seraph

Picture 2016-04-06 18-17-33

  • Dropped from Death Seraphs in Outer Yard – Avalon
  • Myth – Gives 1 Mythspear Card at Baby


  • Dropped from Bloodwing Mobs in The Floating Land – Celestia
  • Fire – Gives 1 Firespear Card at Baby


Resolute Bloodbat

Resolute Bloodbat

  • Dropped from Sanguine Bat in Kondha Desert, Cruor Bat in Last Wood.
  • Myth – Gives 1 Mythical Fuel Card at Baby

Furious Krokomummy


Ty to Colton Blue in the comments!

  • Dropped from Shambling Ahnic in Ahnic Family Tomb – Krokotopia (Thanks to Colton Blue for the picture.)
  • Storm – Gives 1 Stormspear Card at Baby

Frosty Krokomummy

  • Dropped from Ra in Hall of Tombs in Krokotpia Library
  • Ice – Gives 1 Ice Prism Card at Baby

Blustering Scamp

  • Dropped from O’Leary Charlatan in Hyde Park – Marleybone
  • Dropped from Mister Utterson in Barkingham Palace airship (ty MADCOW in the comments)
  • Storm – Gives 1 Wild Bolt Card at Baby
Ty to Sammy Storm in the comments!

Ty to Sammy Storm in the comments!

Spectre Lord


  • Dropped from Lord of the Broken in The Wyrd – Avalon (Thanks to Mason_Legend from Twitter for this find.)
  • Ice – Gives 1 Articzilla Card at Baby

Flamedance Seraph

  • Dropped from Grim Seraphs in Catacombs – Avalon
  • Fire – Gives 1 Fire Prism card at Baby
Ty to Dani Solo in the comments!

Ty to Dani Solo in the comments!

Starburst Spider

  • Dropped from the Starburst Spider mobs in Xoltol Tower in Alto Alto – Azteca
  • Dropped from the Starburst Spiders in Mirror Lake – Zafaria (ty to Wolfiewillow in the comments)
  • Ice – Gives 1 Ice Abosrb Card at Baby

starburst spider

Spellwrit Screamer


  • Dropped from Spellwrit Screamer mobs (Lost Pages mobs) – Thanks to flash33 for this picture.
  • Storm – Gives one Storm Beetle card at Baby



A special section ..since there’s so many.. lol

‘Dactyl Hybrids

  • Lifedactyl – Babydactyl + Leaf Foot – Gives 1 Lifeblade at Baby and 1 Life Scarab at Adult
  • Mythdactyl – Babydactyl + Skink – Gives 1 Mythblade at Baby and 1 Earthquake at Adult
  • Deathdactyl – Babydactyl + Pesky Beetle – Gives 1 Deathblade at Baby and 1 Death Scarab at Adult.

Quetzal Hybrids

  • All except Harmonic give their prism – Harmonic gives a balanceblade.
  • Icestorm Quetzal – Firestorm Quetzal + Frostbound Grimhorn
  • Inferno Quetzal – Firestorm Quetzal + Charred Grimhorn
  • Vital Quetzal – Firestorm Quetzal + Flamenco Bailador
  • Harmonic Quetzal – Firestorm Quetzal + Flamenco Tocador
  • Grave Quetzal – Firestorm Quetzal + Flamenco Del Muerto

Crabling Hybrids


  • Just as a note for this one – all the combinations found so far are Jellyfish + Crabfish
  • Fervid Crabling (shown above) – Gives 1 Fire Elemental Card
  • Dignified Crabling – Gives 1 Elemental Trap Card

Scorpion Hybrids

As previously said – when we get more info – we will update this!

What pet will you farm for? Which is the coolest? Leave your comments down below!

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  • JacobThunderSpear

    i got the blistering scamp pet 😀

  • Melissa Heart

    Got the Blistering Scamp while doing the daily quest and fighting O’Leary Tricksters

    • Keny

      You mean Blustering don’t you?

  • Lucas FrostSword

    i also got blistering scamp on the last bosses of the quest “Swimming with starts” dungeon in marleybone.

  • Lucas FrostSword


  • kaylablood

    I don’t know if this pet is new but I got it from the horned monkey spiders in the Savannah

  • kaylablood


  • flash33

    Spellwrit Screamer pet dropped from the Spellwrit Screamer mobs.

  • flash33

    Spellwrit Screamer pet dropped from the Spellwrit Screamers.

    • emily

      what boss did you fight to get this drop

  • Splat!

    I need a good PvE death pet. I know dis is a PvP website, but I need a good PvE pet. I’m level 97 Necromancer!

    • Aj

      death yeti

      • Splat!

        Do you know where I can get that? Thanks!

        • Wolf FireBreath

          Hatch with someone for it.

          • Splat!

            I would prefer it be 1st generation. Thanks!

          • Wolf FireBreath

            1st Gen pets are almost always pretty bad. There are 2 ways to get it. Witch’s Hoard, or hatching a Timberland Yeti with a Mountain Yeti

          • Aj

            he probably wants to start from scratch himself and make his own talents

  • ambereyes513

    Furious Krokomummy – Dropped from Ra in Hall of Tombs in Krokotopia Library

  • uzumaki naruto

    death seraph looking pet is at wyrd death seraph. near namless knight tower south of the map

  • Colton Blue

    Here is the furious krokomummy. Just got it tonight….I think on the Key to the Temple quest.

  • GarrettGP

    here the bloodwing

    • GarrettGP


  • Wolfiewillow

    I’ve got the starburst spider pet from the starburst spiders in mirror lake.


    The Blistering Scamp also dropped for me in the Barkingham Palace airship, from Mister Utterson. (Sorry no picture yet).

    • MADCOW


  • Sammy Storm

    Here are some pictures of a few of those pets that are listed above

  • Dani Solo

    Pictures of the Flamedance Seraph.

  • gvdiaz0897

    Got a Brown Recluse Spider in second battle of pagoda.

    • gvdiaz0897

      Pictures 🙂

  • Wolfiewillow

    Where did you get the Horned Monkey Spider?

    • Igor Efimov

      They drop from the ice mobs of the same name, in the first part of the Nemean Rock instance (the cave; Nurgle is upstairs)

      • Wolfiewillow

        Thank you! 🙂

  • Seth


    KI unleashed a sleu of hints ..and hybrid nation has came today – UPDATED!

  • Lisa

    I hatched an Ithiane Spectre with someone’s gargoyle and got a storm pet called Spectre of the Brocken. Looks just like Ice Spectre Lord but it’s storm!

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