Perfect PvP Pets Part 1


Hatching Amazing Pets in Wizard101

Rain_Beetle_(Pet)The Advanced Pets system in Wizard101 is big, and complicated, and it takes a lot of time and effort. Many players want to get a better pet, but don’t know where to start. If you’re one of those players, this guide is for you.

You probably got through the PvE content just fine without a fancy pet, but in PvP pets are an arms race. It’s possible to make warlord without a good pet, but it’s much easier the other way. So we here at Duelist101 are going to give away the secrets of the pet masters. Starting from the very first step, we’re going to give you instructions on how to create amazing pets of your own.

Halfang: Know him, love him, clobber him.

Before you even start thinking about anything else, you’re going to need gold. Lots of gold. If you don’t have gold, spend a few hours farming Halfang Bristleclaw in Vestrilund. Once you have 250-300k gold, you should be ready. He will be invaluable in the future, also. Hatching costs a lot of gold, and Halfang is a good way to make sure you have enough to keep the hatches rolling.

Red Barn Farms. Lots of them.

Red-Barn-Farm-Feature-ImageActually, two or three would be fine. Put them on different Wizards on the same account, Wizards with enough Energy to tend a garden. The Red Barn Farm can be purchased from the Crowns Shop for 125,000 gold. If you’re wondering how a silly house is going to help you create pets, just stick with me for a minute. You’re about to become an accomplished gardener.

If you can’t afford the Red Barn Farm right now, any house with a large enough area to plant a full garden will work. The Farm is better though, because it gives your plants a “Like” that makes them grow faster simply by being at that house.

Level Up in Gardening.

nooooooIf you haven’t done this yet, you must do so now. Do not argue with me. Go talk to the Mole in Golem Court and start your Gardening quests. Become the Farmer I know you can be.

After your first set of gardening quests is complete, leveling up there simply happens by gaining XP from raising gardens. You will need to level up your gardening enough to go to Mooshu and buy the Large Area Gardening Spells. You’ll also need all of the basic gardening spells – to create soil of different sizes, or enchanted soil of different sizes, and everything else.

Duelist Tip: If you want to level quickly in Gardening, look through your backpack for Key Limes. You can plant them even as a very low level gardener, their needs are easy to take care of, and they give a ton of XP. Even better, they give you a seed back to replant them and sometimes two seeds. This means your Key Lime garden gets bigger as you replant it, and when you have to level up your other Wizards in gardening, it will go much more quickly for them.

Garden Plants for Snacks.

This is the lynchpin of your pet training. Gardens provide Mega Snacks over and over again, they provide reagents for crafting, they provide Treasure Cards for PvP and PvE, and they provide gold for hatching. You will need to hatch and train many pets before they become really, thoroughly awesome. Gardens will make that possible. Here’s how:

Prickly Bear Cactus.

Wizard101-Prickly-Bear-CactusThis is a good place to start your snack gardening. Prickly Bear Cactus give tons of pet snacks at harvest, most of them are lower level snacks, but some of them are Rank 8 Mega Snacks, giving 25 Pet XP each. The pet snacks that you don’t want to use? Sell them for lots of gold at the Bazaar.

Even after you get more advanced gardens going, I’d suggest keeping a good Prickly Bear garden. Even better if you search for guides on how to stack gardens for maximum production. Save the Megas and higher XP snacks you get from these guys, and use them after hatching to take new pets to Adult. If the pet gets nothing good by Adult, hatch again.

Couch Potatoes.

Wizard101-Couch-PotatoesThese are plants for the more serious pet trainer. They are harder to get and harder to raise, but they are guaranteed to give a Rank 9 Mega Snack at Elder. They are available in the Crowns Shop, but if you are low on crowns they can be farmed from mobs in the game. They drop from Splithoof Barbarians, or from Coven Initiates (Ravenscar) in Grizzleheim. The drop rates are low, but a determined Wizard can certainly get enough seeds to start several stacked gardens just from farming.

Do not use the mega snacks you get from Couch Potatoes yet. Save them, hoard them. Use snacks from your Prickly Bear Cactus to take your pets to Adult. If your pets have perfect talents at Adult, then you can consider taking them to Ancient. Still, you should take them to Ancient using Prickly Bear snacks.

Duelist Tip, IMPORTANT: Eventually, Test Realm will come out. Hopefully you’ve saved up lots and lots of big Mega Snacks from your Taters. Take your most promising Ancient pets on Test realm and level them up there. If they fail at Epic, make a note and throw them away or store them away from your good pets on Live realm. If the pet is still perfect at Epic, you can take it to Mega on test as long as you have plenty of snacks. If it fails, toss it. The talents your pet gets in Test Realm are the same they will get in Live Realm. Only after a pet has shown it will get the talents you want on Test should you take it to Epic or Mega on Live Realm.

Evil Magma Peas.


Evil Magma Peas, or EMP’s, are the pet snack Holy Grail. They drop Rank 9 Megas at Elder, they drop awesome Reagents all the time, and lots of useful TC’s. They’re easy to care for, and with a full set of “Likes”, they can hit Elder every 3-4 days. A big EMP garden can crank out hundreds of huge Mega Snacks every week. The drawback? They’re expensive.

Like Couch Potatoes, EMP’s can be farmed from certain places in Wizard101, but the drop rates are very low and the bosses that drop them are tough. Most players give up farming and just purchase some, if they have the option. I will say this.. If you’re ever thinking about buying a Mega Snack Pack, don’t. Just buy an EMP seed instead. Slowly build up a garden of them if you need to. Mega Snack Packs are one time use, but an EMP will keep giving you megas and re-seeding for the rest of your Wizard101 lifetime.


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  1. Garrett Justus says:

    this is a very good guide. ALL HAIL THE TEST REALM! all hail the garden. eternal shame on those who sell seeds and snacks for bag space. ASLO i think you forgot the most important part. the pet you start out with…while looks can be nice, having an item card is even better, better than that one you can/know you will use(such as blades, shields, heals, spells of your class that you cant train, like the life Minotaur spell, or a low pip sirens…)…one of the best of these pets is the rain.storm beetle, giving 4 attack and blade spells..ill be it with storm accuracy and damage…but still…25% balance blade!

  2. Abdulrahman Dost says:

    Its so Easy just farm mirror lake thats all the easiest way

    • It takes about 5 minutes a day to tend a garden that can give you hundreds of megas per week. Farming mirror lake for pixie sticks just can’t compete with that.

      • i do gardening and mirror lake once a day i have like 60 pixie sticks now woot

      • Andrew Cochell says:

        I have a large stack farm of Couch Potatoes, 53 plants on three wizards. I’m nearly maxed out on the level 9 pet snacks. But still the pixie sticks are good for getting pets up to adult. It builds up all 5 of your pets training. Once a good pet is up to adult then you can go into overdrive with the level 9 snacks.

    • ~ByzantineRhino~ says:

      I disagree with you. Gardening can give you infinite amounts of megas, and like Nick said it only takes 5 minutes, 30 minutes if you aren’t paying attention (like me lol).

      All you really need is a garden of about 10 plants to have a sufficient amount of megas. However, a full garden is always better for training.

  3. Thanks for the guide can’t wait for part 2. I already have all the gardening down. couch potatoes, fish on a vine and prickly bear cactus. Can’t wait for part 2 really need help with creating the ideal pvp pet. But overall nice guide

  4. This is a great place to start for pets. Gardening may be time consuming, but the benefits outweigh the time spent just for the megas. The extra goodies to sell and utilize for PvP aides are a bonus.

    I remember pet leveling before Megas, it took forever!!! I don’t even want to think about leveling a pet without them, especially to 2,000.

    Hoarding snacks for test realm is very important. Mega Snacks are usually turned off in test realm and they run out quicker than you think. I have found awesome pets that I had no idea were in my backpack leveling in test.

    Awesome job on this Nick and part 2?! Woot! *waits patiently*

  5. and if you are a high leveler and you have mirror lake farm it once a day to build up mega snack

  6. I have a question if my pet dont give me what i want at anceint throw it away or store it ok then what do i do next

  7. I’ve snagged a ton of Couch Potatoes and Evil Magma Peas while questing, make a noob and quest with them until you get one 😛 This one guy scares me with his resources and time….

  8. Jason Asrinki says:

    Two things:
    1: Don’t forget doing tournaments and using the tickets to buy mega snacks! 😀
    2: The great thing about couch potatoes is that you’re almost guaranteed to get a few just doing GH normally. Only 5 of my 12 are from farming mobs, the rest I just got as random drops doing GH on 3 other characters.

  9. Frost Monarch says:

    I might buy some. I’m pretty much going hardcore with my star fruits 😉

  10. Cody Nightblade says:

    This is an awesome guide! I look forward to part 2 of your guide! Oh yeah, if someone has no evil magma peas or crowns, and cannot go to good places to farm gold, I recommend farming stinkweed. They drop, on average, 262 gold for mature harvests, and about 600 for each elder stinkweed. (for low levels, I stack stinkweed)
    I wonder if anyone can answer this: How can a low level in Krokotopia get easy gold? Low levels might want good questing pets.

  11. Evan Silver says:

    What if you can’t check on it every day, or on the weekends? Would this hinder one’s gardening ability?

  12. This is an amazing guide and extremely informative! Will definitely help in PvP
    P.S. LotR reference! Awesome XD

  13. I know most people here subscribe but if you are a crowns player, can you access the test realm?

  14. Thegeekwithcats says:

    About the talents that show up in test? Don’t think that always works. I got a GREAT talent in Test realm on a pet that I took to Epic there. Got the Proof that I was looking for.
    Took it to epic in live? And I got Smoke screen…. The very talent I’d been working to get rid of.

  15. Kieran Caster says:

    I don’t understand the purpose of the test realm if you are going to use your mega snacks in the test realm. Do the mega snacks used in the test realm return to you in the live realm?

    • Yes. Test realm is a copy of your account, not your actual account. So snacks you use in Test Realm are still there in Live Realm.

  16. Firestar says:

    Could anybody help me with farming halfang? I am a ‘low level’ magus sorcerer with no access to halfang, only access to grizzleheim and main storyline world marleybone. If anyone can help get me to halfang by porting, please respond with character name and meet me and my mom in northguard, grizzleheim on friday the 14th at 2:30 EST. Thank you.

  17. Seth Vint says:

    Hey there, just wanted to point out a bit of a typo there in the article. In the article you call Halfang Bristle”crown” Halfang Bristle”claw”. Not exactly that big of a deal, I know, but still though.

  18. Justin stormblade says:

    I’m doing the low PvP so I’m only lvl 10. Looking for exalted to do frostfang. Thankx

  19. Robert Flint says:

    Great death pvp pet:
    A combination of Fierce hound (what I consider a GREAT death pet) and Sea Dragon. I only have it up to adult currently and it has Death-giver and gives me pierce. Pretty useful. Now I’m going to hatch it with something that may cast a bunch of heals, as well as something with resist boosts… any suggestions? Of course, I have to get it to Epic.