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Polar Fox Pet

Crowns Shop pet

What does the Fox say? “BUY ME!” 🙂  Wizard101 brings us the new Polar Fox pet in the Crowns Shop with a price tag of 3750 Crowns! Check out the video below for a closer look at our new furry friend.


This pet has DYEABLE Parka and Boots! 😀

Polar Fox pet card

General Information

polar foxBalance School Pet
Pedigree = 61

The Polar Fox Pet Gives one Bladestorm card at Baby, two at Ancient, and three at Mega. 

Strength = 210
Intellect = 205
Agility = 205
Will = 210
Power = 230 


Gene Pool 

polar fox pet statsPolar Fox pet derby talents






 Talents Found

Slot 1 is: Sharp-Eye

Slot 2 is: Unstoppable (Item card)

Slot 3 is: Pain-Bringer

Slot 4 is: Steadfast (Selfish)

Slot 5 is: Sharp (Selfish)

Slot 6 is: Rugged

Slot 7 is: Ace Avenger (May Cast Vengeance)

Slot 8 is: Canny (Selfish)

Slot 9 is:  Critical Striker

Slot 10 is: Hex (May Cast Hex)

Information for Slots 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 are from the W101C Wiki.

For all you Derby Wizards.

Slot 1 is: Clear

Slot 2 is: Banana Peel

Slot 3 is: Bananas

Slot 4 is: Stumble-On

Slot 5 is: Baffle

Slot 6 is: Big Recovery

Slot 7 is: Mega-Boost

Slot 8 is: Unbreakable

Slot 9 is: Shush!

Slot 10 is: Flummox

Information for Slots 1, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10 are from the W101C Wiki.



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  1. Jack Dragonshield says:

    Love the dye options 🙂
    This pet is really nice for a change, as we are granted options, and I think the Bladestorm Item Card should make a good impact on Team PvP, and all the better since it gives more Spells as it progresses.Looking forward to hatching with one of these 🙂

  2. david ruby heaven says:

    sweet i want one has a really great pedigree

  3. Derby Talent slot 2 is Banana Peel. 🙂

  4. Kestrel DragonHeart says:

    Love!! Must have!!!

  5. Merciless Jean Percy says:

    I wonder what type of noise it makes… what does this fox actually say… lol.

  6. i like the new trend of cards gaining multiples of their utility cards as they age, makes them really powerful and a lot more handy, or desirable as the pets themselves rather than just a canister for may casts and various other pet talents

  7. Celestial Wanderer says:

    Aww. It’s really cute. I got the Rescue Rover from a hatch and I know I’ll be getting the Polar Fox the same way. Quick Question: Are there several versions of the pet in the Crown Shop or is it dye-able? Haven’t had any dye-able pets for awhile.

  8. this is random, but do you guys have any idea why pvp is currently unavailable?

    • Psylent Night says:

      There’s no “official” announcement that KI released, though our best guess–and i stress guess–is perhaps the glitch fix. At least we hope it is.

      • Well I’m at a loss lol. What glitch can they perhaps be fixing?

        • Psylent Night says:

          lol well its either that match glitch that kept people from losing rank (as far as I hear, it’s still going on), but they might be fixing the leaderboard for all the high rank glitch abusers.

          Idk though, just throwing out guesses really 😛

          • I think that you are right. I checked the message boards under PvP where Diego posted his message, and the last reply was from professor Greyrose saying that the issue has been resolved.

  9. Number one, ACE AVENGER!!!!!!! I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!
    Number 2, how are you people finding all these talents so instantly o;

  10. Maybe Christmas Spirit, don’t fight others and be nice (not say noob in a really offensive way).

  11. Anyone hatch this with me?

  12. Blaze Raven says:

    Ooh, a dye-able crowns pet. I also like the trend of multiple item cards we’ve had recently.

  13. David ShadowHunter says:

    Head over to the Hatch-a-palooza post to schedule a hatch with the new polar fox!!! http://www.duelist101.com/other-w101-guides/w101-pet-guides/hatch-a-palooza/

  14. angus light says:

    hey you guys pvp is down for today so lets head to avalon outer yard any realm i’ll pass the word

  15. Logan Legenthief says:

    So… is it hatch-able? and is it gold/crown pet?

  16. Sophia LegendShard says:

    Hi guys. I’m am wanting to hatch with this pet so if you have a Fox, hatch with me. My coldfire dragon has may cast healing current, 9% resistant also known as spell defying, and 2% pierce with a pedigree of 71. If you are willing to hatch this Fox with my dragon than reply and we can meet. Offer ends next week. I’ll have to get more gold.

  17. What does the fox say?

  18. Amber Wendy Park Puckett says:

    Question: I am a level 95 balance wizard. I have played for 3 years and it seems that every balance pet KI brings to light lacks the healing talent, spell block and defy. Is there a reason for these missing traits?? I can get them from hatching with other schools, but this causes pet healing failure in pvp rather often. For example, my squirrel is the first balance pet to ever heal, but if I am battling storm, ice, or fire it will not heal at all. So, I hatched it with a death for round too. Then it failed to heal against life, ice, or storm. Can we please have a pet KI for balance that isn’t a complete mess and that I don’t have to mix with another schools blood line??

    • i don’t think it is your pet failing to heal, but rather your own luck. also i might add, it seems the longer i have a pet equipped, the more it heals…and in pvp…well, they tend to heal less often, keep in mind how they are triggered…by damages, if your only hit once or twice in the whole match and only hit once or twice, its a lot less likely to heal you(at least sprite)…basically the pets element has little to do with its talents, and more of them balancing the pets, with a few pets having rarer talents… there just hasnt been a lot of balance pets, and a majority of them have been more so made to cater to other schools….honestly very few pets in general have healing talents or universal resist…

      • Amber Wendy Park Puckett says:

        That maybe the issue with the new higher resist to balance on all gear it might possibly be the reason my pets are stalling out. Hum? What to do to correct this though? It isn’t the lack of attack because I hit every 2 to 4 rounds as allowed by pips.

      • Amber Wendy Park Puckett says:

        Matches usually tend to last from 2 to 8 rounds now also 😀

    • Listen to Garrett there..he’s right.And I don’t think there will be any first gen pets with defy anymore. I’ve heard that defy was added by accident (and that’s why no new pets will have it). I forgot where I heard it from..maybe Central?

  19. how long will this pet be around in the crown shop?

  20. I got another eyecaramba when I hatched with this pet (friend was nice enough to hatch with me), new pedigree shot up from 70 to 77 and has six epic talents, I cannot wait till I get that sweet pet turned into a polar fox. Ultimate USEFULNESS: CUTE AND INDESTRUCTIBLE FORCE OF NATURE MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. ahem, sorry I am a crazy person, and the bladestorms will be useful.

  21. Kimberly says:

    Will this pet be back at the crown shop during Christmas? I really want it ):

  22. DomixFifty says:

    I love polar fox , have one myself 🙂