Wizard101 New Khrysalis Pets

New Khrysalis Pets!!

 Dropped Pets, Level 98 Pets, and Hybrids!

new pets

Three new pets drop from bosses in the Khrysalis part two update: Fennec Fox, Finned Assassin, and Pesky Beetle. Click below to reveal the features found on the pets.

Wizard101 also released brand new school pets. These pets can make colorful hybrids.  In addition to the talents, each pet gives cards as it levels up.  One at Baby, two at Adult and three at Epic. The card at epic is a specialty damage card for the pet. Each section below shows the pet, the known cards at each stage, the known talents,  and the spell quest once recorded.

You can read more in the Test Realm Notes. Duelist will be adding more pet and quest information as we find out the details.

Dropped Pets


Finned Assassin

mass-infection-spellFinned Assassinfinned-assassin-cut-out

Duelist Author Nick received a Finned Assassin from a quest upon the Beast! Toward the end of the voyage across the Starfall Sea, Nick and Heather defeated multiple Rank 13 Storm bosses at +14,680 health.

The Deep Spawn drop the Finned Assassin Pet. It gives one Mass Infection. (It does not increase as it levels to Mega. Thanks Alejandro SilverHeart!)


  • Slot 1 Death Striker
  • Slot 2 Vengeance (Vengeance Spell Card)
  • Slot 3 Death Sniper
  • Slot 4 Pain Bringer
  • Slot 5 Astute
  • Slot 6 Tenacious
  • Slot 7 Critical Hitter
  • Slot 8 Death-Dealer
  • Slot 9 Death Ward
  • Slot 10 Cure Crusher (May cast “Infection”)

Strength 190, Intellect 210, Agility 190, Will 210, Power 165

Pesky Beetle



Pesky Beetle

The Pesky Beetle drops from the final Morganthe boss fight. Pesky Beetle comes with an Infection card at baby. As it levels it gains the Death Trap at Adult, then the Death Scarab card at Epic.


  • Slot 1 Pip O’Plenty
  • Slot 2 Death Sniper
  • Slot 3 Pain Giver
  • Slot 4 Virulence
  • Slot 5 Eager
  • Slot 6 Rugged
  • Slot 7 Canny
  • Slot 8 Death Proof
  • Slot 9 Mana Bounty
  • Slot 10 Cure Crusher (May Cast “Infection” Spell)

fennec_foxFennec Fox is found in the Black Hole, The Hive. Read more in our feature article.

Level 98 School Pets

Wizards may now receive school pet quests as they reach level 98.  You must first complete your level 78 school pet quest. If you meet both of those conditions, speak to your school professor to begin the new quest and obtain your pet.


Lord of Winter (Ice)

Lord of Winter – Ice

Gives 1 Card: Iceblade (at Baby), Balefrost (at Adult), Lord of Winter (at Epic)


  • Slot 1 Healthy
  • Slot 2 Ice Dealer
  • Slot 3 Ice Ward
  • Slot 4 Steadfast
  • Slot 5 Rugged
  • Slot 6 Canny
  • Slot 7 (Ultra rare)
  • Slot 8 Icespear
  • Slot 9 Health Gift
  • Slot 10 Sleet Storm

Strength 210, Intellect 195, Agility 235, Will 210, Power 210

Lord of Winter Pet Quest Video


Deep Leviathan (Storm)

Deep Leviathan – Storm

Gives 1 Card: Stormblade(at Baby), Disarm(at Adult), Leviathan(at Epic)


  • Slot 1 Healthy
  • Slot 2 May Cast “Stormspear”
  • Slot 3 (Uncommon)
  • Slot 4 Rugged
  • Slot 5 Canny
  • Slot 6 Galvanic Field
  • Slot 7 Storm Ward
  • Slot 8 Health Gift
  • Slot 9 Storm Dealer
  • Slot 10 Storm Striker

Strength 235, Intellect 210, Agility 210, Will 195, Power 210

Deep Leviathan Pet Quest Video



Li'l Medusa (Myth)

Li’l Medusa – Myth

Gives 1 Card: Mythblade(at Baby), Blinding Light(at Adult), Medusa(at Epic)


  • Slot 1 Healthy
  • Slot 2 Mythspear
  • Slot 3 (Uncommon)
  • Slot 4 Rugged
  • Slot 5 Reliquary
  • Slot 6 (Uncommon)
  • Slot 7 Health Gift
  • Slot 8 (Ultra rare)
  • Slot 9 Myth Striker
  • Slot 10 Myth Dealer

Strength 192, Intellect 210, Agility 210, Will 235, Power 210

Li’l Medusa Quest Video


Sun Serpent (Fire)

Sun Serpent – Fire

Gives 1 Card: Fireblade(at Baby), Fuel(at Adult), Sun Serpent(at Epic)


  • Slot 1 Furnace
  • Slot 2 Healthy
  • Slot 3 Fire Striker
  • Slot 4 Firespear
  • Slot 5 Steadfast
  • Slot 6 Rugged
  • Slot 7 Canny
  • Slot 8 Health Gift
  • Slot 9 Fire Ward
  • Slot 10 Fire Dealer

Strength 210, Intellect 235, Agility 195, Will 210, Power 210

Sun Serpent Quest Video


Sabertooth (Balance)

Sabertooth – Balance

Gives 1 Card: Balanceblade (at Baby), Spirit Shield(at Adult), Sabertooth(at Epic)


  • Slot 1 Healthy
  • Slot 2 Balance Striker
  • Slot 3 Balance Dealer
  • Slot 4 Balance Ward
  • Slot 5 Punishment
  • Slot 6 Balancespear
  • Slot 7 Steadfast
  • Slot 8 Rugged
  • Slot 9 Canny
  • Slot 10 Health Gift

Strength 250, Intellect 200, Agility 200, Will 210, Power 240

Sabertooth Pet Quest Video


Dryad (Life)

Dryad – Life

Gives 1 Card: Lifeblade (at Baby), Sprite Swarm(at Adult), Hamadryad(at Epic)


  • Slot 1 Healthy
  • Slot 2 Life Striker
  • Slot 3 Lifespear (May Cast)
  • Slot 4 Steadfast
  • Slot 5 Rugged
  • Slot 6 Canny
  • Slot 7 Health Gift
  • Slot 8 Life Ward
  • Slot 9 Life Bringer
  • Slot 10 Cycle of Life (May Cast)

Strength 200, Intellect 200, Agility 220, Will 220, Power 220

Dryad Pet Quest Video


Avenging Fossil (Death)

Avenging Fossil – Death

Gives 1 Card: Deathblade (at Baby), Feint(at Adult), Avenging(at Epic)


  • Slot 1 Death Striker
  • Slot 2 Healthy
  • Slot 3 Deathspear
  • Slot 4 Virulence
  • Slot 5 Steadfast
  • Slot 6 Rugged
  • Slot 7 Canny
  • Slot 8 Health Gift
  • Slot 9 Death Dealer
  • Slot 10 Death Ward

Strength 245, Intellect 210, Agility 200, Will 220, Power 230

Avenging Fossil Pet Quest Video


New Hybrids


New Hybrids emerge!

These new hybrids are based off the new level 98 school pets.  They also give cards along with talents as they level up.  We will add more information here as we get it!

New Hybrid

Dryad Hybrids

Burning Dryad

Mix between Sun Serpent (Fire) and Dryad (Life)
Gives 1 Card: Triage(at Baby), Link(at Adult), Hamadryad(at Epic)



Windswept Dryad

Mix between Leviathan (Storm) and Dryad (Life)
Gives 1 Card: Guidance(at Baby), Healing Current(at Adult), Hamadryad(at Epic)



Rotting Dryad

Mix between Avenging Fossil (Death) and Dryad (Life)
Gives 1 Card: Legend Shield(at Baby), Sacrifice(at Adult), Hamadryad(at Epic)



Avenging Fossil Hybrids

Charred Fossil

Mix between Sun Serpent (Fire) and Avenging Fossil (Death)
Gives 1 Card: Dark Pact(at Baby), Steal Charm(at Adult), Avenging Fossil(at Epic)


Crystalline Fossil

Mix between Lord of Winter (Ice) and Avenging Fossil (Death)
Gives 1 Card: Plague(at Baby), Steal Ward(at Adult), Avenging Fossil(at Epic)


Reanimated Fossil

Mix between Avenging Fossil (Death) and Sabertooth (Balance)
Gives 1 Card: Curse(at Baby), Weakness(at Adult), Avenging Fossil(at Epic)


Lord of Winter Hybrids

Lord of Spring

Mix between Lord of Winter (Ice) and Leviathan (Storm)
Gives 1 Card: Volcanic Shield(at Baby), Darkwind(at Adult), Lord of Winter(at Epic)



Lord of Autumn

Mix between Sabertooth (Balance) and Lord of Winter (Ice)
Gives 1 Card: Tower Shield(at Baby), Power Play(at Adult), Lord of Winter(at Epic)



Lord of Summer

Mix between Lord of Winter (Ice) and Sun Serpent (Fire)
Gives 1 Card: Ice Prism(at Baby), Wildfire(at Adult), Lord of Winter(at Epic)



Leviathan Hybrids

Chaos Leviathan

Mix between Leviathan (Storm) and Avenging Fossil (Death)
Gives 1 Card: Lightning Strike(at Baby), Infection(at Adult), Leviathan(at Epic)


Eternal Leviathan

Mix between Leviathan (Storm) and Dryad (Life)
Gives 1 Card: Cleanse Charm(at Baby), Guiding Light(at Adult), Leviathan(at Epic)



Dreaming Leviathan

Mix between Medusa (Myth) and Leviathan (Storm)
Gives 1 Card: Storm Prism(at Baby), Pierce(at Adult), Leviathan(at Epic)


Sun Serpent Hybrids

Tree Serpent

Mix between Sun Serpent (Fire) and Dryad (Life)
Gives 1 Card: Choke(at Baby), Life Fuel(at Adult), Sun Serpent(at Epic)


Fabled Serpent

Mix between Sun Serpent (Fire) and Medusa (Myth)
Gives 1 Card: Choke(at Baby), Myth Fuel(at Adult), Sun Serpent(at Epic)



Medusa Hybrid

Fulminating Medusa

Mix between Medusa (Myth) and Leviathan (Storm)
Gives 1 Card: Myth Prism(at Baby), Sap Power(at Adult), Medusa(at Epic)


Poised Medusa

Mix between Medusa (Myth) and Sabertooth (Balance)
Gives 1 Card: Stun(at Baby), Spirit Blade(at Adult), Medusa(at Epic)


Shivering Medusa

Mix between Medusa (Myth) and Lord of Winter (Ice)
Gives 1 Card: Cleanse Ward(at Baby), Freeze(at Adult), Medusa(at Epic)


Sabertooth Hybrid

Wild Sabertooth

Mix between Sabertooth (Balance) and Dryad (Life)
Gives 1 Card: Bladestorm(at Baby), Sanctuary(at Adult), Sabertooth(at Epic)


Mystic Sabertooth

Mix between Sabertooth (Balance) and Medusa (Myth)
Gives 1 Card: Sap Health(at Baby), Time of Legend(at Adult), Sabertooth(at Epic)



Forlorn Sabertooth

Mix between Sabertooth (Balance) and Avenging Fossil (Death)
Gives 1 Card: Hex(at Baby), Doom and Gloom(at Adult), Sabertooth(at Epic)


Frostfang Sabertooth

Mix between Sabertooth (Balance) and Lord of Winter (Ice)
Gives 1 Card: Elemental Blade(at Baby), Elemental Shield(at Adult), Sabertooth(at Epic)



Have you seen other pets or have additional information?  Let us know in the comments below. List the exact name of your pet, the cards you received, the talents/slots you received, and/or provide a picture.  We will gladly add the information so everyone can see it! Together we can make an awesome guide 😀

A HUGE thank you to all of the Duelist101 readers in the comments and others who provided us with early information. (Special thanks to Alejandro Silverheart, Sheldon Cooper, Johnny(JCentral!), Corwin Frog, Alexander LionHeart, Kelsey FireHeart, ScarletDragon, Alura SilverDust, Patrick WaterSlinger, Valkoor SilverBlood, Seethe42, and Liam for the pet pictures.)

Happy Farming!

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  1. Uh, yes! Johnny from Wizard101Central made a youtube video about the new Deep Leviathan Pet! So gonna hunt it down and hatch with it once I find it ☺

  2. O_O I LOVE U KI

  3. o. o… that hybrid is a hybrid of a saber… my school pet

  4. Aaron S. says:

    I’m so glad that levy is finally a pet! Since levy was invented, it has always been the most awe inspiring spell in the whole game…I swear I will hound the hybrid (I’m ice) and once I’ve pinned it down, I’ll hog it for myself lol.

    • Luke DH says:

      Well i’m glad someone likes the levy pet -.- still feel kinda screwed that storm myth and life get their lvl 58 spell as a pet while the rest get the cool azteca lvl 88 ones. I would have liked storm owl or a catalan pet instead of leviathan. I’ve seen a sea snake pet though…looks just like levy

  5. I see all of the pet, include hybid, it leaked on youtube before the game released

  6. Igor Efimov says:

    Let’s hope for those of us who have worked hard to get to level 98, no selfish talents on any of the new pets please!

  7. Yeah, the Saber is a hybrid, KI said something about it on Twitter and it obviously looks like a Sabertooth-Avenging Fossil hybrid.

  8. SethPvP says:

    Hey, guys, the leviathan pet has may cast storm spear as a talent!

  9. So no new rank 11 school spells? 🙁

    • Laurel Balanceblade says:

      The pips we can have at most is 14 pips if we have a new spell every update then… you can guess

  10. Greedy Samuel Templeton says:

    Those pets look so cute! I can’t wait to get the level 98 pets for my Storm and Life wizard! (Let’s hope that they come with good talents :D)

  11. Greg krausz says:


  12. Saw this pet in test. I guess school pets will give their school star spells.. Like leviathan will give galvanic field maycast?

  13. Also, in the test realm, you can no longer equip a mount in pet pavilion. Seems like It is now counted as an indoor area.

  14. New Pets 😀

    • Cody DragonRider says:

      O.o? Alicia FireSword!!! She’s my friend O>O

    • Good thing they did not give item cards such as lord of the winter on the pets, now hopefully the rank 10 tc are none tradable…..

      • We don’t know what they get at epic yet.. soooo, you’re not in the clear quite yet.

        • Aww, if they do have rank 10 item card(s), hopefully its attack is like the normal version or lower than that.

        • According to this post, Some duelists actually defeated Morganthe, Does that mean this world is finally the end of Morganthe Arc and There are no details about her health, school or something on here?

          • Alexander Lionheart finished the final dungeon… twice. I’m not sure about the storyline. Pretty sure there are videos of it up on youtube from various people though.

          • Yes Morganthe stands on glass and she gets fat with shadow magic and falls through, then the old cob guy is the new villian supposably, at the end he mentions 3 worlds he’s going to, and the last words ambrose say are there are more adventures to come

          • o. o

      • I’m hoping that the rank 10 TC are at LEAST auction able..or else it might be too hard to get. Plus I hate those no auction/trade tcs that I have lol.

        • Yeah as long as level 80’s (or level 88) can get and no one below that can get it, I’m fine with that.

    • Finally a pet with triage card o:

    • the beetle got may cast infection at ancient. im willing to take it to mega

      • Kenzie Rain says:

        Please do and please let me know if the infection gets more then one card or not. As well as what the Derby talents are too.

        Thanks Tyler 🙂

        • The “Infection” trait is a may cast. The pet cast the spell at will meaning there are no item cards involved here.

      • Fully Automatic Necromancer says:

        I wouldn’t take it to mega with that selfish talent on it.

  15. Lord of Autumn, hybrid of sabertooth and lord of winter pets.

  16. Anthony FireSword says:

    Just wondering, but does anyone know what card the sun serpent (or the avenging fossil, lord of winter, and medusa) pet gives? Dryad gives a triage, leviathan a stormblade, sabertooth a balanceblade, so I’m curious what the others give.

    • We’ve observed that these pets gain more cards as they level. So it’ll be a bit before we know what all they actually give.

  17. APBladeX says:

    The Ice pet “Lord of Knight” is supposed to be “Lord of Winter”. The Lord of Knight I believe is a hybrid, not the original version.

  18. While You Read My Name I Took says:

    Way to go KI! If you put item cards on the lvl 98 pets then that is sure to make mid level PvP MUCH better! Good job 😀 (sarcasm)

    • By the time a magus gets ten pips they’ll either be dead or their hit will do nothing due to shielding and weakness spam

  19. That Levy picture is not the original, that’s probably a hybrid between the Leviathan and Avenging Fossil. The real Leviathan is definitely purple.

  20. APBladeX says:

    Leviathan HYBRIDS
    Mix between Storm Leviathan and Death Leviathan

    Life Serpent
    Mix between Sun Serpent (Fire) and Dryad (Life)

    ^ should be in Sun Serpent/Dryad section ^

  21. ThestormWiz says:

    I think you made a mistake on the Levi hybrid you said “Mix between storm leviathan and death leviathan” don’t you mean “mix between storm leviathan and avenging fossil pet”?

  22. The Hybrid of Leviathan and Dryad is called Windswept Dryad.Also I found this picture on another fansite, Hybrid of Leviathan and Dryad is called Eternal Leviathan.

    • Kenzie Rain says:

      Thank you for this picture Liam. Which fansite was it on, so I can give credit to them as well.

      • it was on starsofthespirals, Also the name of Hybrid pf Leviathan and dryad needs update in the post.

  23. wolf dragonrider says:

    can i plz be apart of this website i wanna be a duelist too 🙁 i always wanted to join like be a staff or something plz im very smart! D:

  24. wertasis19 says:

    still no medusa hybrids :/

  25. Jasmine FireBlade says:

    All the pets look pretty awesome. I wonder if theres maybe an ice dryad?

  26. Hybrid of Medusa and Leviathan.

  27. Maria Kyriakakos says:

    Unsure if this is at all helpful

  28. Found some in the hatchery 🙂

  29. Patrick Waterslinger says:

    Here Are Some Other Pets Heather!
    1) Sun Serpent Pet
    2) Li’l Medusa
    1) Reanimated Fossil (Death + Balance)
    2) Poised Medusa (Myth + Fire)
    3) Fabled Serpent (Fire + Ice)


  30. Patrick Waterslinger says:

    1) Sabertooth
    1) Wild Sabertooth (Balance + Life)
    2) Mystic Sabertooth (Balance + Myth)
    3) Lord Of Summer (Ice + Fire)
    4) Forlord Sabertooth (Balance + Death)


    • Right now, I’m thinking I’m gonna look pretty awesome with a Sabertooth standing next to me in the arena. 😀

      • Logan LegendThief says:

        Hahahahaha…. We think alike! 😀

        I am so getting all the hybrids for all the pets… (even if it takes me a year…)
        I must have the sabertooths though! THEY ARE MINE!!!!!

      • Warning! Warning! Check his numberings again…he did 1, 1, 2, 3, then 4. No wonder, that Sabertooth hybrid in the Saber section didn’t make any sense. You need to double check this article for what makes sense. I almost guarantee you that whatever pet your hatching with, it will look like either of the parents in physical form, but not in color or details.

      • Alex Thunderstaff says:

        You would also look awesome with me right next to you 😀 x shrinks down and puts on saber tooth costume and goes right next to azoresgirl x

    • Kenzie Rain says:

      Thank you for these Patrick, nice! Will update these, keep them coming.

  31. Isaiah HawkHaven says:

    is there a death hybrid of the lord of winter? like i know the avenging fossil is like blue and black, but what about that lord of winter?

    • Patrick Waterslinger says:

      I Don’t Think So.

      • purple fury says:

        i think there are hybrids of every schools on all school pets, seeing that there is a storm hybrid medusa and a myth hybrid leviathan that you both can get trough the same hatch (medusa with leviathan)

    • Kenzie Rain says:

      Not that we have seen just yet.

  32. Jack Frost says:

    I just realized. The Medusa pet gets a 7 pip Medusa card that does 785 and double stun, but balance is getting a Sabertooth spell card on their pet that does 700-775 damage plus spirit shield for 10 pips? KI really hates the balance school, not the first time they tried to screw us over either.

    • The Operator says:

      You sound suspiciously like that guy on the shift spells page screaming about KI ‘screwing over balance’…
      And honestly please stop complaining that balance is being forgotten and nerfed, at the top level they are probably the best, easiest school to do well with, due to their variety of amazing spells such as Loremaster, Supernova, Mana Burn, etc….

  33. Maria Kyriakakos says:

    Four mixes of dryad and medusa, no dice. What I did see: (Not sure if I put any duplicates; it’s hard for me to see the attachments).

  34. sirskulley says:

    I’m sorry but lord of summer is a lord of winter hybrid not sabertooth

  35. Found a new sabertooth hybrid! Its called Frostfang.
    (note: this is not my pet, however I assume that it is a hybrid)

  36. Patrick Waterslinger says:

    1) Frostfang Sabertooth (Balance + Ice)
    2) Tree Serpent (This Picture has already been posted but this version is more clear and the name was wrong) (Fire + Life)
    3) Dreaming Leviathan (Storm + Myth)
    1) Deep Leviathan (Same With this pet, It has already been posted but this is a more clear version and better.
    2) Dryad
    3) Avenging Fossil


  37. alicia firesword says:

    Got this from friend. its a crown drop pet name fennec fox. 🙂

  38. James Earthwalker says:

    Dryad… I WANT U!!! O:

  39. Just a thought;
    Fabled Serpent is probably a Medusa/Sun Serpent mix. Fables are basically myths, so it would make sense. I cannot confirm this, but it sounds right.

  40. Jeffrey Shadowglade says:

    I don’t think the Fabled Serpent (the Sun Serpent hybrid) is a mix of Lord of Winter. Put the puzzle pieces together; myth fuel card, may cast myth pierce, the colors, and the name especially. Fables are essentially myths.

  41. sirskulley says:

    now that’s interesting looking at the hybrid of pets they have different item cards as well as the talents with the pets they hatched with

  42. redeyes5098 says:

    some of the stats for the tree serpent and fossil

  43. Patrick Waterslinger says:

    1) Avenging Fossil Stats/Information
    2) Reanimated Fossil Stats/Information
    3) Rotting Dryad Stats/Information + Clear Picture
    4) Mystic Sabertooth Stats/Information
    5) Poised Medusa Stats/Information
    6) Tree Serpent Stats/Information
    7) Dreaming Leviathan Stats/Information
    8) Eternal Leviathan Stats/Information
    9) Lord Of Spring Stats/Information
    10) Lord Of Summer Stats/Information
    Clear Pictures:
    1) Tree Serpent
    2) Dreaming Leviathan
    3) Chaos Leviathan = Stats/Information: UNKNOWN
    4) Deep Leviathan


  44. i’m gonna assume based on the fact that most of the sun serpent mixes are getting school specific fuels for example the life one is getting a life fuel(tree serpent) that the fabled serpent is a mix between li’l medusa and sun serpent and not lord of winter despite the blue color.(i could be wrong but i’m just assuming that a pet with no myth parents shouldnt have a myth fuel)

  45. i’m loving the size of the pets

  46. Blaze MeOut says:

    Wow I like how the schools affect what cards the hybrid gets

  47. Patrick Waterslinger says:


  48. seethe42 says:

    Poised Medusa (Myth/Balance) gives Stun card at Baby and Spirit Blade at Adult. I ran out of crowns to keep training past ancient, will let you know Monday the rest.

  49. Hmmm, hard decision here. Go with the first gen saber, or hunt down the hybrids till the end of the earth?

  50. seethe42 says:

    Fabled Serpent is Myth Medusa and Fire Sun Serpent

  51. seethe42 says:

    Pesky Beetle 1st gen to Epic. Loves Captain Cantaloupe btw.

  52. Valkoor SilverBlood says:

    some new info

  53. Valkoor SilverBlood says:

    and some more

  54. Justin Covert says:

    1. Chaos Leviathan (Storm/Death)
    2. Eternal Leviathan (Storm/Life)
    3. Dreaming Leviathan (Storm/Myth

    1. Lord of Spring (Ice/Storm)
    2. Lord of Summer (Ice/Fire)
    3. Lord of Autumn (Ice/Balance)

    1. Tree Serpent (Fire/Life)
    2. Fabled Serpent (Fire/Myth)

    1. Fluminating Medusa (Myth/Storm)
    2. Poised Medusa (Myth/Balance)
    3. Shivering Medusa (Myth/Ice)

    1. Burning Dryad (Life/Fire)
    2. Rotting Dryad (Life/Death)
    3. Windswept Dryad (Life/Storm)

    1. Reanimated Fossil (Death/Balance)
    2. Charred Fossil (Death/Fire)
    3. Crystalline Fossil (Death/Ice)

    1. Forlorn Sabertooth (Balance/Death)
    2. Mystic Sabertooth (Balance/Myth)
    3. Wild Sabertooth (Balance/Life)
    4. Frostfang (Balance/Ice)

    some of your new pet (2 hybrid out one pet) seem more like: Advanced Hybrid? o.o lol (Just saying that because pirate101 new update! lol

  55. Justin Covert says:

    1. Chaos Leviathan (Storm/Death)
    2. Eternal Leviathan (Storm/Life)
    3. Dreaming Leviathan (Storm/Myth

    1. Lord of Spring (Ice/Storm)
    2. Lord of Summer (Ice/Fire)
    3. Lord of Autumn (Ice/Balance)

    1. Tree Serpent (Fire/Life)
    2. Fabled Serpent (Fire/Myth)

    1. Fluminating Medusa (Myth/Storm)
    2. Poised Medusa (Myth/Balance)
    3. Shivering Medusa (Myth/Ice)

    1. Burning Dryad (Life/Fire)
    2. Rotting Dryad (Life/Death)
    3. Windswept Dryad (Life/Storm)

    1. Reanimated Fossil (Death/Balance)
    2. Charred Fossil (Death/Fire)
    3. Crystalline Fossil (Death/Ice)

    1. Forlorn Sabertooth (Balance/Death)
    2. Mystic Sabertooth (Balance/Myth)
    3. Wild Sabertooth (Balance/Life)
    4. Frostfang (Balance/Ice)

    some of your new pet (2 hybrid out one pet) seem more like: Advanced Hybrid? o.o

  56. purple fury says:

    does any1 know the third cards the dryad pets give? i think it will be either dryad or flowering dryad but i wanna be sure

  57. purple fury says:

    shouldnt they update the cards given by pesky beetle? it says it is unknown if it gives multyple infection cards but there is a picture in comments where it has 1 infection and a death trap card

  58. This has been updated to reflect the latest contributions from the comments. Thx!

  59. Justin DeathCaster says:

    sorry to sound like a noob, bu where would i get these pet the easiest way?

  60. Justin DeathCaster says:

    and let say i have a normal pet, like dragon, if i hatch with one of the new pets, will i get the pet, or just another dragon?

  61. Cody Nightblade says:

    My favorite new hybrids are the fabled serpent and charred fossil O_O

  62. Lord of Winter at adult 😀 might take it to ancient, not sure yet.

  63. Got my new ice pet on live, so far what it got at adult. 😀

  64. Ok so hatched my Lord of Winter with a First Generation Sun Serpent and got the Lord of Summer Hybrid. It gave Ice Prism at Baby and 35% Wyldfire card at Adult.

  65. Here’s several pets 😀 Some of the pictures are just better versions of ones above, older pets. Got all of these when I was hunting a Leviathan to hatch with, found several, none willing to hatch. Took hours until I gave up.

  66. The Forlon Sabertooth looks sick!

  67. Theres a new fox, forgot the name.

  68. purple fury says:

    there are new pictures again, please update old ones

  69. MatthewGoldheart says:

    Galvanic Field on my Leviathan pet

  70. purple fury says:

    btw i got info, third card of dryad pet is following wikipedia something called hamadryad (given at epic), but it doesnt give any other info on the card… does any1 else has more info on it?

    • From my understanding it is a 7pip Dryad that heals for 800 and remove one damage over time for everyone.

  71. Justin Firethief says:

    I just found this new talent in my dryad! May Cast Cycle Of Life! Should I keep leveling it?

  72. fallon wild says:

    a fennec fox

  73. Scot hexeyes says:

    what if you hatch a sun serpent with a sabertooth

    • there is no hybrid for sun serpent mixed with a sabertooth, you will get either the sun serpent or a sabertooth back.

  74. Mike Serrano says:

    I just found out if you hatch with a wild sabertooth and a sun serpent you get the tree serpent pet.

  75. Christina says:

    any one with a fire serpent hybrid want to hatch with my fennec fox, fragmented dragon, magma colossus, or myth saber tooth? Gets annoying when people crowed in hatchery lol.

    Christina angleflower lvl 90 ice

  76. Savannah says:

    Hey anyone got a fossil? Meet my in realm bartleby, I got a dryad with fairy, healing current, sprite, and +26. Critical, thanks anyone!


  77. Cameron Lotusmender says:

    i saw a few pets get their own spell at epic. i know storm and fire do idk about the other. the dryad gets sprite swarm at ancient i think. sprites for hole team, anyone else got anything?

    • Dryad gives Hamadryad at epic, 7 pip 800 heal and remove a DoT from the person it’s casted on.

      • purple fury says:

        its seriously underpowered dryad giving that satyr heals 860 for only 4 pips and the fact that the triage spell (removing a dot from target) is a 0 pip spell… while this dryad heals 800 for 7 pips they should either make the pip cost lower, increase the heal or lower the heal a bit and make it a group spell (like sprite swarm)


  79. Balance101 says:

    Funny how the Finned Assasin is a recolored version of the Piranha Hunter…

    • Don’t forget the Wetland Hunter.

      • Balance101 says:

        A-what-a? I haven’t been to this part of the game yet, Duelist and YouTube are where my info comes from. Did you make an a article on that?

        • There’s another version of that pet, it’s available at a pet vendor in Celestia. The Wetland Hunter.

  80. Here ya go 😀 Seems like the Leviathan pets give the same Leviathan you’ll find on the Betta Fish.

  81. I’ve hatched for so many Deep Leviathan, I think it was 4 or 5, and ALL of them were fails. No Deep Levy for me 🙁 That’s some serious bad luck.

  82. Cody Nightblade says:

    Is it just me, or do all the level 98 pets (Including hybrids) give spells at epic, according to their appearance? Ex. Leviathan pet looks like a miniature leviathan from the spell leviathan, Lord of Winter pet looks like a miniature Lord of Winter from the spell lord of winter… etc.
    More Questions:
    Where does the “may cast chastisement” come from?
    Does the Sabertooth (First Generation) have “may cast chastisement?” If not, where does it come from? (I thought I saw may cast Chastisement in the Hatchery)?
    Does anyone know why these level 98 first generation pets had no specific school requirement to use that pet? I thought they added the school requirement just before it went live, to present the challenge of a good off-school pet being equipped, as rewarded from a quest.
    Does anyone know the hatch cost for any of the seven first generation level 98 pets? This will help predict how much someone will need to know so they can hatch and try to get one of the school-limited pets of this section. I found a slot for “Hatch Cost:” and then it said a number of gold needed. After that it said “(Total hatch cost for hatching is the sum of the two pets used to hatch)” or something like that. When the hatch cost for each of the first generation level 98 pets is found, I suppose you can guess the hatch cost for using a hybrid of the level 98 pets (take half of the total hatch cost of the two pets used to make that hybrid), so people who might want to collect all (or some) hybrids made from this section of pets (level 98) could find out how much gold is needed to hatch for a possibility to get that specific pet.

    If anyone can answer to my questions (Please do if you have an idea or estimation/educated guess), that would be brilliant. Otherwise, I have nothing to add but to say that this was a brilliant guide to read, with many ideas being formed as I read this article (sorry for a very long post O_O)

    • 60,000 gold is the standard gold for any hatch you thought way too hard about it lol, yes all of the first gens have may cast aura spells for their respective schools (so chastisement is from sabertooth) and yes at epic each pet gives a cheap version of itself its not just you in regards to school specific idk but it doesn’t matter too much honestly

      • Um, no. To hatch with a REALLY good pet is slightly less than 50,000, and your average hatch is usually around the upper 30,000s.

  83. If Myth got a pet Celestial Calendar, that would be the BEST xD

  84. Shadowpurity says:

    Love the new pets! The Hybrids are so cool!

  85. Shadowpurity says:

    I also love the leviathan pet! Travel Size!

  86. Ryan Shore says:

    -alejandro silverheart. couldnt remember my account lol

  87. Ryan Shore says:

    epic charred fossil

  88. chaos leviathan, tower shield is a talent

  89. mega deep leviathan

  90. adult burning dryad

  91. epic windswept dryad

  92. Woo Thanks so much Alejandro Silverheart! I’ll get those updated today.

  93. WilliamD says:

    is there a mix between the lkeviathan and the sun serpent?

  94. Quick note under charred fossil: The description does not match the picture of the cards the charred fossil has.

  95. Scot hexeyes says:

    Wow after the khrysalis part 2 update in UK I will be exalted fire with balance exalted amulet,savage paw,loremaster,krampus,sabertooth:D

  96. fulminating says unknown even though it says sap power in the picture?

    • purple fury says:

      i knew there where other pictures wrong lol someone update fulminating medusa

  97. I have hatched six times now, and each time I have gotten a
    Lord of Autumn, hybrid of sabertooth and lord of winter pets.

    Is normal, both pets are Adult?

  98. Kyle ThunderHorn says:

    I only need the Burning Dryad if anyone has a sun serpent pet let me know.

  99. ScarletPhantom says:

    A few months late (as always) but while looking over the pets I noticed something for the first time that I hadn’t before … How much of a disappointment the sun serpent is … It’s hybrids, not so much … but I feel like a fire would be better off with a velciraptor pet which gives Life Trap, Fuel, and Fire Beetle …

  100. Syabatron AJ says:

    I think they were lazy on Sun serpent’s hybrids, i mean the life hybrid looks ugly, and ice hybrid looks ok.. Sun serpent only got 2 hybrids, while the others got 3 or more. Plus the others have really cool ones, the fire avenging fossil looks awesome, the death sabertooth looks awesome, the fire lord of winter looks pretty cool to. I think sun serpent should get a death hybrid, that looked awesome like the phoenix did.

  101. kevin legendhammer says:

    what is avenging fossil medusa hybrid?

  102. got frostfang sabertooth hybrid wrong (EPIC spell frostfang) he a elemental sabertooth

  103. I was wondering is there such thing as a hybrid with sabertooth and sun serpent?