Wizard101 – New Fennec Fox Pet


 Fennec Fox Pet 

Kingsisle has released another new pet, the Fennec Fox, into the mix on Test Realm. This cute lil’ guy, which you can receive as a drop from the last boss, Sun Darkling in the “Black Hole in the Hive”. Not sure about you, but this is one pet that I will be adding to my collection. How can I say no to this lil’ fello’? I can’t! 


Info on the Fennec Fox:







Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox comes with a Fireblade card at baby. It is unknown if this pet drops from a boss other than Sun Darkling in Khrysalis. As the Fennec Fox levels up, it does not seem to gain multiple cards on one spell, but other spell cards instead. Here you can see Fuel in addition to the Fireblade card. One of the epic talents will get May Cast Wyldfire. (Thanks to Alura Silver for this info). At Epic, this fox gets a Fire Minion card. (Thanks to Seffus for this info)

We will update with more information as we find it.



  • Slot 1 = Pip O’ Plenty 
  • Slot 2 = Sharp-Shot
  • Slot 3 = Fire Sniper (Fire Accuracy)
  • Slot 4 = Steal Charm (May Cast Steal Charm)
  • Slot 5 =
  • Slot 6 =
  • Slot 7 = Critical Striker
  • Slot 8 = Pyromania (May Cast Wyldfire)
  • Slot 9 = Power-Taker 
  • Slot 10 =





Fennec Fox Pet Derby Talents

This is for all you Derby wizards out there that like to know the stats they get for your derby racing. 




  • Slot 1 = 
  • Slot 2 = Bombardier
  • Slot 3 =
  • Slot 4 = Stonewall (Wipeout – Reported from Alura SilverDust)
  • Slot 5 =
  • Slot 6 = Super Pass (Clap Post – Reported from AluraSilverDust)
  • Slot 7 = Big Recovery 
  • Slot 8 = Enfeeblement
  • Slot 9 =
  • Slot 10 =

 Thanks to Wolf Hexweave, Alura SilverDust, and Seffus  for the information and pictures.



  1. Celestial Wanderer says:

    Wrong game-series, Fennekin. 😛

    • Anthony FireSword says:

      Fennekin was my starter of choice in X/Y. Loved using her, was easily one of the strongest pokemon I had. If I could have her by my side in w101 as well, I would be a VERY happy man :D.

      • swaggy tyler 360 says:

        lol pokemon and w101 are not actually the same thing not to make you mad or anything but that would really help you not be lonely at the game lol but i hope you will get it one day bruh :p

        • Fully Automatic Necromancer says:

          I love how you replied to a comment that was 6 months old just to insult someone who pointed out the similarities between the Fennec Fox and a Pokemon.

          • swaggy tyler 360 says:

            lol i wasn’t inslulting that person i was telling that person the truth bruh :p

          • LifeDancer says:

            Actually no, you were indeed trying to insult someone for no particular reason.

          • swaggy tyler 360 says:

            Ok if everyone for some reason thinks that i was insulting this person then ok so be it, if i really did hurt ur feelings then i am sorry

            But if this ends up to a big argument then i won’t even bother to talk

            One last thing if u think that i was actually trying to think what if that pet really was in the game it would be awesome and i wanted that person to have that pet one day, then i don’t even know wt i’ll do after that

          • swaggy tyler 360 says:

            ok what do u want me to do about it?

          • swaggy tyler 360 says:

            first i wasn’t
            second weren’t u that guy that i had a big argument about darkmoor, if u r then i knew u were the one that always likes making things hard for me in this website
            but i still respect ur comment and if u were not the guy that i had a argument with sorry about that.

          • Fully Automatic Necromancer says:

            You said “but that would really help you not be lonely at the game lol” therefore implying that he is lonely at the game because he notes the similarity between this and a Pokemon, which most people would take offense to. Yeah, you are insulting him.
            And yes there was a disagreement regarding your spammy posts about the post-Darkmoor meta, perhaps if you improved the quality of your posts I would have no reason to “make things hard for you”.
            If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything at all.

          • swaggy tyler 360 says:

            so you r the guy?

            if you think i am insulting him so be it i am not gonna judge you can say whatever u want but i really don’t care.

            u can go ahead and spread this news if u r and u can go on talking about it forever all i know i that i won’t be involved

      • swaggy tyler 360 says:

        if i hurt your feelings sorry for that

    • Umbra ShadowHunter says:

      Yep, I agree…

  2. Someone grab a pokeball

  3. Blaze MeOut says:

    Ooh so cute … I like the bandana its wearing I wanna see more talents o:

  4. O. o? Ok… New pet… I think Ill stick with level 98 pets 😛
    Btw, can someone post up NEW INSANE BOLT ANIMATION PLZ?

  5. While You Read My Name I Took says:

    What does power-taker do?

  6. ~Justin LightShade~ says:

    Cute Level: Pokemon


  7. sirskulley says:

    I would get him for my pet collection

  8. Don’t get me wrong- I love how this fox looks, but it’s kinda weird how a dark, evil, shadowy world’s boss drops a cute fox 😛 I also love the pedigree on this pet; maybe new may casts? I feel like this is the pirahna hunter of khrysalis pt.2 and the pesky beetle is the flying squirrel of pt.2 Thanks for the info on the new pet, can’t wait to see more discoveries!

  9. Terri Ice says:

    OH EM GEE! I just wanna pick it up and squeeze it! :p

  10. Justin DeathCaster says:

    LoL XD

  11. Justin DeathCaster says:

    just sooo cute, but its not for a death wizad like myself, let me see a death version of it, then ill cowaporate. XD i sooo spelled that wrong!

  12. antonio stormhero says:

    is he rare drop or common??? so i can farm it up

    • Kenzie Rain says:

      Going to guess not common since I have heard of few say they are “trying” to get it. No such luck with them too easily.

    • Umbra ShadowHunter says:

      Pets have always been rare drops.

  13. Merciless Jean Percy says:

    That face… Childhood=Ruined

  14. Blaze FireFlame says:

    Looks more like an Eevee to me! 😛

  15. where do you get this

  16. Matthew Dawnshard says:

    What? No Psyshock?!

  17. Anyone know if this got carried over into the live realm?

  18. Wolf DeathWeaver says:

    i’ve done 47 runs on this boss in a row with no luck at a pet drop. Is it possible that i’m missing something i need to do? Like click my heels together three times, or pat my head while rubbing my belly. Please any insight would be most helpful.

  19. No offense to those who think this guy is cute and awesome and adorable but…looks ugly to me.

  20. my pet got hex! 🙂 maybe this was a hybrid to it but i never seen a pet with it

  21. Mike Serrano says:

    my fox got hex caster it does not seem to be in the oringal maybe it was mixed. but it a good talent either way 🙂

  22. swaggy tyler 360 says:

    nice pet i hope it doesn’t have to cost that much crowns hope it costs for gold everyone would like that if it is for crowns everyone will be very selfish and if we try to do the quiz for it it’ll be too long and it might even go away by the time we have enough crowns for it but if it is for gold np so wt i am actually asking here is if you can make it cost for gold or you can make a pet that cost for gold on the crowns shop that’s be really nice thing to do for the game to get allot of hits but anyway i like this pet very much it is a cute and colourful pet and it is cute very cute for girls and you guys had a good idea when you made this pet because it looks nice and it is suitable in the game and is very very talented for fire wizards and it is the first fox pet in the game so it is nice if you are reading this wizard101 thank you and peace bruh.

  23. swaggy tyler 360 says:

    you guys are very very creative with this and i hope all the wizard101 fans like it bruh

  24. Aaron Dragonweilder says:

    does anyone here have a first gen fennec fox? Follow me on twitter @algidpyromancer if you have may cast wyldfire, i really need it.