Spell Spotlight: Rain Beetle (Wizard101)


Spell Spotlight:

Rain Beetle

If you have seen my other spell spotlight series you will know that I love mutates. Mutated spells often have different utility value and can be much more valuable than the original card. Today I will be exploring on of the lesser known, simpler mutates that nonetheless have a huge impact on gameplay.

The Rain Beetle Card

Many are unfamiliar with the Rain Beetle card. This card is formed from the combination of ice’s 1 pip frost beetle and the storm version of mutate beetle found in the ice Treasure Cards section of the Bazaar. When these 2 cards are combined it transforms from a 1 pip ice spell to a 0 pip storm spell.

frost beetle

Mutate BeetleRain Beetle





Why is it useful? 

To the untrained eye this card comes across as useless. Its low damage won’t even tickle opponents and as such it would seem to be a waste of a valuable round. However with a little thought one can quickly see how the rain beetle card is very useful to the storm school.

StormStorm as a whole is a class that plays in a constant state of resource starvation. Resource starvation is a state where you are constantly utilizing your pips to either attack, heal or break shields. Due to its low health, storm often has to play a very hard and fast game of attempting to defeat their opponents before they can gain a solid foothold to counterattack.  An opponent’s higher health buffer means a storm has to spend more pips to defeat them.

A storm’s lower health means they have to dedicate more pips to healing or disruption. This is further complicated by the presence of shields, which at a 0 pip cost can significantly alter the tempo in the opponent’s favor if a storm slams a high pip cost spell into the shield. Even slamming a low pip spell such as wildbolt into a shield can complicate matters as you did not have a net gain of pips while your opponent does.

This is where the rain beetle comes in to play. At a zero pip cost the rain beetle removes a shield at no pip cost to you and allows  you a net gain of pips. This enables you to save pips for a larger attack or even to execute a combo. For a school that has trouble with both shields and pip management, the 0 pip rain beetle is a godsend.

When to use beetle

Having access to a zero pip shield breaker is only useful if you know when to utilize it. Rain beetle is best utilized when you need to build pips towards a large pip hit or combination attack. It is used to clear the way so that you can inflict some serious damage to your opponent when you have 6-10 pips.storm

Times when to avoid using rain beetle include when you have a large number of pips (10+) or blades. In these cases, it may be better to convert around the shield (in the case of multiple blades) or to break the shield with a colossal low pip attack (bats, kraken, wild bolt in the case of large number of pips) so you can inflict decent damage through the shield while maintaining a dangerous pip level.

That being said, rain beetle is a very useful spell that almost always finds a way into my deck.

What do you think of rain beetle and will you be utilizing it in your deck?

Let us know in the comments!


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  • Paul

    Well it is not available from TC vendors, and a rare find on bazaar.
    Can you suggest some way to farm for it?

    • Heather

      you can always ask in central forum for rare tc, sometimes they trade for something or also you can buy them for forum gold (you can get forum gold by using the forum either posting or reading it or also you can buy)

    • Guest

      You can find the mutation from the Archivist in the District of the Stars.

  • Rare? I find it there all the time. 😛 And woo thanks Eric. I never knew it was zero pip. 🙂

  • Hunter Deathcaster

    just elus bats

  • KI please make Mutate Beetle a trainable spell!

    • nobody

      i would like to see much more then just this mutation as a traineble spell. think of mutate storm elf. also some mutations that ive seen mobs using would be nice to have like that ice helephant that puts an ice buble up aswell

      • I wanna see both of them 😛 Elf and Beetle xD

  • Guest

    Is this in addition to, or instead of a storm wand? Seems like it would be the same difference unless you wanted particular stats off a wand with non-storm hits.

    • Tatsumi

      mix it in with wand attacks, gurantees you’ll get off a blown attack almost all the time. with the glowbug spell as well being usually the hardest hit in a deck there is no time to buff as a storm as you gotta keep up the pressure so ya.

      • Blaze MeOut

        Depends on the situation if you have a surplus of pips .. and your aiming at a enemy that is not stacked with very many blades or shields … owl kills the crop out of it

        • Tatsumi

          Shadow Pips usually come like nothing, I mean storm owl is nice but glowbug does more. And for less pips it works well. I mean if you don’t get a shadow pip a storm owl is a nice back up. 😛

  • sp52

    please do a spotlight on the phoenix mutate!

  • Maria Kyriakakos

    There’s also storm cat, a 0 pipper (I think 70 accuracy)

    • Blaze MeOut

      Storm has the lowest accuracy so I would say storm beetle for less fizzles… this card is pivotal in a match

    • Jeremy WindCaster

      Yep there is one. I am collecting them actually. I have about 3 now, got them in the bazaar. They are pretty expensive.

  • theonlyone522

    Only in the end I realized the mutate was 0 pips lol. When I played storm, I preferred using utilities like shields and weakness to build pips followed by combos with storm elf (one of the best pressure tools storm can ever have) under bubble. Especially when there is no stun block: elf>stun>triton=GG. 🙂

  • Greedy Samuel Templeton

    This spell is great for PVP, I also love the Rain Beetle card from the pet, it’s one pip but does a bit of damage and gives a universal blade.

  • tay kyles

    It’s a shame that Storm elf mutate has gone down the drain in terms of number available at bazaar

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