Wizard 101: New Dropped Spells

New Dropped Spells

In the Wizard 101, 3 New Dropped Spells have been added to the Loremaster’s drop table. Storm, Myth and Fire have all gained additional drops to add to their arsenal. These spells are also available to craft at Grady from Dun Scaith and can be dropped in the Immortal’s Lore Pack. This article will highlight the three spells, their effects and review their potential use in 1v1 Ranked PvP.

Special thanks to Blade of W101 Central for Pictures!


Myth: Athena Battlesight


Myth’s new spell gives them a solid hard hitting spell that also leaves a -35% tower shield. This spell follows the usual dpp conventions of Lore spells of being above dpp (Minotaur deals 495 damage) while also leaving an effect. The -35% shield is useful as a pierce buffer and does offer some offensive/defensive utility that myth so desperately needs.




Fire: Hephaestus


Fire’s new spell gives them even more combo utility. It deals some damage and then leaves a 25% fire bubble. Despite being below dpp (phoenix beats it out dealing 515-595 damage) the combo utility of being able to attack and generate even more pressure cannot be ignored. This spell is the best 1v1 spell added this update but can still use some buffing on the damage for consistencies sake.




Storm: Queen Calypso

Queen Calypso

Sadly while Storm’s spell does offer a unique ability-said ability is practically useless in 1v1 PvP. The Storm spell does below dpp damage at base (Kraken does 520-580) and applies a 20% trap to the enemy team. The trap is unique as it is applied before the damage of the spell is dealt. In 1v1 PvP this effectively bumps the damage to 534-606 with no other effect. In other words Storm received a slightly stronger Kraken which, while not useless, does nothing to help it in 1v1.



Will you be using these spells in PvP?


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  1. Fairy tail says:

    Myth spell needs to be 4 pips. Maybe lower the damage to compensate for dropping the pips. The shield is ok, although most people at this level can pierce thru that easily.

    • Yes, but at least they are not piercing through most of your base resist!

      • Fairy tail says:

        True. But I still think it should be 4 pips instead of 5. KI owes the Myth school after giving them constant useless minions over the years and basically ignoring their utility needs to be competitive in the current meta. Same with the storm spell, I think KI has not done enough to get those schools to match up fairly with the higher tiered schools. Just not right.

        • well they did get utility besides minions (most of their spells stuns and with azteca they got a pip stealing spell wich is also pretty interesting, and then there is shatter and pierce) nontheless those arent exactly the most usefull utility in my oppinion either, and the only other good thing about myth was earthquake wich removed opponents blades like a storm wizard and cleance ward wich prevent trap stacking. so yeah they do owe myhth something good in my oppinion

          • Stealing one pip isn’t the best we could ask for in my opinion, I wouldn’t use up 10 pips to deal damage equal to a 6 pip spell’s damage and steal that one little pip.

          • Yoan Dimov says:

            Excuse me, but what spell deals around 1200 for 6 pips? If you mean witch’s housecall that uses a shadow pip so you aren’t sounding very smart. Also are you insane? If this new myth spell does 470 for 4 pips and that good shield to all schools, it’s 2 times more powerful than lore if you ask me. First lore has the chance to do below dpp 390, second the weakness is nothing compared to that shield, 3rd nobody fizzles a normal spell with Lore’s accuracy debuff and barely a hit. I would call lore weak if I got a spell like your version of Athena Battle Sight.
            Ps: don’t try to call witch’s housecall weak or useless with minion when I’ve seen it heal its caster right when he/she died, not to mention it’s the most op spell of the polaris ones.

          • Yoan Dimov says:

            Heck I’d even trade my burning rampage (yes, I’m fire) for your version of the new myth spell.

          • FuffyRuff says:

            You’d be surprised how many balance wizards currently almost always use infallible into lore and gaze spam. Even if Witch might be the most powerful polaris spell, it’s still weaker than the darkmoor spells ( besides Lulu) for some wierd reason¯_(ツ)_/¯ . I know this comment section was months ago but i just got to this site lol.

            Imo if KI was to allow Athena to become 4 pips, then it should do 380-450 (just 20 damage under lore on the highest hit)

          • 1. Anyone who actually knows the importance of conserving pips in PvP would actually ignore the Shadow pip, the worst thing that would happen is the pip not showing up when you can get an open hit, but in that case, I’d use anything else that doesn’t use up most or all of my pips.
            2. Balance should’ve never had more damage than myth to begin with, everyone knows that Myth is supposedly the 3rd strongest school in terms of offense.
            3. The shield is always pierced, it only helps you keep some of your resistance, which can be pierced with Infallible or Shrike active, while the weakness will always reduce your attack. The mantle can sometimes cause you to fizzle spells that you don’t have much extra accuracy for, like shadow spells and auras.
            4. Loremaster’s damage is a real mistake, it has so much utility and dpp for a 4 pip spell, and even to a school that is supposed to be all about control and support rather than damage.
            5. I was speaking from experience, you can always get the wrong egg and any egg has a chance to fail you. I’ve never mentioned that it was useless, I’ve only implied that it is flawed compared to the other shadow enhanced spells.

          • Yoan Dimov says:

            1. Myth might not be the third strongest by dpp and damage any more, since things are always changing.
            For example fire is stronger than storm now with polaris, while in waterworks it was the second weakest damage wise.
            2. Most people don’t bother to infallible anymore because they prefer conviction, and shrike is not gonna be useful for a 35 shield since people prefer to save it for a shadow enhanced hit. In that case 35% shield is still better than 20% weakness.
            3. Many people will agree that witch’s housecall is one of the strongest spells there is of the shadow enhanced spells.

            I am leaving this conversation at that, that your version or 470 plus 35% shield for 4 pips, 85% of people will complain and agree that it’s too overpowered.

          • ‘Most people don’t bother to infallible anymore because they prefer conviction’. Conviction spam is going to be something in the past due to critical damage being significantly reduced, which means that using Infallible would be the better choice even for people with 40+ pierce, since it’ll help them pierce through the shields and a good part of their resistance, which allows them to ignore shields in most cases.

          • It may be overpowered like you say it is, but what’s that worth compared to the other schools? Balance has Loremaster, Life has Luminous Weaver and Caterpillar, Ice has Winter moon and Abominable Weaver, Fire has Efreet and Burning Rampage, while Death, Storm and Myth are the lowest of them all because they lack spells of the same level of power. The schools mentioned above had spells that exceed their own level of utility, unlike Storm, Death and Myth, the only schools that only have utility that’s limited to their intended play-styles.

          • Stun block and conviction are too common to rely on our ability to stun, though I will any chance I get!

        • Our main utility consists of minions and stuns. Minions can be taken down in one strike and usually fail to cast what you need. Stuns are countered with even more ease than the minions. Our only decent minion spell summons random minions, which means that you may need a specific one but summon another that would prove utterly useless.

          • Fred Mythslinger says:

            Not to mention (at least in my experience) the AI of these egg minions is disgusting. Minions have a reputation for bad AI but these were a new low.

          • They’re not as useless as you might believe, but their usefulness relies on whether they cast the correct spells whenever you need them, a good example is the defensive egg casting a tower shield when you need both protection and to remove a bubble or stack 2 shields in order to survive a big blow your opponent might deal.

    • Mr spoke says:

      Now we don’t want another lore master 4 pips would be to overpowered.

      • I am happy to finally get a hit that shields instead of traps tbh and 4 pips just might give us a chance. Not like every other school does not have their own annoying spammable hits, except maybe ice, but heck they can shield and weaver all day.

      • If the damage gets reduced to ~470 and the pips are reduced to 4, it would be quite great. It may seem overpowered, but it’s not nearly as significant as Loremaster. The shield can be easily pierced through, while Loremaster’s weakness and mantle cannot be pierced.

        • Mr spoke says:

          Still over powered it does as much as lore masters high end and we all know that’s op then it gives a shield that cancelles out pierce so you would have to get through 50+ resist and if your fire ice and balance everyone sets resist to you would have to get though even more. And 4 pips makes it spam able like lore master.

          • Saying that is like implying that Loremaster and Brimstone Revenant are very balanced. Myth is originally supposed to be the 3rd most offensive school, which definitely gives it the right to have a spell like that, especially if Balance does. The shield is still quite weak and is easily countered with Infallible or Flawless active.

          • Mr spoke says:

            It gets a Shield as well as high damage for spam able pips if they lower it to 4. Shields are not even the myth schools specialty. This is an ice after effect not myth. Brim stone is not overpowered but i agree lore master is.

          • Mr spoke says:

            I just don’t think it should be lowered to 4 pips.

          • Brimstone’s damage is 470, it adds a trap and can be spammed.

          • Mr spoke says:

            You don’t see fire wizards spamming brimstone like lore and no one complains about it so it must not be op. Life weaver is a hundred less damage when what your sudgested new myth spell is and its weakness is less then the new myth spells shield. And just because shields can be pierced does mean they are bad it cancelles out about all the pierce unless you use the malistare wand unless your ice in which case it still cancelles out all of your pierce. Then your facing 50+ resist to get through with no pierce. Even more if your balance ice and fire because everyone sets to them. and it would be spammed like lore master and that’s op. I don’t want to get into an argument I am just going to state this. Look at lore master and how op it made balance if this spell is lowered to 4 pips it will make myth the same.

          • I don’t believe traps are storm’s specialty or that bubbles are fire’s to be honest. Look at Luminous Weaver, I can’t recall life being about debuffs such as the weakness it adds. Get my point now?

        • It would be rather overpowered. IF it were to get lowered to rank 4, it would need a larger damage reduction than the one you’ve suggested. Myth already has a good spam spell, Keeper of the Flame. It has decent damage and a trap after effect. Its literally brimstone but for myths. With the dpp it has and the shield it gives, rank five seems just fine to this myth wizard

          • I suppose 400-415 would be acceptable, then?
            The real problem with Keeper of the Flame isn’t simply the damage or the pips, it’s that we can’t make as much use for traps as we can for debuffs, like with Weaver and Loremaster. They are spamm-able simply because they have a low cost, decent damage (way above decent for lore) and an after-effect that can help you survive.

          • That would be much more suited towards a rank 4 myth spell imo. I agree with you that lore and weaver both have effects that increase your chances of longevity, but giving myth a similar spell isn’t going to fix the underlying issue. Those spells (Not really weaver imo as it only places a weakness and does below the standard dpp ratio) are very strong for their rank and have effects that disrupt the opponent. I think lore master and weaver need a damage reduction (Weaver to go back to its original amount of damage) or an accuracy reduction like we see in these spells. The accuracy reduction/chance of fizzling is offset by stronger spells, be it more damage per pip or more utility, a feature I really like

  2. Queen Calypso is such an interesting spell. I want to say that it could be useful in 2v2, but it probably won’t.

  3. Stormrunner says:

    Myths is great. Fires is great. But of course, the worst 1v1 school gets the worst spell again. Surprise surprise. Hopefully they change it before live realm.

  4. I, unfortunately, will not be using the storm spell. It’s just not worth the effort of farming when it provides no utility and barely any improvement from kraken.

  5. Merciless Jean Percy says:

    No idea why storm’s is only 65%, it isn’t good enough to merit a decrease its accuracy lol, Anyway I don’t even have loremaster on my balance or any spells from that stingy boss so this makes it even worse since it’s less likely that i get the spell i need

  6. Nice… Now fire has burning rampage, fire beetle, brimstone, power link, efreet, and this great new spell. Why is fire constantly improving while myth and storm are just barely crawling along?

    • KI logic?

    • Cody Mythdreamer says:

      They’ve shown that Fire is the school they like the most. It probably has to do with the fact that it’s the most played of all 7 (they shared that info on a KI Live a few months (if not years) ago)

  7. Just waiting for Ice to finally get another spell…

    • Luke Death says:

      Please tell me:
      a. You’re joking
      b. You don’t pvp at max
      At max, ice is one of the most overpowered, broken schools. You guys don’t need anything else in your arsenal.

      • I don’t PVP…but it’s been quite a while since Ice has gotten a new spell

        • MatthewLegendCaster says:

          trust me ice doesn’t need another spell for pvp lol

          • Galaxial Chaos says:

            He just said he doesn’t PVP, who cares if they don’t need another one for PVP? Let them enjoy another spell if they want it.

          • No, because if that spell is good it will help Ice in PvP, and Ice really doesn’t need any more help, it should actually get less help.

          • Galaxial Chaos says:

            So because you would complain about a single spell in pvp an entire school isnt allowed to enjoy a new spell? Are you really going to be that selfish and self centered to say “I dont want that because it makes me upset” and cry about something new? You realize we are still talking about a game involving magic targeted to families… right? A huge chunk of the community would absolutely not care at all if it affected pvp including me. This is a game, it doesn’t affect you or the ones you care about in anyway in your life.

          • Um chill (no pun intended) I just don’t want ice to be even more overpowered. You don’t have to insult me

          • Also a large chunk of this community DOES PvP. Including me. So if there will be a new ice spell it should be no PvP

          • I just wanted a new ice spell because it’s been a while since Ice has gotten anything

          • Yeah, it should be non PvP then. I think that is a good compromise. End of discussion.

          • No pun intended XD

      • ice not overpowered and proof it dare solo every storm boss with death wizard lower then level 50 CLUED wintertuck (defeat Ketil Black less then AT level 50) without using drain spell and defeat him 100 time with no drain and weak power pips make possible to use overtime spells!

    • Mr spoke says:

      Ya me too.

  8. greatrain576 says:

    Do you know if these spells drop with the same rarity that lore spells drop?

    • Eric Stormbringer says:

      It’s difficult to tell rarity in the Test realm. However, we do know these will be craftable in a later update.

    • lol i could not even get on in 3 hours of farming on test, we shall see. Since there will be more spells now though getting the one you want would seem to be harder no?

      • Igor Efimov says:

        Most people showcasing the new goony-bird spells got them by tossing large quantities of their 40k crowns into the chest after one token battle. There’s simply not enough hours of test realm to wait for the black hole that is Loremaster to naturally cough up one of the new spells like some kind of conjurous Hawking radiation.

  9. i dont think the fire one needs a damage buff. keep in mind that normally the utilitys loremaster spells give doesnt cost a pip, but the utility on the fire spell costs 2 pips, wich means it should baasically be dealing sunbird or meteor like damage. i’m pretty sure that the fire spell is above that, so it is indeed above average with utility. definantly a spell i would be using. the myth one too. storm, maybe, but probably not

    • Eric Stormbringer says:

      That’s not how utility spells typically function. Look at gnomes!, efreet, leviathan.

      • actually it is, but most high level spells became op when it comes to dpp. think of the azteca spells. spinysaur deals way above dpp we see in earlyer spells, and thats just one example. besides if you look at most utility spells you see they tend to deal lesser damage then spells of a similar rank that dont have an utility. compare keeper of the flame with ninja pigs for example. keeper of the flame deals as much damage as the minimum damage of ninja pigs. icebird that adds a blade deals as much damage then ice bird that doesnt add an iceblade deals at minimum and i can go on like this but you get the point.

        • Eric Stormbringer says:

          The dropped spells actually tend to be more dpp with an effect. Check Luminous Weaver, Loremaster, Lord of Night, Catalan, Wintermoon etc.

          • Yoan Dimov says:

            Eric you’re really smart, I never thought anybody besides me notices that “Gnomes!” Has an exclamation mark in it’s name. In your first reply you were sure to attach it in lol.

          • well i noticed it too, but i’m too lazy to put the exclamation mark after its name lol. i never really understood why they put the exclamation mark there in the first place, but thats just me

        • Yoan Dimov says:

          Last time Ninja Pigs had minimum and high end hits, Donald Trump wasn’t famous.
          No but seriously where did you get that idea? Ninja Pigs has been 640 only damage the entire game or as long as I’ve known it.

          • really? i tought it had minimum and maximum damage. well anyway the point still goes for other spells that do have minimum and maximum damage

  10. To be honest, I don’t think Hephaestus would see much use due to the low dpp. It does have some potential, but it may never be as great as Brimstone Revenant.

    • Hephaestus is a great spell, just as helpful as brim. I think you don’t realize the extent of this spell combined with all of fires other offensive spells. It’s like a brimstone that adds a bubble instead of a trap, albeit costing 1 extra pip. However, the 1 pip is reasonable since Bubble>Trap. This spell gives fire even more offensive flexibility, now they can simultaneously maintain their own bubble while stacking traps and building pips to annihilate you.

      • I understand that it has its merits, however, it has limited use due to the fast pace of this era. Using up an extra power pip that can be used for something more important, especially in an urgent situation, is totally absurd. Its use is only recommended when you have spare pips, more than what you would need during your current situation in the match.

        • TechnoNecro says:

          It’s great at grand as a minion killer. It kills the minion & leaves a global, if u Brim a minion u get nothing out of it.

  11. [before watching the video] i personally don’t agree with most of the people that do these videos for example haedox(and most of his videos are negative, and i dont like his channel basically, no hate just saying it’s very negative) are negative about the game not about the people who made it, and the game is just really good by itself to me. There is a lot of things to be fixed and they are laying off a lot of the crew but they just need time to update the game like this latest update was really good in my opinion and many others and they fixed critical! 😀 ok this was just my opinion sorry for the long comment lol -peace

    • Blaze MeOut says:

      Its a view point you don’t have to agree with them … Also, its nice how people point out stuff which is why its good to take in people’s views both negative and positive ….

    • Blaze MeOut says:

      I personally want a level restriction in cards in pvp … it would fix the no pvp cards thing in the arena because of lower level use to exploit everything to win

  12. Daniel Menapace says:

    the spells are great and all. one question for everyone..How do you get the treasure cards for these new spells for crafting ? no bosses drop these new treasure cards?

  13. sonicflare9 says:

    hat if they made an ice spell that does 390 damage and leaves 3 40% tower shields

  14. dko4harambe says:

    Calypso is def the best looking one of them all tho 🙂

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