That’s the Trick: A Guide to Shadow Trickster

That’s the Trick: A Guide to Shadow Trickster

shadow trickster

The Empyrea Test Realm is here and with it some new shadow spells! Wizards will be invited to speak to Velma Von Venkman who has an offer you can’t refuse (You literally can’t — it’s part of the main quest line). She will introduce you to the Shadow Trickster, the star of today’s article.

The Basics

The Shadow Trickster is the 4th shadow transformation along the lines of shadow shrike, shadow seraph, and shadow sentinel. As such it follows these basic mechanics

  • Lasts for 3 of your turns
  • Starts with 30 backlash (30% of your health) which can be decreased by 10 backlash (10% of our health) for each “like”
  • Performing a “dislike” increases backlash by 10% to a max of 30%



-The Shadow Trickster provides a whopping additional 60% universal critical at the cost of 30% universal block

-The Shadow Trickster has the unique “Trick 1” mechanic. When casting certain spells, the Shadow Trickster will perform “Trick 1”. Trick 1 will remove one pip or power pip from your opponent and give you one pip. Note that the Trick 1 mechanic will steal a white pip first if available and will always award the caster a white pip.

shadow trickster

Likes (Italicized Spells cast Trick 1)

  • Hits
  • DoTs
  • Weaknesses (Damage Debuff Charms only)
  • Drains
  • Bad Juju

Neutral (Italicized Spells cast Trick 1)

  • Traps (Damage Buffs only)
  • Blades
  • Bubbles
  • Non-Damaging Utility Spells
  • Sacrifice


  • Heals
  • Shields

Note: If we have missed any likes/dislikes/neutrals
please let us know in the comments below!
Your contributions will be noted in this article.


Special Mechanics

– The Trick 1 Function will only activate with certain likes. All likes will decrease backlash but only drains and weaknesses will decrease backlash AND trigger Trick 1.

– You will notice in the above list that traps are neutral. However, traps are unique in that they are neutral because they increase AND decrease backlash by 10%. Other neutral spells simply have no effect on backlash. Traps are also unique in that they activate Trick 1 despite being neutral.

– Shadow Trickster’s backlash can only decrease by 10% per cast even if the spell cast contains more than one like. For example, using brimstone revenant under shadow shrike will reduce backlash by 20% because it contains 2 likes (hit and trap). However casting luminous weaver under shadow trickster will only reduce backlash by 10% despite the spell containing 2 likes (hit and weakness).


Will You be Using the Shadow Trickster?
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  1. James Earthwalker says:

    Kingsisle NEEDS to fix its Block system. The Critical system’s fine, but the fact that we as wizards have very minuscule chances of blocking makes gameplay incredibly unbalanced on our end.

    • Blaze MeOut says:

      Critical and block are one and the same; just different sides of the same coin. You can’t say one is good and the other is bad. Either it’s both bad or both good. The thing is that changing critical also changes block and vice versa. The previous updates on critical nerfed critical which also nerfed block. They nerfed it to only 25% damage; it was so bad they had to buff critical back up to 30% damage in pvp. Critical and block really isn’t much of an issue anymore now. I honestly think it’s more of a gear build problem rather than a stat problem. Block just like critical is also school based. Most schools outside of jade gear or ice school won’t get as much block due to how kingsisle set up its class roles on its schools.

      • SuperToare says:

        The thing with critical is even though its only 30% if someone spams a spell that does 1000 damage with a critical it would do 1300 if the prson uses the spell four times in a row he/she has done 1200 extra damage so not being able to block is kinda troublesome.

        • Blaze MeOut says:

          Okay gonna debunk this right here and say that triggering a critical with extra 30% damage is literally just like adding another blade to it. Spells that increase a critical is still taking a turn the same way you use a turn for a blade. Actually, using a spell for a extra blade rather than more critical is more useful because critical is a chance stat, while a blade is absolute. Again, Kingsisle literally had to buff critical back up from 25% to 30% because it wasn’t doing good enough from the nerfs. You’re only calculating the damage from critical, but you’re not factoring many other stats into this. At lvl 120, the lowest health you can probably have is around 4300 health. Although, you are partially right about health, stats such as resist, and spells like weaknesses,shields, and debuffs have to be factored in as well as its counters like pierce and damage boost. Before critical was a thing when Aquila came out, it was very useless, Kingsisle literally had a problem with matches going for 4-12+ hours. No thank you, I would much rather have matches be 15-30 minutes in a 1v1 on average than a couple of hours wasting my whole day. If you think matches go a little too fast for your taste, there are other levels for you to enjoy. Kingsisle isn’t gonna make the game slower at this point, and i dont like slow meta’s. In my opinion, it’s fine.

          • SuperToare says:

            I don’t like too long matches either but things like critical and pierce make brainless spam strategies effective. I didn’t factor stats like resist because people can have 60+ base pierce and most people have around 60 resistance.

          • Blaze MeOut says:

            Spam strategies are sometimes necessary for a more inclusive meta, yet gear with builds that support these strats tend to have low health, block, and resist. Having higher defensive builds are still very possible in this meta and always been there, but in some way, its more simple in our minds to gravitate towards spamming. Now people are complaining about the lack of complexity, but its not just kingsisle. Kingsisle very much included very defensive builds with layers able to now achieve 10K health, 99% universal resist, and a ton of outgoing healing. I will be honest, its much more fun to spam smaller hits that do a ton of damage than tank/healer it out in any game. It’s riskier, but its faster in both Pvp and PvE. I can imagine there are many like me to think this way. The same chance to winning, but spamming feels more comfortable in our minds. Before second age, pvp was too linear. Everyone used waterworks gear and the same gear strategies. Defensive builds were op with Kingsisle having problems to countering jade gear and ice school gear immunity. Pvp today, and we see a little bit more gear variety, BUT this is something that still needs to be improved on. Yes, there are still problems, but its still better off than what pvp used to be. I realized at one point of another these changes had to be inevitable because the earlier route in first age pvp past lvl 50 was gonna result in a non-playable meta where matches last for days.

          • SuperToare says:

            If you have 3 of the same attacks in hand and you need to kill your opponent there’s no helping it, you will have to use them back to back but some people go into a battle with their side deck filled with the same spell knowing they are gonna spam it. Ice can have 99% resistance but without having any damage and 99% resistance is nothing when people have 60+ base pierce. Spamming because it feels comfortable may be a part of it but spamming a spell that doesn’t do a lot of damage isn’t effective so they spam because some spamable spells have high damage or good effects. I understand pierce is important to counter players with high resistance but not everyone has high resistance.

          • Blaze MeOut says:

            “but not everyone has that” -is where I can just say that anyone can do anything up to a certain limit provided. It’s true not everyone at the moment has that, but theoretically anyone playing wizard101 will/can achieve certain extremes when it comes to stats. That’s why its necessary. Kingsisle actually won’t increases the universal resist limit past 99% percent for the last 3-4 years. Stats are still school based, and only an ice wizard can achieve this. Same thing can go for pierce, I have only seen storm being able to achieve 50-60% pierce, but this is nothing. Storm still suffers lack of good consistent heals, lowest health in the entire game, and has no trained DOT’s/shield removing spells. Bolts costs 2 pips, but has drawbacks considering their luck factor, possibly your life, and your blades. Pierce isn’t all that because just put a shield up, and your high resist basically blocks it. Weaknesses in pvp also overnerf the damage without being pierced off. I don’t even see storm wizards dominating pvp; balance is. Shrike when it came out didn’t overtly change pvp either. All the recent updates trying to make sure a offensive players can overcome resist and being able to heal better did. Lastly maybe, not everyone has resist, but almost everyone in pvp trains tower shields and to some degree other defensive spells. Vice versa, if you don’t have pierce that’s why Kingsisle included shrike and infallible

          • SuperToare says:

            Infallible 15% pierce, shrike 50% pierce and 40% to 65% base pierce = 105% to 120% pierce. There is more pierce than resistance availible. If shrike was added to counter jades and icezillas. Why can it be used against anyone? When someone has a 70% shield on him shrike deminishes it to 20% your own pierce deals with the rest plus can even deal with your opponents resistance. 50% resistance is countered by 100% damage most people have above 100% damage and almost no one has 50% resistance because of pierce so you always do above average damage.

          • Blaze MeOut says:

            1.) There really isn’t more pierce available than resistance. In your previous comment you stacked all the pierce spells, but you haven’t considered that people can do that with debuffs as well. 99% resistance, plus set shields, plus tower shields, plus weaknesses, plus fortify … I can go on if you can count the bigger variety of tc usage and more spells I wont name. Damage will literally be 0 for any spell. Unlike pierce, which adds up, stats like resistance/weaknesses actually multiplies so the difference is night and day. There is way more flexibility for resistance, but people are scared that there is finally a decent counter to it. Pierce again doesn’t even affect weaknesses which is partly why schools with spells like loremaster dominate this meta.
            2.) It’s your fault if you don’t carry shields/weaknesses to counter hits. Shields don’t just counter damage, but pierce as well. Yes, pierce and damage has increases over several levels, but also consider other stats like health, resistance, and school cards increased as well. A lvl 50 storm literally had around 2500 health, a lvl 60 storm has around 3,000, but a lvl 120 storm has around 4,500 health. I expect the average damage rate per hit to go up as par to the increased health requirement. If you’re just factoring in resist, sadly you’re not also factoring in how much health has increased. I guess it’s not as noticeably because unlike pierce where kingsisle had to boost up considering a noticeable problem, health and resist has always been going up gradually regardless. Only a few tend to actually notice it.
            3.) that said resist is only a secondary stat compared to max health. A guy with 4000 health is better off than a guy with 2000 health and 50% resist because health doesn’t have counter, while resist does. Vice versa, pierce has a counter and limits as well. The guy with 4000 health has a way better chance of winning than a guy with 2000 health and 50% resist. With people more than doubling the health since lvl 50, I expect damage output to increase as well. It’s the only way to keep in check with increasing health and resist.

          • SuperToare says:

            1. shields can easily be taken off while pierce can’t. You keep talking about 99% resistance but its very uncommon and like i said before you won’t have any damage. About pierce not affecting weaknesses, when someone has 50% resistance and a 70% shield up. His opponent has 100% damage and 40% pierce. if the spell does 1000 damage it will be 1000x2x0.70×0.50=700 with a weakness it would be 1000x2x0.70×0.90= 1260 and this while hitting through a shield. People would normally remove the shield first.
            2. Its true health increased but the damage on cards and the damage on gear increased too and even though health has gone pierce increased so much that there is less resistance than there used to be.
            3. Health and resistance went up but damage and pierce went up even more. ice used to have low damage and now they are able to get over 100% damage and over 30% pierce at the same time.

          • Blaze MeOut says:

            1.) infallible can be taken off by supernova … shrike can’t be countered, but can be weakness, shielded, and dispelled. Yes, shields and weaknesses can be taken off, but like I said earlier pierce adds up, while resistance is always multiplied. Pierce does not increase damage, but allows you to pierce defenses so there is a difference. Your also taking a turn and risking leaving yourself open when you do utilize spells that try to take shields and defenses away yourself. Since, the opponent tries to do the same thing, a meta tends to be either offensive or defensive. The vibe of wizard101 is a family friendly starter mmo, not some professional action combat virtual industry. I rather have matches 15-30 minutes than hours into my day. Offensive meta in kingsisle’s eyes meet consumer audience standards of what their mmo presents. These changes are inevitable. You can argue all you like, but the fact is kingsisle changed the meta from a SLOW meta to a FAST one for a reason. If it was too fast to begin with, I would argue otherwise, but no, pvp was eventually too slow so they had to add pierce in.
            2.) Yes damage has increased, but resist and health has been going up too. This point is useless to argue, but nothing really changed here, but the numbers. Although, The ratio is still around the same as when you were lvl 50. With health increasing so much with resist becoming more of a secondary factor. I expect resist to be pierced more and more. From literally 60% at lvl 50 damage to over 100% damage at lvl 120, I keep telling you that health more than doubled as well which is a lot more than how much damage has increased. Damage has to go up, or else, why do wizards need to lvl up? What’s the point of the game if damage doesn’t go up? You keep arguing about a attack spell that does over 1000 damage, but since damage doubled as much as health has its not really a problem. Taking an attack that does 1000 damage at lvl 120 is the same as taking a 500 damage attack at lvl 50. Maybe, its not fair if a high lvl goes up against a low lvl, but a high lvl has to be superior against a low lvl. ….Or else nobody would lvl up.
            3.) Honestly, the only thing I see off-balance in this game is schools. Every school wasn’t created equal and kingsisle is still trying to balance the schools out. How fast or slow a match goes on average is your personal problem. This argument is useless and biased to begin with on my side and your’s too. You’re not really right or wrong, but if you don’t like the pacing of a pvp match, then learn to adjust to it. Kingsisle isn’t gonna make the meta slow again.

          • SuperToare says:

            I never said i wanted long matches or a slow meta but you are right about this going nowhere so let’s stop here.

  2. Wolf FireBreath says:

    I see my new strat… Shadow trickster… EVEN MORE LORE mwahahaha

    • James Earthwalker says:

      I think I’m gonna hurl.

      • Blaze MeOut says:

        eh shrike is still better for offensive pvp reasons.

        • that depends on your strategy and that of your oponent really. shrike is better for enemys with high resist and shield spammers, but this one is better for blitz users (like spammers of rank 2-4 spells facing oponents with little resist and/or few shields. i can definantly see balance using this to greater effect then shrike. storm depends on wether they face someone with high storm resist and plenty of storm shields or not. death might also be pretty good with this (tough i dont think they will be able to use it as well as balance could)

          • Blaze MeOut says:

            hmm spam strategies:
            storm -can spam calypso with it
            fire -brimstone
            life -luminous weaver
            death -vampire (headless doesn’t trigger trick, but is good for damage)
            balance -loremaster of course
            idk what ice and myth can spam many of their spells utilize accuracy debuffs, shields, DOT’s and stuns rather than traps, drains, and weaknesses

          • FuffyRuff says:

            keeper of flame or can make more use of boris ifrit into keeper into snake charmer or ninja pigs. The golden ram that has the basilisk card that gives a trap as an effect instead of the stun, Maybe.

            Ice.. fomori? idk lol

          • Blaze MeOut says:

            forgot about keeper of flame LOL … so true

      • Blaze MeOut says:

        if you consider critical doing only +30% damage … I consider this more like putting a damage star spell aura on yourself for 3 rounds with no block. The only thing I would say makes it better than a star spell is using the trick 1 on it.

        • Wolf FireBreath says:

          If I can activate trick 1 3 times in a row with lore, I just stole 3 pips.

          My opponent probably fizzled, lost a ton of health because they got hit with at least 1 critical, and is severely weakened as well as pip starved.

          Shrike works very very well, but this could be another option… Against most schools, balance ward is a staple. But if I face a storm, my 40% pierce is enough to pierce through almost all resist, and they ain’t blocking at all. Trickster could be a possibility in some situations. I am still going to use shrike, but I’ll keep a trick up my sleeve just in case.

          • Blaze MeOut says:

            3 rounds to steal 3 pips when you could just use mana burn in one round. Also, consider there are already shadow spells like sentinel and conviction meant to block. Trickster had a counter shadow spell like sentinel with +80% block from the start. Having high pierce is nice with storm, but unless you use calypso you can’t really use trick with a storm spell since any lack a secondary effect. People using sentinel will likely just spam shields and weaknesses to nuke your damage output. Criticals are already countered by sentinel, plus a couple of shields each round. Sentinel isn’t really meant to counter shrike since its built for block and not resisting. Shrike gets blocked easily with just shielding, but its more applicable to do pierce through at least 1 shield when you find an opening. Either way, these spells are both viable in pvp, but I do see shrike as superior for pvp applications, while trickster is better in PvE.

          • mana burn is nice and all but it doesnt steal pips, it only destroys them. just imagine this spell with loremaster: you hit 3 times so you did 3 times some decent damage, you gained 3 pips wich, if you happen to get a powerpip fail somehow, would still go up to 4 pips wich is enough for a 4th loremaster in a row. and you didnt just do quite some damage but also leave accuracy debuffs and plenty of weaknesses on your enemy, and due to trick you also leave them pip starved as they wont be gaining any pips for 3 rounds strait. and thats not even using this in cojunction with mana burn

          • Blaze MeOut says:

            eh true I mean I didn’t say its not a viable strategy … I was just trying to say it wont impact pvp as much as shrike did honestly. The trick spell was added to make it slightly more viable since critical got nuked in PvP. That said to do those loremaster spams. You have to have 1 shadow pip and 3 power pips if you get power pips every single turns. Without the shadow trickster, doing 3 loremaster’s in a row takes 4 power pips. Since I gonna count using the shadow pip as a turn, I gonna say using the shadow trickster takes 4 turns than just straight up using 3 turns doing the regular 3 lore spam. Yet, the pros of shadow spell is keeping the opponents pip the same for the next 3 rounds, and possibly landing a critical hit. What I said earlier, critical is only 30% so this aspect is just like adding a damage aura like berserk on yourself, especially since you lower your block like a feint. Hmm, but its not like the opponent can not prevent you. Similar to how people prepare for shrike, there will be people single out a player’s weaknesses. Trickster will leave your block open as well and the shadow spell means healing or shielding increases backlash. Although, healing yourself is good in this form, its better to heal others with it or when your desperate because backlash increases.
            It’s not the most op spell; similar to when people found out shrike isn’t all that. Since shadow pips are limited, there is also the factor in how we have to choose the best resource in our shadow spell arsenal.

  3. sonicflare9 says:

    hovv do i make a blog

  4. Fully Automatic Necromancer says:

    I’m going to try for an all-out assault as a Death wizard using shadow trickster. Just pound away with critical Vampires to keep my health and pips up.

  5. sonicflare9 says:

    i have nevv ideas on the community

  6. FuffyRuff says:

    I just realized something. Isn’t this another spell to counter jades? I did remember commonly reading posts on both original and central forums talking about the problem of how when a jade gets KOed they come back and the offensive player has no pips to finish them off before healing again. Maybe this helps with that?

    Also it dislikes healing and shields lol.


    Maybe i’m over reacting :thinking:

  7. Wolf FireBreath says:

    I tried brim spamming a boss, the trick mechanic would work, but every time I used brim, it wouldn’t lower my backlash. Also, when I hovered over the shadow spell on the combat display, it appeared as -30% incoming damage and +60% block so I was a lil confused lol

  8. Ahmadnabas says:

    I love this post!

  9. Ryan Johnson says:

    I used FFA with this spell, and I received backlash… why?