Wizard101: New level 110 Astral Spells

Wizard101: New level 110 Astral Spells!

The summer test realm is finally open, and with the test realm of course comes changes, new activities and spells. In this update we finally receive new level 110 astral spells, with some new mechanics that are definitely interesting, and in some ways game changing.  

I will be going over their effects, as well as my personal opinion on whether they are useful or not and worth spending training points on. On a side note, please forgive me for any mistakes, as this is my first article I have ever written. Other than that I hope all you max levels have some left over training points, because some of these spells are a must have!


Wizard101: New Level 110 Astral Spells Aegis

First off we have Aegis. Self explanatory, basically this enchant will protect any positive charm or ward from removal by spells such as Shatter, Pierce, Disarm, and Enfeeble. While testing this spell, something very interesting happened. I had only one blade on myself enchanted with Aegis, and when Sirens was cast on me, it only removed the protection. Sirens removes 2 blades though; one would think that Sirens would remove the enchant then the blade, but this isn’t the case.

One final point is that Aegis can be enchanted on spells that give blades or shields, such as Rusalka’s Wrath or Abominable Weaver. In my personal opinion, I believe it has good, but limited use. For PvE it can only protect your non-enchanted blades and traps, but not your sharpened or potent. Along with this, is the fact that an Aegis enchanted blade, and a non-enchanted blade DO NOT stack, the same goes with traps. While for PvP it has use, although limited, to protect against storms Glowbug enfeeble effect, or a rare earthquake from a myth.



Next off we have Indemnity. This enchant protects any negative charm or ward from being removed. This spell can be used to enchant spells that leave negative debuffs such as Brimstone and Loremaster. This protects the spell from being removed by a spell such as cleanse charm, or cleanse ward. I don’t see that much use for this spell in PvE or PvP (unless you are a juju spammer then this basically doubles your main deck juju reserve, but lets pretend that I didn’t mention that). However, it can be quite the asset when fighting cheating bosses.

Is it worth the training point? Again your personal opinion, I personally won’t buy it unless I feel the need.


Wizard101: New Level 110 Astral Spells Epic

Requirement: Colossal

Finally the part we’ve probably all seen, but have been waiting for in this article. A damage enchant after 44 levels. It adds 300 damage to one spell. Is there a use for this spell? The answer is obvious. This is a MUST HAVE for any level 110 for PvE and PvP. While a +25 damage is small, in the long run with math it adds up (If anyone doubts me I will gladly make a math lesson in the comment section). I personally wish this was +325 since from Gargantuan to Colossal it was a 50 damage increase.

Would I buy it? YES, now take my training points!


Wizard101: New Level 110 Astral Spells Radical

Requirement: Primordial

The new Primordial of the spiral. A satyr enchanted with this equals out to over 1010 heal, sacrifice comes to 850, while availing hands comes to 145 initial, then 855 over 3 rounds. This buffs in-school heals quite a bit.  I can see this being useful for PvE, while in PvP it may or may not be used.  Schools that have in-school heals might use this depending on their opinion.

Would I buy this? In my opinion only for PvE for jading/healing purposes.


Wizard101: New Level 110 Astral Spells Adapt

Requirement: Empowerment

Adapt, an aura that gives a power pip for any incoming spell that costs 6 pips or more. I’d skip this personally because it’s a spell that will most likely never be used. For PvE and PvP I don’t see any use for it, but who knows maybe someone will create a use for it.

Would I buy this? No, I’d advise you to keep your training points instead of buying it.


Wizard101: New Level 110 Astral Spells Brace

Requirement: Fortify

Brace for impact! This reduces all incoming damage by 20% for 4 rounds. Self explanatory, but possibly useful. It helps tank some extra damage in PvE and PvP. Which sometimes can mean the difference between life or death.

Would I personally buy this? I may buy it mostly for PvE even though tc fortify exists. As for PvP if i feel a need for it, I may find a few spaces dedicated to it in my deck.


Wizard101: New Level 110 Astral Spells Magnify

Requirement: Amplify

Magnify adds 20% damage to all spells for 4 rounds. Personally I’d skip over this one for PvE and PvP. The Aztecan aura spells are simply better in almost every single aspect that you look at.

Would I buy this? As I said in the last sentence, I’d hold onto my training points instead of buying this.


Wizard101: New Level 110 Astral Spells Flawless

Requirement: Infallible

The questionably “upgraded” version of infallible. Flawless adds 20% accuracy and 15% pierce for 4 rounds. In PvE if you need pierce or accuracy it’s more beneficial to use a tc infallible. The same case goes for PvP.

Would I buy this? I’d personally skip over this spell and save my training points.


Wizard101: New Level 110 Astral Spells Renew

Requirement: Mend

The last of the new astral spells. Renew adds 25% outgoing to all heals for 4 rounds. I’d personally skip over this for PvE and PvP since Cycle of life from Azteca is simply better due to the extra power pip.

Would I buy this? I’d personally skip over this spell as I feel there is better.

Well that brings us to the conclusion of my new astral spells guide. I hope it wasn’t too lengthy and that I provided an insightful opinion on each of the new spells. If you have any questions please let me know, I’ll try to answer them to the best of my ability.

What do you think of the new Astral Spells?

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  1. These spells are so cool

  2. MatthewLegendCaster says:

    I wish aegis and indemnity protected from a hit too lol

  3. Jack Dragonshield says:

    Really happy these spells were introduced to game! There was a point when I used to question whether we’d ever get an upgrade from Colossal and here it finally is. 😀
    For now I’ll probably just train Epic though and hold off on the rest.. Also… I wish there was a Conviction upgrade! But happy none-the-less 🙂

  4. Please, somebody can confirm a aegis blade is protected against boss cheats such as Malistar’s bone drake in Darkmoor? 🙂

    • using these means you can not sharpen them and really limits stacking options, you are better to time your blades at malistare and hit before the bone drake which is every 4 rounds.

      • They seem to add flexibility in these situations. You can cast a couple with Aegis early on, then add the sharpened versions right before hitting.

    • I have not yet tested Aegis against Malistaire. I can say that, unfortunately, it does not work against the Sentinel in Omen’s duel.

      What does work in this duel is Indemnity. You may now use a “regular” feint in this dungeon by slapping this enchant on it.

  5. Tyler UnicornHunter says:


  6. Just a quick addition for everybody. Indemnity CAN NOT be enchanted on dispels.

  7. i wonder if you need to have trained gargantuan or collosal to train epic. if not, this spell might save A LOT on training points for those who are willing to buy them back (there was this membership benefit where you could buy them back for free right? maybe worth to take a look at). also adapt is usefull for tanking/healing purpose in groups in pve. just imagine an ice wizard entering battle first and casting adapt, taking all the hits (and getting al those powerpips) and use them for spells like mega taunt, frozen armour and satyr. and i could see life wizard use these with rebirth and/or wings of fate to get a powerpip back. definantly worth a second look for those schools

    • You have to have learned colossal in order to learn epic. The same thing goes with any other of the spells you have to learn the previous version before training them, besides Aegis and Indemnity.

  8. Seth SilverBlade says:

    I’m a little worried about juju spammers for pvp now.. >.<

  9. It’s great to see a write-up of these new spells. They have a lot of potential in PvE against cheating bosses. Some examples:

    Indemnity really appeals to me for use in the Omen fight. Putting a feint on the Dark Sentinel goes a long way, especially if you don’t have a fire wizard. Aegis works similarly for a Storm wizard with Supercharge and Storm Blade, and probably allows for a win better than the notorious 6 round one.

    Epic, in addition to being slightly better than Colossal, allows players to with more than 5 hits in their decks to upgrade their 5 Colossal cards to Epic, and any Gargantuan cards to Colossal.

    Adapt depends a bit on whether Shadow Pips count toward the 6 pip threshold. If they do, this spell becomes very useful for healers who would put the extra pips to use casting Rebirth. Thinking specifically of the Aphrodite fight, pretty much every hit used by the tendrils is 6+ pips.

    Brace is interchangeable with Fortify TC. I would only train it if there were encounters where I needed to dedicate my sideboard to Shatter or the like. While 20% doesn’t seem like much, the way this and Fortify work are very nice. They get counted against Pierce before shields and gear, so an enemy with 40% Pierce would only reduce a 85% Death Shield to 65% rather than 45% with this aura up.

    Magnify offers one thing that the Azteca auras do not: adding damage to non-school damage types. With Balance or wizards that like using secondary school hits, this adds a nice option. It still compares unfavorably to the +25% Item Amplify spell. If Magnify was bumped from 20% to 25%, I’d train it.

    Flawless doesn’t look very appealing. 5% Accuracy above Infallible seems like something that doesn’t see much use in PvE. On a side note, the Luphilim armor has substantial Accuracy and poor Resist. Maybe this hints into gameplay that’s waiting for us in Mirage?

    • dont forget berzerk, it has an even bigger universal boost then magnify, altough at the cost of increased incoming damage.

      • Berserk seems to have a small niche. I don’t know anyone who has picked it up for general use. Its existence doesn’t seem like it would impact the decision on whether to train a new spell.

        I suppose a new spell with +25% damage and no downside would erode the reason for learning Berserk. Is that what you’re asking about?

        • i was actually meaning the other way around berserkgives a bigger universal boost then this new spell, so people might just want to stick to berserk for that. the only upside this one has over berserk and amplefy is that it gives a bigger boost then amplefy without the backlash of berserk, making it more usefull if you dont want to go glass canon style, but if people are using feint i dont see why they wouldnt use berserk, but thats just my opinion

          • Berserk has a substantial downside that lasts for several rounds. Feint’s drawback lasts for a single hit or a tick of a DOT, and is mitigated by a single shield. Berserk has its place – usually as the last cast prior to a massive area spell. If wizards don’t learn their Azteca auras due to the availability of Berserk, this will be a consideration when determining whether to train Magnify. I don’t personally know of anyone who thinks along those lines, though.

  10. Blaze Goldleaf says:

    I’ll definitely be training Aegis and Indemnity on all of my wizards, as they’ll surely help with cheating instances where you can’t blade or trap.

  11. tay kyles says:

    Time for Juju to rise to nigh unbeatable levels now

  12. Cody Mythdreamer says:

    Well, as a player who still does Darkmoor, I think adapt has it’s uses especially in Malistaire fight, when you are sometimes in a dire need for pips…

    • I was thinking the same thing, and tried it out. It didn’t work very well, unfortunately. The dragon skeleton dispel doesn’t trigger it (it does trigger Empowerment). The shadow-augmented Darkmoor spells (Khrulhu, Caterpillar, etc.) don’t trigger it, either. Nor do X-pip spells cast with 6+ pips.

      If you have (or are) a Life wizard who likes to cast Rebirth, this aura becomes far nicer. It also interacts very well with Wings of Fate.

      • its probably some bug then, since shadow infused spells should double the rank and rank x spells bassically become the rank of the pips used. you should report it.

  13. Daniel Lau says:

    Shouldn’t a Scarecrow with an Epic enchantment do 700 damage instead of 600?

    • Cody RavenTamer says:

      You have to keep in mind how drain mechanics work. A drain, if enchanted gets 66% of the boost on the damage, and the other 33% on the heal. Thus, 66% of 300 (epic) is 200. 400 + 200 = 600

      • what about that 1%? 33% + 66% = 99%.

      • Daniel Lau says:

        That’s one scenario of how drain mechanics works, but Death school regain health back at the expanse of the increase damage. If the damage is increased, then the health gain is also increased.

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