Wizard101 Elixir Vitae Badge 1,000,000 Heal


Elixir Vitae Badge


Huge Heal

What is the biggest heal you have ever seen?  How about 1,000,000! Duelist101’s own Roslyn Roseheart was up for the challenge!

The Spells

Dryad Treasure Card

Dryad at full pips will give the highest heal.  The Treasure Card version offers 225 health per pip.  That will start you at a base of 3150.  If you can get your hands on a Flowering Dryad from the Keepers Lore Pack, they heal for 240 per pip. You can see one below in the comments from Mauver Sartori.  Next, multiply!!!

 There are many versions of Guiding Light and Brilliant Light in the game, several of them will stack.  They are Life school spells, but anyone can use the Treasure Card versions and geared versions. Roslyn set up the heal with 5 different Guiding Lights and 4 different Brilliant Lights.  She used a TC Mend 25%, TC Sanctuary 60%, Shadow Seraph, and a Vengeful Elixir from playing Grub Guardian to boost her Critical.


The Gear

Roslyn-IconJ's-IconThere are several gear options available in Wizard101. Today, we will show what we learned.  Roslyn, the healer, wore gear to boost her Outgoing Health to 140%.  She also looked for gear to boost her Critical thus doubling her heal to reach one million.  Jon, the one receiving the heal, wore gear to boost his incoming heal to 101%.  Roslyn’s and Jon’s gear is listed below.  

Healer’s Gear

(Click Tabs)

Overall Traits & Advanced Traits

traits Advanced Traits

  • Pips +72%
  • Outgoing +140%
  • Life Accuracy +5%
  • Life Critical +213
Poseidon’s Brim of Ardor

Posiedon's Brim of Ardor

  • Pips +10%
  • Outgoing +10%
  • Life Accuracy +2%
  • Life Critical +105

Zeus’ War Eagle Raiment

Zeus War Eagle Rainment

  • Pips +10%
  • Outgoing +20%
  • Life Accuracy +3%
  • Life Critical +77
Greenwarden’s Peaceful Boots

Greenwarden's Peaceful Boots

  • Outgoing +27%
Wolf’s Emerald Talon

Wolf's Emerald Talon

  • Outgoing +25%
Stone of the Other Side

Stone from the other Side

  • Pips +12%
  • Outgoing +33%
Valkrie’s Light Pendant

Valkaries light pendant

  • Brilliant Light 40%
Sword of Kings

Sword of Kings

  • Pips +1%
  • Outgoing +25%
  • Critical +31

Healed’s Gear

(Click Tabs)

Overall Traits & Advanced Traits

J's Traits J's Advanced Traits

  • Incoming Heal +101%
Queen’s Color Guard Shako

J's Hat

  • Incoming Heal +10%
Queen’s Color Guard Jacket

J's Coat

  • Incoming Heal +15%
Queen’s Color Guard Boots

J's Boots

  • Incoming Heal +14%
Emerald Bear Claw

J's Athame

  • Incoming Heal +25%
Long Count Ring

J's Ring

  • Incoming Heal +25%
Life Mastery Amulet

J's Amulet

  • Allows Power Pips with Life Spells
Crescent Axe of the Astrals

J's Wand

  • Incoming Heal +12%
Leaf Foot

J's Pet

  • Guiding Light 30%
  • Brilliant Light 40%


 H's AmuletIn the battle, I wore two pieces of gear to help out, one being the Troll’s Ear Pendant with a 40% guiding Light.  The Watchtower Boots’ Guiding Light, we later learned, no longer stacks with the Life trained Guiding Light. Good to know! You will see it stay on Roslyn when she heals Jon.

Merciless Jean Percy brought up in the comments below that it would be best to remove your healing pet before attempting this.  If your pet went off, it would take your boosts!

Additional Duelist101 staff helped too.  Jewel Shadowcaster was a big help with research and Nora Misthead helped with testing.  It was fun to watch this come together.  Roslyn did a fantastic job!


The Complete List

The following are the exact spells Roslyn set up for this heal:

  • Life Trained 30% Guiding Light & 30% Brilliant Light
  • TC 40% Guiding Light & 40% Brilliant Light
  • TC Eye Of Bartleby Pack 45% Guiding Light
  • TC 60% Sanctuary
  • TC Mend 25% Aura
  • Leaf Foot Pet  30% Guiding Light & 40% Brilliant Light
  • Valkyrie’s Light Pendant 40% Brilliant Light
  • Troll Ear Pendant 40% Guiding Light
  • Shadow Seraph
  • Critical TC 225 heal per pip Dryad with full Power Pips
  • Vengeful Elixir


See Roslyn’s heal!

Our video shows how she did it and even shows off how fabulous she is at the Bee Dance. Bonus footage! We had a random pet heal with 4 Brilliant Lights.  Imagine that in a 4v4 PvP. Oh brother! No, no, no!


 The Badge

To commemorate this event, Wizard101 gave Roslyn this nifty badge for her collection.Elixir-Vitae


Please help me congratulate Roslyn on her fantastic heal and thank her for sharing all the details of her work to reach this goal.

Have you received Elixir Vitae? Do you have other gear choices or suggestions for others reaching for the badge? Let everyone know in the comments below.


Happy Badge Hunting


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  • My poor fire wiz looked so ridiculous -_-

  • Cody DragonRider :{‘;

    Ok, now we have a problem, how will other wizards get this? ;d

    • zeus warrior

      Exactly, life wizards have an advantage.

      • Lynda

        Not to mention those of us that can’t afford all of that crowns gear. I would rather have a list of slightly worse gear that I can actually get than gear that I have no chance of getting just so I can get a badge.

        • alexis hunter

          It’s just a badge, though, it’s not the end of the world if you can’t don it, nobody really needs a 1 000 000 heal during a duel. An advantage at being able to wear a badge doesn’t really sound like a game changer.

          • Lynda

            I’m just saying that you shouldn’t have to use crowns gear to get a badge. And whilst it isn’t a game changer, it would be something that would be nice to have, and would give some people a sense of achievement and self satisfaction as the badge is hard to get. But by hard, i do not mean that you should have to invest real money into it.

          • alexis hunter

            I definitely see your point, but I don’t think that it’s too unjust to have one small detail available only to crowns players. Heh, if only it was this badge alone – after all, you can’t really be a top duelist without investing in crowns. Sure that there are no-crowns builds, but they are usually proposed by already experiences duelists, who have already bought a bunch of crowns for other gear on other characters (not to mention the real money invested in either membership or in bought areas). Not to mention the tournaments, which are blatantly available only for crowns, even for already-paying members. In the light of all this I was saying that one badge unavailable without crowns, while inconvenient, is not that bad.

          • alexis hunter

            …None of which means that it wouldn’t be great if there were non-crowns builds that allowed you to get the badge 🙂

          • Cody DragonRider :Y

            I see your points there, but, the harder each badge require you to do, the more WANTS everyone feels. For example: Do you NEED One in a Million Badge? No… But you WANT it.

  • David Goldenflame

    You can boost healing stats with pets too!

  • Steven Speaks

    Congratulations Roslyn!!

    I just earned the Elixir Vitae badge as well, but with a couple different pieces of gear. And special thanks to Cody Sunrider for helping by wearing the an amulet and, well, letting me heal him. 😀

    I see on previous comments that the perception is that crowns gear is needed to achieve this goal, but it is not. Here is what i used:

    Poseidon’s Brim of Ardor
    Hades Armor of Conscience
    Zues’ Striders of Vitality
    Sword of Kings
    Wolf’s emerald Talon
    Troll ear Pendant
    Stone of the other side
    Leaf Foot Pet (only taken to adult so had no heal talent, give one guiding and one brilliant light)
    Valkyrie light pendant (amulet worn by friend I healed)

    I also used the tc cards listed that Roslyn used, except I used the regular Dryad treasure card, not flowering. Could never find one. I also used Cycle of Life instead of TC Mend because it helped keep me from getting white pips. I did, however, buy the vengeful elixir just to ensure a critical heal. But to say “it can’t be achieved without buying all that crowns gear”, well, is incorrect. It can be done.

  • Why did you choose Foulgaze’s crib as your healing place Heather? O.o

    • Steven Speaks

      it was just a close place to the bazaar after I got the treasure sanctuary card. Thought about a street fight in a empty realm, but you never know when someone unknown is going to run.

    • I didn’t choose it, Roslyn did. I bet Steven is right, it was close to the bazaar.

      • Oh, okay 😛

      • Roslyn Roseheart

        I so chose it because it’s near the bazaar. Don’t you judge me! ^.^

  • Merciless Jean Percy

    Imagine if you were about to use the heal, and then your pet got a spritely and took of all your guiding/brilliant lights. Trololol XD.

    • That would be awful!!! I will add something above about taking your healing pet OFF. This is a very good point, thanks!

      • Cameronn Dragonshield

        I have no pets that can may cast a heal. D:

        • Hunter IceShard

          when i was making my way to commander I used a pet with 10% proof, 5% defy, 6% pain giver, 6% ice giver and 6% sharp shot.

          Its not just about healing but more about strategy

  • I only got one thing to say. That’s Insane!

  • Cody DragonRider :P

    Heather, do you think I could get this badge if I have 98% Inc and 101% out? Ill heal myself. Since i would have 0% critical on this set up, do you think it still possible?

    • You’ll have to do the calculations Cody. I think if you can find enough GL and BL you would be able to.

  • David Goldenflame

    Using the TCs from other booster packs will stack with regular TCs.

  • Cody Nightblade

    Um, I am not sure how to word this, but flowering dryad treasure cards heal for 240 health per pip, and dryad treasure cards only heal for 225 health per pip.

  • Mauver Sartori

    Actually, Flowering Dryad offers you 240 heal per pip, not 225

  • Luke

    3 words: hardest badge ever.

  • icehammer1112

    Congrats Roslyn!

    We’ve had a lively discussion on a guide I wrote to do this without crowns on Central. Hopefully both guides will make it easier for others to get.

    Based on the latest comments, it appears that you’re able to do it with Sacrifice Minion too. Hoping to test and update soon.

    If someone could let me know how to include a link, would be happy to post a link here. Otherwise you can search Central for “Elixir Vitae without crowns”

    • Thanks. 🙂 You can post a link but it may take a little while to appear because moderators check all links before posting.

  • That heal could’ve cured cancer……..

    • Leaf Foot

      i like your brand pfp best support rn

  • Blaze MeOut

    Look people gotta stop arguing saying that life got an advantage in getting this badge … every school got their strengths … myth have crazy 1v1 spells with minions … fire got overtime … ice got defense … death got hit and heal … life got heal … storm got insane killing intent attacks … balance is user friendly school that can also manipulate pips … honestly people can argue that storm can get one in a million way easier … well each school got their own weaknesses too …

    • Steven Speaks

      Well put!

    • Exactly, they do. Just saying, all that other school strengths and weaknesses is unrelated to Life having a huge advantage in getting the badge. It is possible, I presume, to get Elixir Vitae with a life mastery, but Life has the general edge to getting the badge, just as storm has the damage and supercharge edge to getting One in a Million, fire has Backdraft, etc, etc.

      • The schools having strengths and weaknesses is unrelated to the HEALING school having an easier time getting a HEALING badge? Going to have to disagree there.

        Also.. you don’t even have to use a Life spell or any healing buffs to get this badge. You can use the Steal Health spell which gets buffed with death damage enchantments. That way is much more simple than using a heal.

        • CDR

          Still, Death school would have more advantage 🙂 Aside, blade alone won’t get you a million; you would need a friend to be on the other side to trap up your minion :d

          • Not true. Blades alone can do it – one of my wife’s friends did it at foulgaze last night.

          • I am working on a video for this right now. We used Steal Health and a ton of blades. It worked! It gives One in a Million and Elixir Vitae. 🙂

        • Blaze MeOut

          Lol I like nicks comments also btw … if you seen it she didn’t even use every healing boost possible in the video I don’t see a star spell in her shadow seraph form … you can use star spells that give healing or critical boost :p …

    • Cody DragonRider

      Ok, I see your point there; but, One in a Million can be recieve by ANY level in Wizard101. I myself already test it out (got One in a Million badge at level one, but off course, I level up to level two in an instant.) But, life having advantages more than anyone else in this one; high critical; high healing inc; out; and they have more healing buff charms. It’s yes maybe possible for other to use mastery and get this badge. But it would be super HARD. I test out myself yesterday with 98% Inc and 101% Out. I lucky got critical but it heal me only 400,000. It’s hard for other school to get this badge.

      • Blaze MeOut

        Omg that’s actually pretty good a few more boost like 4 or 5 would hit the mark

    • Blaze MeOut

      honestly I feel sorry for myth considering they don’t have school heals … ice people just jelly storm got better at pvp and resist isn’t the main focus anymore and are being arrogant saying they need heals … you guys can steal overtime heals people and that card counts as a heal … like fire life and balance use overtime heals especially fire and balance you got an adv … this comment has nothing to do with the badge … heals were just on my mind

  • HighMan

    I also did this, but with a lvl 63 as my incoming heal. (Didn’t have access to any other people.) Here is what I used:

    Vengeance Potion
    Trained Flowering Triad 3360
    Trained Brilliant Light 4368
    Trained Guiding Light 5678.4
    Trained Cycle of Life 7098
    Trained Shadow Seraph 8872.5
    Outgoing (117%) 19253.325 (Smoking Obsidian Scales, Foot Gear of the Afterlife, Celestian Edge, Lord of the Night Challenge Ring, Sword of Kings)
    Incoming (62%) 31190.3865 (Diplomatic Dagger, Dazzling Celestian Ring, Horned Helm of the Mighty,Boots of the North Wind)
    EOB Brilliant Light (Treasure) 45226.0604275
    Brilliant Light Treasure 63316.4845925
    Guiding Light Treasure 88643.0784335
    Sanctuary Treasure 141828.925506
    Moon’s Grace (ITEM CARD) 198560.495728
    Troll Ear Pendant (ITEM CARD) 277984.693999

    Critical 555969.387898
    Leaf Foot Guiding Light 722760.204357
    Leaf Foot Brilliant Light 1011864.28616

  • Anna Mist

    Just wanted to add this ring to the list of items that would help. This is farmed from Belloq in Twin Giants. I haven’t gotten the badge yet.. I am still gathering tc but this is a nice ring.

  • Cameron dragonshield

    I’m going to try and get one in a million and elixir vitae (I’m a death wizard level 76).

  • purple fury

    nice, one of the rare guides i am actually considering to use lol

  • Conor myth blade

    BlazeLifeHamer did it first

  • PkmnTrainer

    this won’t work for other players though, you have to make it a little more balanced for people who arent life school, dontcha think?

  • Scot hexeyes

    Can you pls make one guide like that but for fire and without life mastery pls ! If you will ever read that comment heather:/

  • Thegeekwithcats

    only problem I have is that I’m not level ninty yet and am trying for it (level 86) any gear suggestions for BELOW level ninty gear?

    • Morgrim Shadowfist

      If you’d like, I can specifically help you get the badge. As it turns out, you can actually get this by PvPing, This allows the enemy team to trap your minion to help the million. As for gear, take either death damage, or universal critical or death critical (if you could somehow get that).

      This of course, is using the Steal Health on Minion way. Otherwise, if you want natural heal, it’s going to be very difficult…

      • Thegeekwithcats

        I’m life, so taking death gear…not so good On my death….I may try some day. Right now I’ve got the gear from the Whale pack for level eighty (with hat that’s a total of plus 45 percent to outgoing healing. Tried going with a hat that gives 89% critical boost, power and critical elixirs…twice..did not critical. Went with the hat and the elixirs…critical. I think murphy likes me/

        • Morgrim Shadowfist

          Well, I was balance and I still ended up getting the badge through the Steal Health way. I didn’t critical either. Universal damage (as well as that gear that gives like 24% death damage and 30% death resist? Gear level is around 40~50?)… It did wonders for me.

  • Logan Firehammer

    Hey I’m just looking for some good gear for a balance wizard to get the one in a million badge. My secondary school is storm and I have Storm Mastery Amulet already. Can anyone help please?

  • Pete Mayes

    you know, you could just use both life polymorph’s for brilliant light and guiding light. ( if your not life.) so the only true advantage that life has over us is their huge outgoing and incoming and even that we can still get close to.

  • Michael LifeSong

    Using the Simplify and Elucidate treasure cards on Brilliant Light allows them to stack as well.

  • Michael Dea

    The gear they used is now non existent or they are no longer in the crowns shop but in the bazaar.. There are better ones and also other gear now from level 95 and up

  • Dragonslayer

    Do you get the badge from being the one healed?

    • Cody RavenTamer

      Nope, you have to be the one casting the heal.

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