Underrated and Situational Spells for P…

Just because few people use them doesn’t mean that they’re useless! Check this article to learn more about situational spells, which can be really potent if used at the appropriate time.

Monstrology Creatures List #5 – M…

Our Monstrology Creatures List #5 lists all the Manders, Imps and Elephants you can catch in the Spiral! Let’s find them all!

Monstrology Bugs – An Updated List

Check out and possibly contribute to this updated monstrology bugs list so we can complete every single list in our monstrology tomes!

Test Realm – Azteca Fishing!

Azteca Fishing has come to the spiral! Find out what the 11 new fish are called and where to get them! Let’s get fishing!

The New Bad Juju

Bad Juju was given a major revamp in Wizard101’s Test Realm! Read on for more details!

Wizard101 Test Realm – Wizard Cit…

A new test realm is here and with it brings a new Wizard City graphical update, Photomancy, Azteca Fishing, and Magic Mirror and MORE!

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