Dueling Diego Contest! (Pirate101) [CLOSED]

DiegoYou may have heard that over at KI Free Games, Dueling Diego now gives prizes for Pirate101. We suggest heading over and checking it out, winning some free gifts for your Pirate!

Dueling DiegoMany of the games over at KI Free Games give prizes that can cost crowns, or simply aren’t available in the regular KI games otherwise. Many a thrifty Wizard has played Grub Guardian to stock up on Energy Elixirs and other goodies. Now your Pirate has the chance to win goodies too! Top Tier prizes for Dueling Diego can include Gold, Training Tomes, and even Housing Items!

The Contest

To celebrate the launch of Dueling Diego’s P101 Prizes, we’re running a contest and giving away codes with top tier Dueling Diego goodies! How can you win these prizes? It’s simple!

Your Job

In the game, Diego is trying to save his true love Francesca. You job is to tell us why you think she was kidnapped and Diego must save her!

Entries do not need to be very long, a few sentences or a paragraph is plenty. We’ll be picking the funniest, most creative reasons and rewarding them with codes!

The Prizes

12 Winners will receive a top tier Dueling Diego code!

Each of these codes will redeem on the same loot table exactly as if you’ve won the top tier of rewards (Tier 7). That means each code will give you 5000 gold plus one item redeemable in your gift window in game.  If you’re lucky that could mean something as rare as five companion training tomes or a cool Marleybone housing item like a Statue of St. Hubert.

The Rules

  • Keep the stories family-friendly.
  • One entry per person.
  • Be polite to other contestants.
  • We do not base winners on how many “upvotes” a comment gets, so creating a bunch of fake accounts to upvote your comment won’t help you win, it will just make you look kind of silly.
  • Be sure you type your email correctly when you sign up to leave a comment, this is what we will use to send your code if you win!
  • Most importantly, have fun!

How Long?

This contest ends Sunday, February 2, 2014. Entries must be submitted before Midnight Central time.


Good Luck and Happy Dueling!


Update 2/3/2014: Winners!

  1. Jereomy
  2. The Operator
  3. Alex
  4. Phoenix
  5. Brave Erik Jordan
  6. Beatriz
  7. Batice
  8. Bold Benjamin Hawkins
  9. Wolf537
  10. Paula
  11. Lord Pirate
  12. voss

All winners have been emailed with their Dueling Diego code. If you are one of the winners, be sure to check your Inbox!

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  1. Francesca was kidnapped to be sold to a pirate as a mount, and Diego must save her from the humiliation of carrying a smelly pirate on her back.

  2. Woo! This is awesome 😀 Finally xD

  3. Beatriz Abbott says:

    Francesca really likes Diego- but she wants to figure out just how much he likes her back. So, unbeknownst to Diego, she has devised a plan to stage her own kidnapping, and her talented fencer friend Roberto has agreed to pretend to be the kidnapper. If Diego can defeat Roberto and “rescue” her, he will have proven to be strong, brave and loyal- all of which are qualities Francesca looks for in a guy!

  4. Beatriz Abbott says:

    Sorry, not sure why my email didn’t show up. Feel free to delete my other comment. 😛

    Francesca really likes Diego- but she wants to figure out just how much he likes her back. So, unbeknownst to Diego, she has devised a plan to stage her own kidnapping, and her talented fencer friend Roberto has agreed to pretend to be the kidnapper. If Diego can defeat Roberto and “rescue” her, he will have proven to be strong, brave and loyal- all of which are qualities Francesca looks for in a guy!

  5. JacksonPirates says:

    How many horseprincesses have you seen? If your answer is above two then you’re lying

  6. cissa1234 says:

    Francesasca and Diego were a perfect couple, but Roberto wanted to marry Francesca so he kidnapped her and trapped her in the tallest tower in the Spiral. Every day he asked her to marry him but she always said no, because she waited for Diego to save her.Diego trains to get stronger every day more so he can save his love.

  7. Cody Nightblade says:

    Diego: I hear the faintest sound. It sounds like Francesca, my love, and it seems she is trapped in the tower! Time to rescue her from the tower. There is a huge amount of guards. Oh well, I must attack the weak guardians and save Francesca!

  8. El Toro hired Roberto to sneak Francesca away so he could get a secret rendezvous where he was hoping to convince her to join his budding collection of fine lady horses of good family, a majestic posture and strong physique.
    Rumour has it that he intends to arrange a race when he gets enough.

  9. morgan spiritstalker says:

    Diego has to save Francesca because she won the lottery and she spent it on chickens. She was captured because she took the chickens to a dungeon full of chickens. Then her brother, Bob, saw all the chickens and called Malistaire to take her away. So now Malistaire is going to sell her to a horse to be the horse’s mount. And Diego doesn’t want her to be a mount so he has to save her or he has to be a mount just to be with her. e-mail = morganspiritstaker1@gmail.com

  10. i am awesome says:

    Roberto is in love with Francesca, but he can see that she and Diego make the best couple. So Roberto kidnap Francesca hopping to married her and have a honey moon, but he has never been a match for Diego who will surely save her with his wits and skills. While Roberto has no wits and little skills.

  11. The Operator says:

    It’s actually all a conspiracy. Francesca, in league with Roberto, had ‘borrowed’ a few Glendemming sets from her supposed true love (she’s just faking the love to get the contraband) to be sold on the black market to shady wizards looking for an easy street to warlord. Diego starts to notice the disappearance of gear, so Francesca and Roberto arrange a hasty getaway. Diego mistakenly assumes that she’s been kidnapped, and so goes off in search of his ‘true love’. When he finally catches up to her, Francesca allows herself to be ‘saved’, while Roberto takes the blame for the kidnapping and the gear theft, taking all the suspicion off of Francesca. Roberto is sent to Newgate Prison in Marleybone, but escapes soon after. Francesca returns to the Arena with Diego, where she begins to steal more gear, and smuggles it to the escaped Roberto. Rinse and repeat; the cycle begins again thus allowing players to play infinite games of Dueling Diego! How else did you think you could save Francesca multiple times?? It’s not like you can just ‘rewind’ everything and just have Francesca be kidnapped again for no reason in particular!!

    • dude what the heck is up with your picture and u know what i mean by that

      • The Operator says:

        What do you mean, it’s just the Myth school symbol.
        Maybe KI chose it to be this for a reason……. ;]

        • angus light says:

          well it kinda looks like some thing else suspicouse

          • The Operator says:

            I don’t know what you’re talking about heheheheh…..
            But what I do know is that you’re a top(ish, around 93 approx) level life with a pvp ranking of about 550-599 and you wear crafted Avalon style gear…….
            How do I know this you ask? Well, it can’t have anything to do with my ‘suspicouse’ picture, now can it…….. It must just be a natural talent that all Myth school students get? 😉

          • The illuminati have infiltrated wizard101!!! Run before they use their power of hypnosis to make us do horrible things like over throw Ambros as head master, summon Gobblers to pass gas in the commons, or the worst fate of all *gasp*, make us pick up their laundry!!! D:

          • The Operator says:

            Sorry, its too late >:)
            We’ve been here since the beginning of the spiral! Since the idea of a myth school even existed!!!

          • angus light says:

            this is getting awekward u my friend is sick u can warship who ever u want but dont bring your sick belief in to the spiral keep it too your self and change your picture its distubing

          • angus light says:

            well um i think u should change that picture to another myth simbol

  12. Emma SummerHeart says:

    Diego’s evil twin brother Liego, was jealous of Francesca and Diego’s relationship. So Liego thought of an evil plan to kidnap Francesca and to keep her! When Diego found out he was outraged! He ran to Francesca’s house and she was nowhere to be found, Diego knew Liego had taken her. Diego sprung into action and set out to find Francesca, his true love…..

  13. Greedy Samuel Templeton says:

    Diego The Duelmaster was once in Valencia. He was engaged in a fencing match with Roberto, and it ended up with Diego about to win… but Roberto ran away from the Arena. He took away Francesca, who was in the crowd, and hurriedly ran to his pirate ship, with his crew of gobblers. After the gobblers got their fill (which took some time) the ship sailed away for a deserted area on Skull Island. Diego now must journey to Skull Island on another gobbler shipe full of hungry and angry gobblers and get past the island’s dangerous creatures to save his love, Francesca.

  14. Diego was bored of his girlfriend, so he made a conspiracy to kidnap her, so that he can date morganthe.

  15. Francesca got kidnapped for her brownie recipe but she forgot it and diego wants some of them

  16. Francesca was kidnapped because Roberto really wanted to sell her back to Diego in exchange for boxes of twinkies. Because he is really a gobbler who could not find any food not a unicorn. He wants to be able to eat all the twinkies he can, but Diego has all the twinkies in the spiral. So that’s why Roberto captured Francesca.

  17. Lauren Ice says:

    Diego and Francesca were once in love as much a foal and colt could be in love. When they first started dating, Diego invented a fun, dueling game called “PvP”. Of course, Francesca HAD to try it so Diego could beam with pride and joy of his flawless system. As word got out about this, “PvP” more and more wizards wanted to try. One day, a suspicious horse with the name of Roberto waltzed into the PvP arena, seeking revenge on Diego for using the idea that was once Roberto’s! Diego immediately recognized him, and demanded a duel at once! But Roberto wasn’t going to duel Diego. He was going to take Francesca! And with a successful kidnap, Roberto got away clean. To this day, Roberto has Francesca on a secret island, DEMANDING that she gives him the entire PvP arena and all of the Glendemming gear! *Because his stats right now are not very good*. Francesca can deny it all, but she soon will not be able to, once Roberto traps her on a sinking ship! Diego has looked in every world in the spiral, seeking his true love!
    -Lauren Ice

  18. Unbeknownst to the spiral, Francesca had a secret. And what was it you may ask? She had the secret…of the Crowns. It was ingenious really, for developers’ to entrust the creation of such a desired currency in one of the game’s least noticeable characters. After all, how else did Francesca make her rise into fame? But she was discovered. The pirates, after years of seeking endless wealth, found an answer to their problems in the form of a pink-dressed horse. Now Diego blindly searches for his true love, without knowing the real meaning of her capture.

  19. Emma SummerHeart says:

    do another contest for wizard101!!!!!! please!!!!!! 🙂

    • Merciless Jean Percy says:

      Don’t you think thats kinda rude to post on a pirate101 contest? Lol, but really, there were loads in the past (Plus 12 days of frenzy which was much bigger than this)

      • i just wanted them to see it so u should mind ur own beeswax

        • Bold Benjamin Hawkins says:

          Um… please try to be nice people, keep this family friendly.

        • Merciless Jean Percy says:

          Well there’s one now, so i hope you’re happy.

        • Merciless Jean Percy says:

          I know i shouldn’t be continuing, but how is it none of my bussiness? I’m inclined to reading your post and giving my opinion about it, since it is on a website where anyone can see it.

  20. BreakCloud says:

    Roberto is actually Diego’s evil brother! No one dared to mention that they were siblings until Francesca was kidnapped by Roberto. Roberto realizes his love for Francesca and attempts to force it through her. Francesca knowing that Roberto works for the mysterious Morganthe refuses his love. Her true love lies with Diego (i know so much drama and romance right?). Diego knows he can take his evil brother on using the new glendemming set. With his trusty cutlass he goes through a series of challenging battles to find his lost love Francesca.

  21. Alex Treant Rider says:

    Diego was in love with princess and they were getting married in a few hours.roberto was jealous so he kidnapped her and was about to kill her so that Diego gets sad and leaves dueling and from number 1 Diego gets to number 2 in dueling and Roberto gets number 1
    But just in time Diego saves the princess and they Mary

  22. Francesca was kidnapped because she got the secret power of healing and Roberto that is diego twin, wanted to have a special healer for only himself, because he was EVIL

  23. Lord Pirate says:

    It’s obvious. Francesca knew the location of one of the pieces of Marco Pollo’s map so the Armada hired Roberto to kidnap her and bring her to Kane. However, Roberto didn’t like the amount of gold he was being paid so he took Francesca to Skull Island and decided to ransom her until the Armada gave him more gold. The unknownst to the Armada or Roberto, the Resistance found out and sent one of there most trusted members, Diego, to rescue Francesca and stop the Armada from getting info about the map. So they smuggled Diego on a ship full of Gobbler pirates. Also Diego and Francesca like like each other so there is that to.

  24. Bold Benjamin Hawkins says:

    Well, it all started out when francesca won a fake ticket to a “deluxe cruise to skull island” where she would enjoy a week of wonderful bliss. But, it was Roberto who sent the ticket and before Francesca knew what was happening she was stuck in a cave with Roberto. But she manages to get a message to Diego through unmentionable means, which all I will say about it is it involved a toilet, a bottle, and a piece of paper with information involving where she is. Diego manages to recieve the bottle (plumbing connects the world together) after it was sent to him by an unlucky wizard plumber (someone has to do it) and brought it to diego. After reading the message, Diego immediately hides in the deck of a gobbler pirate ship trying to find food on skull island (Why else would Diego start in the hold?) where he rescues his dear Francesca. However, Francesca is highly gullible and continues to fall for the ticket, and the whole proccess starts all over again (with the exeption of the plumbing part, because Diego already knows where she is.)

    P.S. I was the plumber( how else would I know this story?) or at least Benjamin Firetamer was.

    • Bold Benjamin Hawkins says:

      Edit:After reading the message, Diego immediately hides in the deck of a gobbler pirate ship trying to find food on skull island to: After reading the message, Diego immediately hides in the deck of a gobbler pirate ship WHICH IS trying to find food on skull island

  25. Brave Erik Jordan says:

    Simple, really. Deigo and Roberto were playing on an old school nintendo when the power went out. Instead of waiting for it to be turned back on, they called Francesca to LARP a game of Super Mario Bros. Roberto plays all the false Bowsers, and Francesca’s playing the Toad’s. “Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another skull cave”.

  26. Francesca was kidnapped to be traded for a bag of popcorn! and she was going to be sent away to gortez. so we better save her before she gets pounded by a mob of monkeys!

  27. The whole Diego story is backwards. Francesca is not in love with Diego. Truly, she is in love with her “captor”, and Diego is trying to take her away. Diego sure is bonkers.

  28. Adrian Bridge says:

    Francesca was kidnapped so that the pirate lord could marry her and make Diego suffer because the pirate lord knows that Diego love Francesca.

  29. Francesca was kidnapped by the Gobbler King in Wizard City. His reasons are unknown – her beauty? Running out of castle to eat? A servant to get them more food? Being held for ransom so they’ll have something else besides buildings to chomp on? and Diego must save her since he is madly in love with her and the wizards have no clue, still trying to fend off the pesky gobblers themselves in Colossus Boulevard. However, he was rudely knocked out from his usual place in Unicorn Way and teleported to a Gobbler ship (miraculously intact and uneaten) in the Skyways, so now he must travel back to Wizard City!

  30. Oh thnx guys for thinking mine is 9th funny I got a cool wall hanging from MB

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