Pirate101’s 5th Birthday Bash

Happy 5th Birthday!

Yar, thought we didn’t have anything planned for Pirate101’s 5th Birthday?! Guess again, even with wizard101’s test realm on full hype, the Duelist101 team would like to celebrate Pirate and its impact on the community. When it comes to celebrating, PvP is a must, so be sure to join us on November 4th in an all out war of red vs. blue!  Also be sure to get ready for both a FASHION and a TREASURE HUNT contest. 


Date: November 4th

Realm: One Eyed Jack

Pick up Location: Brawlin’ Hall

Time: 9 AM-1 PM Pacific Time Zone—> 11 AM-3 PM Central Time

What: Free 4 All PvP 

Join us at the Smuggler’s Cove House Arena and PvP randomly! This is not a tournament, so simply PvP and be sure to post a “participation” Screen Shot in the comments below! Participants will be placed in a raffle to win a mystery prize (to be announced)! ** No Doubloons please

Bonus Contests:

Fashion Contest: Come dressed as amazing as you can, show off your looks and get a chance at another prize! The contest will be announced and done later in the day!

Treasure Hunt: Find the 5 hidden items in the house and be the first to share them with us! Send them over to duelistcontest@gmail.com

The 5 items are:

>Golden Chicken

>Gumball Machine

>Toy Monkey 

>Olive Tree

>Wrapped Present

(Hidden items to be announced at the event) 

There will be a few duelist members to help port participants to the event.   We are hoping for a great turn out, so see you all there!



Scavenger Hunt
1st- Hoodoo Bundle
2nd/3rd- 5k crowns + Steamier Punk
4th/5th- Gloomthorn Mount

Raffle- 1 lucky winner- 5k crowns + Steamier Punk- 3 winners 2.5k crowns + Engineer’s Visor

Fashion Contest- 2 winners (1 red 1 blue)- 2.5k Crowns + Engineer’s Visor

Twitter Trivia- 5 winners, 1k crowns + Vorpal Bunny (we will be tweeting question, follow us @duelst101com for updates)

Live Stream! We will be having a pirate101 live stream going on during the event, check this post for the link!

Stream: https://www.youtube.com/c/JonathanDeathsword/live

Planning on attending? 


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