Wanted!: Prioritizing Targets in P101, Swashbucklers

Wanted Swash

What is Wanted!?

The first hurdle in Pirate101 PvP is figuring out which unit(s) to take down first. Wanted is a short Pirate101 strategy series aimed at helping new players learn to prioritize targets in PvP, class by class.


 Swashbucklers’ Most Wanted

Pirate101 Swashbuckler Icon“Swashbucklers rely on speed and finesse in combat, sneaking up on their foes and striking by surprise, then dodging the enemy’s attacks when they finally arrive.

They are deadly with a blade, but not nearly as tough as a Buccaneer, sacrificing toughness for damage.”

Kill or be killed is the name of the game for Swashbucklers, but merely taking down enemies isn’t enough most of the time. Who you take down is vitally important. With flimsy defenses, Swashbucklers need to recognize the biggest threats and end them swiftly.


Kill Resolution

Kill Resolution is Duelist101’s term for the preferred order for targets. You will not always be able to follow this flowchart. Wise opponents, knowing who your prime target is, may play keep away with traps and other defensive measures. Know that deviations from this chain are okay, but our current match experience has led us to these conclusions.

Here’s our Most Wanted on Swashbucklers’ lists, in order:

  • The Pirate
  • Musketeer Companions
  • Swash Companions
  • Wild Cards

 As we’ll explain below, the Pirate takes first spot in most matchups, with some notable exceptions.

In second place, Musk companions. Musketeer accuracy is nothing to laugh at; if you let them sit comfortably, they’ll hit you all day with Burst Fire strings. Third are the high damage Swashbuckler comps, bearing the Relentless series.  

The Wild Card…

The “Wild Card” is my preferred term for the fourth member on a team. The current metagame has most players running a solid Musk companion (like Bonnie) and a good Swash (like Toro). After that, the fourth member can be a variety of things: Mojo Echo Witchdoctors, Privateers with healing/buff cards, etc.

It’s important to recognize them early. Example: If the Wild is a second musketeer with Burst Fire x2, taking them out may come before the Swash companions. Keep an eye out, and play smart. You’ll learn early on where the Wild Card sits on your list.


Class Notes


Pirate101 Swashbuckler IconOther Swashbucklers

You have an advantage and disadvantage here. You know what he can do, and he knows what you can do.

Player Swashbucklers are prime targets. One good critical Assassin’s Strike or Backstab can take a unit from green health to red or dead.  Also, his power cards bypass your sky-high dodge stats and laugh at First-strike/Riposte.  Poisons will wreak havoc long after he’s fallen, if he can get one off. Don’t let him. End him early.


The resident riflemen are a handful for most Swashbucklers. Give them enough of a foothold and you’ll be wading through bombs, bear traps, and a rain of AoE’s. They will not hesitate to lower your dodge, which is crucial with our defenses. This matchup will often be a down and dirty grudge match, so Player Musketeers are top priority.

Icon_Class_PrivateerPrivateers and Pirate101 P101 Bucc Class IconBuccaneers

Player Privateers and Buccaneers are a situational bunch against Swashbucklers. Much of their priority comes down to gear.

If most of their gear gives healing or boost power cards, kill the comps and let the Privateer/Buccaneer be last. If they have many Assassin’s Strikes or Backstabs on their gear, kill them, then the comps. Without these “sure-hit” attack cards, your First Strikes and Riposte will make short work of them, should your Swash Pirate or Swash Companions see the late game.


Lastly, the Hoodoo experts yield the same manner of danger as Musketeers.

Mojo strikes, Mojo Blades, long range magic hits, Charm. The list extends for Witchdoctors. You do not want their spells crashing into you every turn, especially with a Swash’s non-existent resist stat. Send them to an early grave before they drag you to one.



Notable Offenders


Bonnie Anne 2Bonnie Anne

When you think of Burst Fire Musketeers, Bonnie arguably takes the top spot. Swash fear her for good reason. Overwatch will hit you on the approach thanks to deadly accuracy, and she may draw a burst fire or two out of it.

Scattershot is what really sets the Fox apart from other gunslingers: a cone of fire that pops you out of hiding and lowers your dodge.


Toro Espirit de Corps 2El Toro

Masterful dodge on both ends says your Swash will be trading misses with Toro often. But you will never take him down before he unleashes Espirit de Corps. It’s vitally important to stay on an even on accuracy/dodge buffs, which for Swash means bringing your own Toro.

If you can stay even and keep your less dodgy companions out of his range, tangling with Toro can be delayed for juicier targets.



It may sometimes be tempting to grab a quick kill off your opponent’s pet or skeletal summon, but defeating the largest threats is ultimately more important. If a battle comes down to a 1v1, you don’t want your last unit to be susceptible to your opponent’s. You want to be engineering that scenario in your favor. Perfect your prioritization, and you’ll be on your way to becoming the Most Wanted Pirate in the skies.


Next time, we take a look at Musketeers!




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  1. chamender3 says:

    Looks good Psy! Can’t wait for the privateer edition!

  2. FaclonerET says:

    Love it! I took notes on this during school instead of taking notes on history..

  3. this is an aweswome guide, like getting a cheat sheet for pirate battles, lots of good inside info here. you say, “Wanted is a short Pirate101 strategy series aimed at helping new players”…i think this is true, but it’s also a series that can help established players as well, it’s just a really solid guide.

  4. There seems to be no love for buccaneers from all the pirate things going on, and that’s what I choose as my first pirate to go into a membership with. Level 11 and I don’t know what I am doing, hehe.

    • Psylent Night says:

      Lol well I wouldn’t say no love. Good ol’ Ratbeard is keeping an eye on class balance, especially bucc’s. I can see them getting some major improvements next update. And another Dueliist Contributor is working on some Bucc 1v1, trying to figure the class out as is.

      • Its less of a question of balance and more of popularity. I haven’t seen much buccaneer discussions or actual in-game players. I tried out musketeer and in a 4 player battle everyone was a musketeer lol.

    • Lucas Walker says:

      People underrate Buccs, which is a bad thing. My friend who is a Bucc himself is an amazing tank, he has 110 armor without buffs. It requires more work to do well with Bucc in PvP, but it’s is certainly worth it. Since so many people underrate the class when a Bucc player starts beating a lot of good players, they’ll certainly make a name for the Bucc class and themselves.

  5. Wizard10videomovies says:

    Swasbucklers are awesome i am one ^^~ Goldenrosylnlnstrong/Graceangleshade

  6. Lucas Walker says:

    An amazing guide indeed! I’ll give you some other companions which if played well can become a huge advantage for their captain. Louise LeBisque is a tanking Musketeer, keeping opponents away and can take a lot more hits than you’d think. The lovely mouse cosairs, Lucy Sterling and Sarah Steele can easily take on El Toro and when buffed are practically unbeatable. Wing Chun’s Call to Arms along with Espirit De Corps is a great combo which can end matches quickly. He can take a few hits and heal when he has too. Kan Po’s hide in the shadows and critical strike combo is extremely deadly. He has a high critical rate, but also draws attention to himself easily. Luckily he can heal.

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