Duelist101 Status Update

Duelist101 Status Update

I bet a lot of you are relieved to see Duelist101 back online. It has taken us a while! Most of you probably also have questions about what happened and what the future holds for Duelist. This post is meant to address these issues.

But first, let me thank everyone who has reached out to us during this tough time. It has been heartwarming to see how compassionate, understanding and supportive you all have been. We’re extremely grateful for your offers to help us out. We might actually need your help. Thanks for reaching out to us!


Duelist101’s Situation

You could say Duelist101 has been running on empty for a while now. While we give the impression of being a large, successful team, the truth has been far from that. We’ve had a lack of motivated and inspired writers. PvP in Wizard101 has become much more RNG based than strategy based. That means writing PvP guides for specific schools and levels, as we have done in the past, is more difficult. Meanwhile, Pirate101 hasn’t seen an update in a long time, which has made our Pirate101 writers less motivated. Because of all of this, it’s been tough for a while now to keep up a regular publishing schedule.

Our readers have also been less active, which has resulted in significantly fewer comments on the website as of late. At the same time, our ad revenue has also dropped. In fact, it dropped so much that the upkeep of the website was no longer covered by ads. Because of this, the site got a new owner who was ready to take financial responsibility for the site. He had lots of ideas about how to move ahead financially and strategically. Unfortunately, a lack of both communication and a shared view of Duelist101’s future created tension and eventually led to the website going offline completely.


Duelist101’s Future 

The site is back up now, but it won’t be forever. We’ve decided Duelist101 will not continue as it is for much longer. However, there is no need to panic. Our core of staff members has not disbanded. Your favorite articles, guides and tools will not disappear. We’ve been gathering information about which guides our readers find most important, and these articles will stay online. The following image contains a list of the current guides people have asked us to save. If you think of more to add to the list, please share your suggestions in the comments.


duelist101 status update


So where do we go from here? As a team, we have decided we will be moving on to a new site in the near future. This will take us a while to set up, so don’t expect wonders just yet. We feel Duelist101’s image has been smudged by recent developments. Starting anew on a smaller website will allow us to distance ourselves from said developments. Additionally, our former partnership with the “Wizard101 Community” server has been discontinued. Also, the new website gives us the opportunity to make some changes to the type of content we’ve been creating up to now. Being free from the standards expected of the Duelist101 brand should help our team grow closer while exploring new options and ideas. We’re looking forward to planning the layout of the new site and cleaning up (or remaking) old guides!

We will still be producing the quality content you have come to expect from us. We will still run with mostly the same crew. However, in the future, we’d like to have a closer relationship with our readers than we’ve had in the past. We’re sure there are many among you who would like to share your knowledge. We have several plans in mind for you to do just that, and they’re not limited to just one section of the community. There will be other ways for you to contribute as well, including financial contributions. More will be revealed once we get back on our feet after all that has been going on. 

Thank you for your support, your patience and your sympathy!


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