Brainstorm: A Storm Solo of Medulla

Brainstorm: A Storm Solo of Medulla

Ah, Medulla, the final boss of Empyrea Part 1 and the first real challenge since Sycorax. He sports an impressive 125,000 hp and 3 of our closest allies as his confused minions. Being the challenge he is, I decided to try my hand at soloing him and these are the results.

Boss Breakdown
(For the complete breakdown check our guide here)


125,000 Health
Myth and Shadow School
High Damage+Critical
15% base pierce
Shadow Pip capable

Confusion Cheat: Forces your cards to select random targets. Activates every 10 rounds when solo, much more often when in a team


18,000 Health
Life School
High Heal Boost+Critical
Role is to heal the enemy team and Medulla

Cheat: Removes any traps placed on Medulla
Cheat once defeated: Casts Pigsie on your team (trigger unknown)


20,000 Health
Balance School
High Critical+Damage
Role is to support the enemy team by buffing them while limiting and debuffing enemy. 
Has many, many annoying spells: AoE availing hands, Loremaster, Aoe Weakness, AoE Tower shield, mana burn, supernova etc

Cheat: Casts Essence Cannon: An AoE shadow spell that removes 1 shadow pip from everyone on your team. Activates Every 5 rounds.
Cheat once defeated: Casts Essence Cannon on the enemy once every 5 rounds.


25,000 Health
Fire School
High Damage+Critical
10% pierce
Role is to attack, attack, attack

Cheat once defeated: Casts Smokescreen on Medulla. Trigger is unknown.


The Stats and Gear



  • Hat: Jade Hood of Mystery
  • Robes: Diviners Deep Rolling Vest
  • Boots: Diviners Deep Rolling Waders
  • Wand: Iones Sword
  • Athame: Blade of the Shadow Palace
  • Amulet: Chillvenoms Maelstrom Charm
  • Ring: Hopper Ring of Visions
  • Deck: Rasputin’s Hand of Tumult
  • Pet: Babydactyl with: Spell Proof, Spell Defy, Myth Proof, Fire Ward, Storm Dealer, Pain Giver


The Deck



The Strategy

Step 1

The first step to take out Medulla revolved around 2 main tenets: 1) Limit the amount of incoming damage and 2) Limit the effectiveness of Confusion. As such, aura of Fortification and Aura of Brace served both those functions. With 100%+ resist to fire and myth- these 2 auras would counteract the innate pierce of Medulla and Pork allowing me immunity for their duration. They would also make damage from Sparck, Beans and the Essence Cannon less painful. Secondly, the auras offered a convenient way to avoid Medulla’s confusion mechanics. Since auras are self only- they offer a free cast when confused (although you may need to select/deselect a few times for them to trigger). Once I had my aura established I could safely focus on defeating my enemies while utilizing heals to keep my health up.

Step 2

When soloing I realized I would have to defeat the enemies one by one to have a chance. My first priority was Sparck who dealt significant damage due to my low balance resist and the essence cannon. Sparck also has a large variety of annoying utility options which made him the ideal first target.

Step 3

My next target was Beans whose healing would make it virtually impossible to take out Medulla with him alive. Beans could also deal somewhat significant damage to me due to my low Life resist.

Step 4

With Beans and Sparck out of the way the battle became significantly easier. All I had to do was ensure I had an aura to become immune to both Pork and Medulla’s damage types. As such it then became a matter of stacking enough feints and blades (ensuring I timed it between Sparck’s essence cannon firing). I took out Pork before moving on to Medulla, but really order doesn’t matter at this point.


The Battle


Will You be Soloing Medulla?
Let us Know in the Comments Below!


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  • kyle rubyeyes (p.b.u.h)

    Interesting that medulla seems to be missing his medulla…

    • SuperToare

      Lol, they probably just named him that because of its relation with the brain.

    • Aaron S.


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  • The Balance Wizard Soloer

    ughhhhh how do i become a duelist101 writer cuz I have a solo of Medulla, and its not the “sap health” card strategy

    • Wolf FireBreath

      This isn’t either, sap health doesn’t work anymore.

    • Mora Misthead

      You can start a blog in the duelist101 community and write in there! I’m currently working on guide to the beastie boys in the community.

      • The Balance Wizard Soloer

        how would i even post the blog? i only know how to write the info

        • Mora Misthead

          You write it and then publish it? I’m not sure what you mean.

  • Suharsha

    I love this post! It’s so helpful to newbies who don’t know the cheats and these are very helpful strategies. I’m gonna get to Medulla soon so I’ll be using your guide, so Thanks!

  • Lail MistHead

    I love this post!

  • jeremy

    I love this post! It helps allot, but can we have other schools solo medulla guide too? Thanks, it is the difficult battle for storm to solo but you made it easy, thanks again!!

  • Hatlik09

    I love this post! – you did an amazing job here!!!, I can’t even think of this idea lol.

  • heather icewhisper

    I love this post and its something to really try out sometime. Ty 😀

  • Blaze Player

    I love this post! It’s an amazing thing that I’ll want to try out on my storm thanks for creating a wonderful guide!

  • Destiny Dust

    I love this post! It saved me time and helped me get through the boss fight

  • Suri Emerald

    Love this post! I haven’t done this fight yet but from what I’ve seen from streamers and youtubers and this article it should be a lot easier 🙂

  • Suri Emerald

    I love this post! I haven’t done this fight yet but this article will help me when I do get there 🙂

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