KI Staff Spotted in PvP Match (Test Realm, Wizard101)


Staff Sightings

Several KI staff were spotted in Test Realm this week, offering players a glimpse of new gear and pets. Wizard101 Taurus Great Gear Appearance

I watched as one of these staff members signed up for a ranked 1v1 PvP match. I was lucky enough to port to the match and start recording- from Spectator View- beginning in the 2nd round.

Below, you can watch video of this match. Check it out, see what you think of the spells being used by Richard.



A Hint of PvP Changes?

Several spells used by the staff member were unusual. Here’s what to watch for in the video:

The Moves:

– The first move you see is a sun school-enchanted 90% tower. Is this an enchanted version of the 80% tower he uses?

– An 80% Tower Shield is cast several times during the match. It is not a treasure, meaning that it is trained.

– Elucidate is clearly used several times in the match. In one instance, elucidate is also applied to a card that has an additional hit boost…meaning that it was possibly double enchanted. Watch for the Helephant.

– A variety of blades that are off-school, but not TC, are cast. He was a Fire using numerous types of Fire Blades, as well as non-TC Balance Blades. His gear provided no item cards (which you can see at the end of the match). Watch the final hit.

It’s possible that these moves were just examples of staff perks and nothing more. However, it’s also possible that KI was providing us with a look at some of the future spells for PvP. Just before the match, this same staff member was in the arena lobby cycling through gear and pets, giving players a look at new items in the game. The PvP match could have been a continuation of that preview. Or not. You decide.



The Questions

Is an 80% Tower Shield on the way? If so, what do you think of it?

Will Sun School include new enchantments for shields?80% Tower Shield - Test realm

Is Elucidate going to be made available as a trained spell? If so, how would you use it?

Are a variety blades going to be more readily available? In the video, all but one Fire Blade is used. The hit value is interesting, especially since it went through stacked Plague and Virulent Plague.

Watch the video below and let us know if you interpret these moves in a different way, or if you see any other bits of info the match.



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  • interesting….. 80% tower, kill me now! Double enchants = double colossal? o:

  • Michael


  • The weird thing is: if the 80% tower were a new spell being tested out, why would it be called “Tower Shield”? You’d think a new spell would have a new name, so it’s odd. Could be a new spell that they haven’t named yet, and they’re just letting players see the stat, discuss it.

    To be honest, a stronger tower doesn’t bother me. Tower is a very old spell, it’s probably due for an update of some sort. The problems in arena, in my mind, have to do with gear resist and out-of-control healing, not shields.

    The more interesting thing in the vid: how did Fire get regular balance blades? And of course the use of elucidate is pretty big: could signal that players may be able to train elucidate. Nothing is certain, of course.

    I just hope that if elucidate were to become more available, it would be fixed so that you could not apply it to heals. People just have way too many methods for healing, it’s making match times take forever…I’d hate to see 2 pip Satyrs in the game. Hit-only elucidates would be interesting though…maybe a great way to ramp up offense, get players out of this massive resist obsession they’re currently stuck in.

    • tZuc Wizard

      I was thinking about the same thing. I wasn’t sure what school he was! I was like “Wait, fire bubble.. fire blades… etc… BUT WAIT! There’s more! Did he just use a Normal and a Sharpened Balance Blade??!? Like WDF?!” That’s what confused me, I was like “Is he Balance or Fire? :/ and if so, how did he get both blades as normal + sharpened ones?”

    • Alive Sparrow

      You know what’s the most weirdest thing? It’s that the person playing PvP with a staff member (Molly DarkDreamer) it says on the bottom left corner on the red globe: 1445. But when she’s going to pick a card, or the cards have already been chosen and they’re going to attack or something, it says: 4,237/4,237. That’s the most weirdest name

  • Update: I’ve added a bit more to the post. After a you tube comment on this vid, something became apparent…he begins the vid by casting an enchanted 90 percent tower. I thought it was cloaked…but the shield is visible. Could be a glitch, sometimes you see cloaked items. However…he uses regular 80 percent shields in the match. I think it’s very possible that the 90 percent tower was a Sun School enchanted version of the 80 percent one. In other words, there may be new sun school enchantments in the works that make shields stronger. I could be wrong, but that enchanted 90 percent tower at the beginning is interesting.

    • Or.. he could have just been messing around. I am hesitant to believe this is all new spell stuff that’s going to hit game, even though it would be very cool.

      • yep. i’d put it at 98% that he was just messing around. only reason i think there’s a small chance this was a preview of some sort is the way it all played out. he was in the lobby putting on different types of gear, pets; he even took requests from players to change back to things they had missed. he then walked to the kiosk, signed up. all seemed like part of a demo…other staff were in test behaving similarly, showing gear, etc. however, devs want to have fun too, i’m guessing it was done for kicks.

  • master of wizard 101

    i don’t think they will make a 80% tower i mean despite what people say they do pay attention to comments and the pvp community would go crazy about this

  • Valerian

    Kingsisle: Officially trying to kill us… I hope they add major piercing. If they do this, they might a few worlds back before they add this.

  • Name

    Well, if you think about it the KI staff were in the test realm showing off stuff. It has been about half a year since a new world was added so they are probably showing stuff that is due for release within the near future. KI staff wouldn’t have any other reason to not give a glimpse at it because they are very busy people. So, the KI staff were probably hinting that this was some of the new enhancements available in the future. In the video, the “shield” was cast several times and if he was just using it to play around he would have only used it once, but he did not and the fact that he could enhance the shields made me think that he was not just showing off.

    • you mention that staff were in test showing off some new things, and this match did seem kind of like demo mode…the guy joined this match literally seconds after showing off a variety of new gear and pets. however, it’s entirely possible he was just having some fun, hard to say. going to be really interesting to see the next set of spells for pvp.

    • Danimals

      yeah, near future. because now it is added? no lol

  • what i was thinking is that he was balance and that he used a fire blade from one of the shango’s amulets but then he used feel so i was like which school is he? can ki actually do whatever they want to do to the game like give their staff gear no one else has or spells? if so that would be very awesome and i might join the team when i am an adult.

    • at the end of the video i check his stats, he’s fire school. and i’m guessing that staff can make some unique gear and pets for themselves, seems like a pretty fun perk.

  • My conclusion from the 80%-90% shields is that they’re going to introduce sharpened shields. The fact that the non-enchanted shield is 80% might just be to protect him from being killed easily, while he tests how stuff works. Seems unlikely that they would introduce a stronger tower under the exact same name.

    I don’t think I would add the shield sharpener spell to my PvP deck anyway. I rarely just blast through shields, I remove them first and so do most other people. I multiply shields with cloak, so I don’t need it as a multiplier either.

    • the more i think about it the more i agree with you…i think the 80 percent tower is a staff only thing, just something to let them navigate the game easier as they work on stuff. and i also agree that there seems to be shield enchantments at work that may very well be introduced into the game. just a guess, but the elucidate and the sun enchantment for shields…those are the 2 things most likely to show up as pvp updates. the tower, not so much. and i can’t really make any sense of his blades…he has trained balance blades, some are even sharpened. i’m just guessing that’s another staff only thing.

  • Cody

    HI, I’m not try to says anything much, but about years ago when Wintertusk was released in live. I found a tower shield treasure card that give -60% incoming damage from bazaar. It’s was really really really rare… I guess.

    • hi cody, thx for the comment. you’re right, the 60 percent tower is definitely a treasure. i watched the video closely, and it seems to indicate that the 60 percent towers are from the Eye of Bartleby pack. he puts a few of those on, even though, like you say, they are rare.

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    of course elucidate and simplify are gonna be trained spells.


    Poor Molly. 😛

  • The enchant is probably like a +100 and Reduce spell Pip cost by 2 within 1 enchant. Or a spell combining enchants? Its test realm, they probably dumped the idea, too powerful.

    • Fresh Pepperoni

      I also heard somewhere that KI (KingsIsle) dumped the idea, I’m pretty sure it is. Let’s take an example:
      The world’s most strongest spell in Wizard101, Storm Owl, 10 pip spell, with Elucidate. 10 pips (Storm Owl) – 2 (Elucidate) 8 Pip Storm Owl. I guess it was removed due to abuse. I wanted to make my Efreet (if I ever had the spell.) 6 pips, eh.. who cares, it’s very hard to defeat Sothmekhet for my Efreet spell… I guess.

  • BlakeSB

    Actually back then in beta before wizard101 was released, in krokotopia you were allowed to train dragonblade on an island. After beta they decided to close that. So that worker must have been playing since beta was out

  • Now that I look back at this, are you sure that was a Balance Blade…or could it have been a Dragonblade? Because there were rumors of Dragonblade being trainable from the Krokotopian Island…

  • Ɓяαηɗ Ɓяαηɗ Ƥσωєяѕ


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