Wizard101 Azteca Xibalba


“This is How the World Ends”

Azteca ends in Wizard101 fashion with a dungeon full of bosses.  Some wizards conquer Xibalba (she-ball-ba) with ease; yet others struggle.  The video below chronicles my adventure from the sigil through the ending of the quest-line at Ambrose.  Two leveling wizards, and an Ice as a ‘tank’ completed the dungeon in under an hour.  Xibalba contains 4 battles with the maximum enemy’s health in the 20-24,000 range.  It is possible to solo if you must.

Watch Out Chicken Little.  The Sky Shall Fall!


We are a thorn in Morganthe’s side, albeit a small one in her opinion.  We break 3 Obsidian Mirrors and use the razor-edged shards to slice her web barriers attempting to reach her.  We arrive too late.  Her ritual is complete and a comet blasts Azteca at her whim.  She escapes to her home Shadow Web to construct her Celestial Choir.  (Whatever that is. Hostages of her wonder powers it seems.)  She leaves an ‘Undying’ Mali to “deal with” us.  He is immune to our damage spells and furies in a black hole of rage.  We do not get the satisfaction of beating him in battle this time. In the end, he floats away on a chunk of Azteca.

Backpack, Backpack—What do I bring?

  • Wisps are available after every battle.  (Bring potions as back up. Hey, it never hurts to be prepared.)
  • Universal resist gear at a minimum.  These opponents have AoE spells and big Damage spells up to the new 10 pip Level 88 Spells.  I have used Waterworks gear on most wizards through Xilbalba and it has worked out. If you have a backpack equipped with different gear that includes higher resist, I would recommend changing into that over Waterworks. e.g. Jade gear or gear with greater resist to the schools in a particular battle.
  • Reshuffle, Pierce and Cleanse Charm treasure cards if those spells are not in your deck normally.
  • Multiple Feints whether they be from a pet, an amulet, your main deck, your treasure deck, or with Potent Trap added.  Feint is the best trap in the game.  In one turn you can add 2 or 3 different Feints to a boss maximizing your damage quickly.
  • Multiple blades: school blades, tri blades, pet blades, amulet blades, treasure versions if necessary, or Sharpened Blade to make more.
  • A helpful pet – healing and resist at least.  I didn’t have to heal at all because my pets did it for me.  A pet with Pierce Train could come in handy as well.

How fast can you set up to hit?  

Tank and Hammer Approach

My approach was a single AoE blast supported by multiple Feints and blades.  My ‘hammer’ was Ice, my ‘Tank’ was another Ice. Just like any other boss fight, minimize spells in deck, have a specific plan, and carry reshuffle in case your plan goes awry somehow with dirty tricks from the enemies.  Yanno, like an Earthquake -.-
Stack Feints  from highest to lowest and blades from lowest to highest when you have options in your hand. Feint first when you are against an enemy with charm removing spells. (e.g. Enfeeble, Earthquake, Disarm, Leviathan, etc.)

Healing, Shields and Stun Block

These are not necessary if you are set up to resist damage.  There are wisps everywhere. You could shield and stun block, but why? It may not be necessary and you waste a turn putting it on. Perhaps a stun block on the tank first round during the battle with Yacate’s team due to the possibility of Medusa.  Otherwise, IF they stun you, they leave you with a stun shield.  Most likely you will not be in battle long enough for it to be an issue.  Speed rounds or bust!

Example of Set Up

Tailor the set up to your training.  Before entering make a plan. Know what everyone brings to the battle.  Only carry those spells in deck, so they come up immediately.   I choose wizards with the greatest resist & highest health as the ‘tank‘ and the wiz with the greatest possibility for damage as the ‘hammer.’  If more friends join, they can build up the ‘hammer’ and you all can benefit from a faster trip.

    • School Blade
    • Amulet Blade
    • Sharpened School Blade
    • Azteca Star Aura
    • Colossal AoE Spell
    • Gear boosted for damage and resist
    • Calculator: Damage will be one hit. (Don’t miss!)
  • Send tank in first turn alone to take brunt of hits
  • Regular Feint
  • Sharpened Tri Blades
  • Hammer’s field spell (Balefrost, Windstorm, Time of Legend, etc.)
  • Highest possible resist gear 
  • Cleanse Charm and Pierce in side deck
Supporting Wizards
  • Pet Feint
  • Amulet Feint
  • Tri Blades
  • Pet blade
  • Treasure Blades 
  • Treasure Feints
  • Reshuffles
  • Highest Resist Gear
  • Cleanse Charm and Pierce in side deck




Video Timeline


Have additional ideas to help others along with this quest?  Add them in the comments below.

Enjoy the video! Happy questing!


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  • This is probably the most epic video guide I’ve ever seen. Amazing work, Heather!

    • Agreed, Heather makes the most entertaining Wiz videos. It’s way more fun watching her dominate this dungeon with all her tips & tricks than playing it myself.

    • Thanks so much you guys! I’m so glad they entertain 🙂 Learn a little while having fun is the best way imo.

    • Thanks so much you guys! I’m so glad they entertain 🙂 Learn a little while having fun is the best way imo.

    • Thanks so much you guys! I’m so glad they entertain 🙂 Learn a little while having fun is the best way imo.

    • Thanks so much you guys! I’m so glad they entertain 🙂 Learn a little while having fun is the best way imo.

    • Thanks so much you guys! I’m so glad they entertain 🙂 Learn a little while having fun is the best way imo.

    • Thanks so much you guys! I’m so glad they entertain 🙂 Learn a little while having fun is the best way imo.

    • Thanks so much you guys! I’m so glad they entertain 🙂 Learn a little while having fun is the best way imo.

    • Thanks so much you guys! I’m so glad they entertain 🙂 Learn a little while having fun is the best way imo.

    • Thanks so much you guys! I’m so glad they entertain 🙂 Learn a little while having fun is the best way imo.

  • ~ByzantineRhino~

    You got lucky during your run. When I was soloing it I was up against 3 grim calacas >.>

  • pvp master

    I don’t understand why Malistare just died the turn after you killed his minions. Can someone please explain this?

    • Monarch

      He doesn’t die, he is just thrown out from a sudden quake or whatever. My bets are he will be back, more stronger then Morganthe.

    • It’s really weird isn’t it. Every time you hit him it equals zero. So the first time you are there, you wonder, “How am I going to finish him if I don’t do any damage?”
      Then he twirls away. Then, due to the meteor, the ground shakes and he rides off on a chunk of rock.

  • Ralph

    The Celestian Choir is part of her ritual to resing the song of creation, the song in which scholars believe theurigists breath to cast spells. With that, she is able to reshape the spiral in her image.

  • Jeremy ShadowWraith

    Amazing video. Can you make one for the Tower of the Helephant as well?

  • Cameron Dragon shield

    wow! Malistaire turned into some kind of incredible beast! I wonder how.

  • Gem Wizards

    I had read that KI nerfed AV & AZ. Just wondering if this dungeon has changed? I heard it was very hard and took a long time.

  • Luke

    Lol on the mention of the Xibalba, there is this quest in Twin giants I think its called Its the End of the World as We Know It, ton of references to end of world, but this guy in a quest near it says once you beat him its the end of the world as we know it and I feel … fine. Funny

  • dragonwrath

    heather plz friend me in game! I am level 70

  • antonio stormhero

    o wow it took me two hours to complete it alone on my balance it was too hard

  • Jamesemeraldhunter

    he does deer knight also o. o

  • coolguy01

    For a more concurrent guide ig early 2016 i was going through this with my storm and my bro who played ice. We duoed(is that a word?) the world mostly. Our gear(s) going into xibalba was as followed and the gear I would recommend.
    Level 91 storm
    hades blackrain helm AND skyscream hood
    Hades armor of the abyss AND skyscream robe
    Heavy rain slippers(critical boots in crown shop) AND walkers of the hungry dead(crafted block boots)
    Hades wand AND terror pack wand universal one
    Shango’s stormblade amulet AND life mastery
    Titan felled blade
    Alpha omega ring
    Any upper level deck is reasonable
    Pet with minimum of dealer and another damage talent and proof

    Level 89 ice
    frostbit hood
    frostbit robe
    frostbit boots(was too lazy to get frost shrine slippers from bank lol)
    Hades ice wand
    Feint amulet
    heartsteel athame
    triskelion band
    anyupper level deck
    pet with proof

    Storm deck for fights 1-3:
    2 sirens
    2 colossal
    2 stormblade
    1 sharpen
    1galvanic field
    1 reshuffle tc

    Ice deck for fights 1-3:
    3 feints
    2 potent traps
    2 elemental blades
    1 sharpen
    1 reshuffle in tc

    As ice you achieve around 40+ resist and 4-5 k health and as storm with the hades bunch is breaking 400 crit which is alright and 100+ dam skyscream gives less damage for around 30+ resist. The strat was nothing complex or crazy. My bro would go in first for every fight since as hades my 9% resist was not enough. After I would enter and start the fight. If you notice no healing amulets are equipped until the mali fight. The typical boss fights went something like this
    Round 1: feint amulet, enter battle
    Round 2: feint potent, stormblade reg/stormblade amulet
    Round 3: feint reg, stormblade sharp
    Round 4:elemental blade sharp or reg, galvanic or stormblade
    Round 5: remaining elemental blade, sirens.

    With this set you are overbuffing but it helps in case of a tower shield. Also since my storm runs 2 5% pierce jewels it helps to mitigate the presence of shields. Alternative hammer spells include frost giant forest lord fire dragon. Myth lacks a strong spell and death’s crow im afraid may not be always guaranteeable and deer knight itself does less on the initial hit. Reshuffle in case we mess up.

    The malistaire fight is different because of the sheer power that is dished out. In this approach i took it as I was a storm soloing and dumped my skyscream gear on. The ice remained somewhat the same but I forced my bro to go get his frostshrine slippers due to the invariability of crits. So basically the first 5 rounds were shield heal shield heal. Then after they lost most of their pips we aimed to triple feint the bosses and single the minion. We used tc for the second triple feint since only one amulet feint. The spell was sirens with colossal with triple blades.

    The important note is that people can do this with a buddy that doesnt have to be max or something. As long as your on the same page your fine to duo or solo if you so dare. I hope this helped a few people but its an old article and I am writing on memory. Still I hope it helped anyone who saw it. You can alter some of the gear to your liking but generally a 85+ dam on hammer is recommended except for the mali fight which a minimum of 70-75 would be fine due to the sacrifice of resist.

    • coolguy01

      also btw crit doesnt really matter anymore like it used to do. Benefits to the strategy against screaming moon in particular is it avoids her heals having a major effect. Her plagues or whatnot wont matter due to the sheer buff quantity. For the mali fight buy the fire school shield providing an ice and storm shield so helpful. Just forget about malistaire since you do have innate resist too

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