Duelist101 and the Ice Bucket Challenge! (Wizard101)

It’s on!

Duelist101 mascot and (self-described) PvP master Kevin the Noob was recently tagged to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket ice tag teamChallenge. He was tagged in a video shared by Katherine Light (of the Mercenaries for Hire), after her 3 young wizardlings completed the challenge. (Click here to learn more about the Mercs and their personal connection to ALS.)

Below, you can watch two videos: Kevin completing his challenge; he then tags Duelist’s Heather Shadowslinger, so you can check out her effort as well. (Hint: her video reveals how things turned out for Kevin, so watch and see if you can spot the, um…”interesting” result.)

What is ALS and the Challenge?

ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is a neurodegenerative disease that progressively erodes the effectiveness of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. The result is a loss of muscle control, which is ultimately fatal. There is currently no cure for ALS.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is an effort to raise both awareness about the disease and funding for research. The challenges are great, but it is really donations that make the greatest difference. Funding can help develop promising treatments, and much needed support for the care and comfort of individuals dealing with ALS.

Visit the ALS Association for more information about this issue, and to find very easy options for pitching in with your time and/or donations.

All right…time for some ice!

Kevin Takes The Challenge!

Heather’s Turn!

Thanks for watching! And while Kevin is thawing out, please visit the ALS Association.

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  • Aaron S.

    Neat 🙂

  • Cameron

    The picture of moose next to frozen Kevin lolz

    • Erica GoldSteed

      lol 🙂

  • Wolf FairyForge


    • Invisible Strings

      actually, according to the rules, a donation is part of any challenge. so that has been a hugely positive thing for the ALS Association. and dude…in both challenges above, it’s video game water. it’s all good, wolf. it’s all good.

      • Wolf FairyForge


  • Merciless Jean Percy

    When i clicked on the article i was expecting a poorly edited bucket of ice poured over your wizards heads and then the dance emotion… more creative than what i expected lol.

  • While You Read My Name I Took

    Yes please donate more money to something that claims few lives compared to poor African children starving and dying of thirst.

    So please, keep donating to a lost cause. They are no closer to solving ALS than they are to cancer, despite any amount of funding they get.

    • When people were dying left and right from Infleunza, there was absolutely no cure for it, people dying left and right due to this disease. Then Penicillin was discovered, and THAT was on accident. Now imagine what cures we could find if we actually hunted it down. Cancer is a whole different matter, it involves over production of cells. That’s why your old fashioned medicine can’t cure it, because this isn’t bacteria that has a medicinal enemy.

      To the moderators: Delete that comment. It’s very, very rude.

      I dislike Trolls.

    • Hunter Skullmask

      Why do people always say Africa? Many people live in poverty. Many people donate and raise money for them. Many governments take advantage of relief effort. Just take a look at Haiti after the earthquake. It’s not futile to help those in poverty but who says people can’t raise money for both disease research and for third world countries? Nothing is a lost cause. I think I saw a home for trolls on the way to Aquila.

    • Nicholas Shade

      That was rude. How about this: if you don’t like it, then ignore it. Don’t start a fight in the comments section.

  • Oils ax

    I thout you would of actually don it

    Not record your wizards…. Lame

    • Joseph

      What did you expect?

  • Hi Everyone!

    I deleted a few comments here and want to explain why. We are not looking to censor anyone’s opinion. In fact, this is one of those situations where I took another look at our Code of Conduct and thought about what kind of dialogue we want to have on Duelist.

    If you haven’t read our Code of Conduct, it’s under the Site Rules in the navigation at the top of the page. Simply put, we have a zero-tolerance policy for trolling. Now, maybe at some point you have had a comment deleted that you didn’t feel was trolling. In that case I’d encourage you to resubmit your comment in a different way, a way that would not make others feel they are being attacked. This is just good internet etiquette.

    Thank you to all who were a part of this unique internet phenomena of the Ice Bucket challenge. It is a remarkable accomplishment when we can come together and do something to improve the lives of others, even if it is a small donation or being a part of a larger movement to raise awareness. Believe me, the people who are affected and their loved ones appreciate it and need the support.


  • Awesome.

  • Blaze MeOut

    Please donate $10 if you did the ice bucket challenge … my uncle died from it a month ago and I donated $250 for it 🙁

    • Luke

      I will try too. 🙁 sad for ya.

  • juan

    Cool really creative

  • Lazy Leo Nightingale

    I find it awesome that duelist101 staff are being involved in this challenge. Azoresgirl,have you been nominated?

  • Luke

    ALS, one of the worst diseases ever, and my heart goes out to the families of the affected. Like Blaze at the bottom of the posts should check out.

  • swaggy tyler 360

    this is quite an entertaiment i must say keep up entertaiming people kevin and good job to u as well heather 😀

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