In Pursuit of Kevin the Noob


Noob Power


noob jumpWhen he’s not dominating the PvP arena, Kevin fearlessly travels the Spiral chasing his dream to become the most beastly PvP’er of all time.

It turns out, Kevin isn’t the only one doing the chasing. Today we ask: which Kevin the Noob “chase scene” is your all-time favorite? Vote in the poll and let us know in the Comments!

Watch all the Chase Scenes here in this video or click the links below to watch the full episodes!

Kevin the Noob, Ep. 9 Kevin the Noob, Ep. 12 Kevin the Noob, Ep. 17 Kevin the Noob, Ep. 18 Kevin the Noob, Ep. 19 Kevin’s Chase Scenes





    Which Kevin the Noob "chase scene" do you like the most?


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  • My favorite scene is when Kevin is being chased by the security guard! Keep up the great work, guys. 🙂

  • ivanna

    The security chase guard chase was pure genius. It reminded me of the museum chase scene in the Thomas Crown affair, but funnier.

  • pvp master

    I like the randomness of the eyeball 😛

  • Blaze Raven

    Definitely the security guard scene. Genius! Must’ve took some time to put together.

    • You’d be surprised how much time goes in to some of these episodes and how many people help out. The scooby doo-type chase scene with the security guard was inspired by Nesogra, the “museum” setting was from dime30, and Heather Shadowslinger provided all of Kevin’s classmates.

  • Joshua Wildhammer

    The running scene of Kevin running from the security guard is used in some movies. The same thing but of course not with Kevin and his brave companion, Moose!

  • penrosecat1

    Yep, security guard scene was the best IMO

  • ScorchingDesertPvp

    My favorite part isnt in there xD
    When he gets chased a girl always says ? and thats my favorite part lol

  • Danielle Carter

    My favorite isn’t listed:( Hatch! Hey you there with the purple monster my pe is mighty, lol Episode is my work staple when I want to strangle someone makes me lol every time:)

  • Sophia Pixiebloom

    Awesome Vids

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