Kevin the Noob, Episode 24


Kevin the Noob, Episode 24:

PvP Summer Camp, part 4

Kevin’s nemesis is revealed.

Be sure to watch Parts 1 – 3!

Kevin the Noob: PvP Summer Camp Part 1Kevin the Noob: PvP Summer Camp Part 2Kevin the Noob: PvP Summer Camp Part 3

Part 4 concludes Kevin’s adventure at PvP Summer Camp.


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  • jewelshadowcaster

    LOL every time I watch Kevin I feel like: No it can’t be better then this!! But when next episode comes its even better hahaha. GREAT job guys….ROFL I love the name of the mount :D!!!

  • Ryan NightRunner

    @jewel, Agreed. This is the best episode, no doubt about it!

  • mmailliw

    Good ol’ Kevin; always finding a way to get hammered…

  • Kestrel DragonHeart

    That was SO awesome!!! <3 that Kevin is from Skull Island! 😀 My girls and I laughed our HEADS off! "Broomstick"…TOO funny! Outstanding job guys, as always!!

    • Joshua Wildhammer

      Maybe that’s why Kevin doesn’t cast such good spells. KEVIN SHOULD RETURN TO SKULL ISLAND!

      • THEDeathWizard87

        Maybe Kyle really WAS supposed to be a wizard and KEVIN WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A PIRATE!

  • DMT001

    To good. Broomstick. Lol.
    One of the best yet. All those Wolves. Run Kevin run.

  • Destiny SpiritStalkr

    ROFLOL!!!! Luv’d it

  • Nesogra

    When Kyle stopped to flex in the mirror I almost fell out of chair laughing XD

    • jewelshadowcaster

      ROFL, ikr loved it!!!!

  • ~ByzantineRhino~

    Is there going to be season 4? 😛

    • I’d suggest you tell everyone you can about Kevin.. the more people watch and enjoy the videos, the more motivated Azores and Sparrow will be to keep making them. 🙂

    • Luke

      Or maybe people can start gathering a mob of angry Kevin the Noobs fans and posting constantly WE WANT KEVIN THE NOOB TO COME BACK!!!! if its cancelled.

      • ProdiousTheGreat


        • johnbattlesword


  • izabera

    arrested for using a high level tc 😀

    • Luke

      More like arrested for using Frost giant on poor Kevin and Moose, always screaming: AAAaaahhh!!!

  • JuliaSparkleFountain

    LOL! Broomstick. xD Another good video. 🙂

  • Autumn Willowbreeze

    Wow love it great story and Moose your are a star

  • Blaze Raven

    Is it just me or did the wolf numbers triple during the chase scene?

    • We were very lucky – lots of folks showed up on a moment’s notice to help us with the chase scene after it was tweeted on Duelist. Thanks to everyone who helped out, and mostly for your patience with us! It took about 10 tries to get all those wolves running down the hill just right. 😛

  • Andres

    lol 20 guards chasing after him!

  • Danny Dragonthorn

    This was so awesome!!! ROFL why does Kevin always get killed by the frost giant? XDDD

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    loved it.

  • Autumn

    o. o what?

  • Autumn

    he always gets killed by frost giant o. o

  • Savannah Mythcrafter

    I love the chase scenes you all come up with….classic!

  • Amanda Crowdust

    o. o Kevin… THE NOOB? wow lol it is great!

  • Xenon

    She knew cause Kevin Always loses to Frost Giant.

  • jacob darksword

    rofl the best one yet nice video you should make a movie it would rock!!! 😀

  • That was epic!

  • superstar123

    XD nice job guys keep up the great work always cheers me up

  • Talon Shadowwalker

    I tell people in the game about this site and vids all the time. Some parents tell me they watch them with their kids. 😀

  • Luke

    Okay, just wondering, is Kevin afraid of anything with teeth or that beats him every time in PvP (hint hint frost giant)?

  • Luke

    And it would be funny if the scientist gave Kevin a potion for say, turn into a frost giant but he accidently spilled it on Moose in one episode and moose got May cast frost giant on self when about to be attacked by frost giant.

  • RainbowManSaysBye

    With Broomstick’s and Moose’s assistance, Kevin will defeat Frost Giant one day. One day…

  • Has Kevin disappeared again?

  • Luke

    When did Kevin get winterbane? (war boar comes with winterbane, and he must have gotten it to get the war boar + to ride a mount, you need to own it in that case)

    • Lol he probably just bought the bundle and only redeemed the mount, the house is obviously someone else’s because Level 1s can’t own a house.

      • Luke

        But Winterbane and the Aquilan house come in different bundles, so I think he just got the winterbane bundle, and they picked someone’s Aquilan house to use.

        • Luke

          Wait, but then how did he get that mooshu house? and be able to place broomstick the war boar in it?

          • Again, it’s not his house, it’s someone else’s house which was decorated to Kevin’s liking, he ported in himself and started filming.

          • Luke

            Ah, I see, maybe they used 2 war boars.

          • I can assure you, it’s not easy getting around filming on a Level 1. 😀

          • Luke

            Okay thanks. (I never thought it was easy, just wondering how you got that done.)

          • Luke

            Wait, do you use a “Stunt” Kevin?

  • Valorie Stockstill

    I don’t know where to put this. Please, it’s been 3 months. When can I have another Kevin dose? Yes I thoroughly enjoyed his visits to the PvP and that helped with the withdraw symptoms greatly, but Please?

  • Silverdust Girls

    Kevin, where are ya?? We are all in need of a Kevin the Noob video fix! That would sure warm up this cold winter! C’mon, please???

  • Thank you for commenting. 😀 We hope to have more episodes soon!


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