Kevin the Noob: Episode 22


Episode 22: PvP Summer Camp, part 2

Click here to see Episode 21: PvP Summer Camp, part 1.

In Part 2: Kevin continues his search for the camp swimming pool.


Special Thanks to Heather Shadowslinger for her support making this episode!


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  • Amber Firesword

    LOL I LOVE KEVIN XDDD and he doesn’t look that bad in Olympian armour… 😉 and he’s actually very smart, ironically when he’s really clueless….

    • i have to admit, kevin is looking pretty sharp in his armor there, lol.

  • penrosecat1

    2 words: LOL XD

  • Koi the fish

    XD Where’s the swimming pool

  • JustValiant .

    Nice =D

  • You are very welcome. It was my pleasure. More, more, MOAR Kevins! Woo hoo!!

    Kevin is having so much fun being kidnapped, I wonder if he will ever make it to summer camp?

    • for the camps sake, i hope not, but we’ll see xD

  • mmailliw

    Is it me, or did Kevin secretly become *really* sneaky when we weren’t looking?

  • Kane Skyshield

    very hilarious. Kevin always funny and full of surprises

  • JuliaSparkleFountain

    My sis and I was laughing at the vid. xD Another good video of Kevin. 🙂

  • izabera


  • ivanna

    Stay put! Hahahaha. Tbh, I’d like a swimming pool moat.

  • Koi the fish

    Hey how did you get out moose flew under and unlocked the door. Where is the swimming pool? 😀 😀

  • Skulk crus

    Lol Kevin is classic he does the funniest things at the funniest times keep making more good job duelist crew.

  • Jeremy ShadowWraith

    When is the next episode going to be uploaded??

  • DMT001

    Finally got a chance to watch with the boys. LOL!
    Flex it Kevin, Rock those pipes. Keep working out in that Gym.

  • Jeremy Shadowraith

    When is the next episode going to be uploaded?

  • Evan Silver

    When is the next one coming

    • Aquila in test realm, and then the release of it, delayed the duelist team with the next episode. however, we should now be able to get moving on it…hoping to have the next one up next week!

      • DMT001

        Great, Now I know where I will be next Tuesday, lol.
        Refresh, Refresh, waiting on Kevin, Refresh

      • Evan Silver

        Okay that comment was 25 days ago…. How about now?

        • thomas

          Seriously this is hilarious. I NEED MORE!!!!!

  • Alex Eliot

    when is the episode 23 coming out? i am waiting 2 months o_o

  • Kevin the Noob MEGA Fan O_O

    dead sparrow its been 2 months now why episode 23 hasn’t been out yet? have you quit doing those vids?

    • That’s a very good question. I know dead sparrow intends to make several more for season 3… I’ll check on the status and report back!

      • Kevin the Noob MEGA Fan O_O

        oh so she is making some vids about kevin the noob and she will port 4-5 at once?

  • William firethief


  • Patrick deathfist

    When is episode 23 coming out?

  • Amanda Crowdust

    haha! XD its the best! thanks for the vid

  • jacob darksword

    kevin is the best actor ever no one ever made me laugh that hard for a video he should get a grammy!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Luke

      How bout a Gremonoscar? guess what I mean.

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