Kevin the Noob, Season 3!


Kevin’s Back!


 Season 3 of Kevin the Noob will be starting up this summer! Scroll down for a sneak peak of Kevin and Moose in action.

Instead of self-contained episodes, this will season will feature one epic story that plays out over 4 to 6 episodes. Some new bad guys are about to hit the Spiral…including one mystery villain with a grudge. Kevin’s about to get a big surprise…and a chance to save the day (all while being just as ridiculous and nooby as ever).

Stay tuned, epidodes will arrive in the next few weeks. We’ll annouce the dates soon…cya then!

If you’d like a sample of previous episodes, click here for one fan-favorite. Or you can watch Kevin’s run against Merle Ambrose for headmaster in this political ad. Kevin tried his hand at gardening, crafting and more…just visit the Video category at the top of the site to see all 20 episodes.



Watch the Season 3 Preview below!

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  • Joshua Wildhammer

    It seems like a Grizzleheim War between Grizzleheim and Wizard City. They’re not trading back because of a evil wolf clan in Grizzleheim. The King of Grizzleheim doesn’t notice this but when Wizard City launches a War again Grizzleheim, the King is shocked! He confronts Merle to stop this War but he doesn’t because the taxes are to high and the King is like “Huh,’. Merle then thinks for a second and he says “I think a evil clan in Grizzleheim is stirring,”. The King says “Well I did hear about some violence in my kingdom.. The Wolves could be causing this,”. Merle says “Indeed, they might as well be. We need to find this clan,”. The King says,”Do you know of any brave wizards that would confront them?”. Merle says, “I do and his name is the one and the only, KEVIN THE NOOB,”. Kevin says,”YEA!”. Merle says,”When did you get here?”. Kevin says,”A few minutes ago,”. And that my friends should be the intro and maybe Kevin could have a brother in Pirate101!

  • Sophia EmeraldBlossom

    Oooh! Prediction: Kenneth the Noob returns! 😀

  • master of wizard101

    yes! kevin is back

  • Allison SpiritHaven

    Yay! More Kevin and Moose!

  • JustValiant .


  • Autumn


  • sarai death

    i have an amazing idea for a new kevin the noob!

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