Kevin’s Ultimate PvP Guide (Wizard101)


Kevin the Noob’s Guide to Awesome

Your Ultimate PvP Guide for Dominating the Arena


Behold: my 1st Wizard101 PvP guide is here! Technically, I’ve submitted many, many guides to Duelist101…at least a dozen..but all of them were rejected.

From the editors: Kevin has actually submitted 1,219 guides. Each one was written in crayon…and instead of PvP information, they consisted of doodles and confusing waffle recipes.

Now, I’m not sure why this particular guide is getting published. It’s April 1st…this is either my lucky day, or Duelist has finally realized the true power behind my ninja-like skills. 😀


Getting Started

Noob it up_keep-calm-kevin-and-moose-are-here-

So, what does it take to be a PvP master? Winning, you say? Well…yes. Good answer. I probably should have started with a harder question. I really don’t have anything to add to that. That’s, um…wow, I kinda wish I had planned this out a little more.

I guess now that you’ve ruined the big answer, I’ll try to kill some time here with advice and a few helpful tips.

Let’s do this!


Choosing the best gear usually means adding a lot of confusing stats together…and math makes my brain hurt. My advice: ignore stats, go for style. I’m serious, would you rather wear gear with a lot of critical and resist…or would you rather look awesome? Here are a few of my favorite looks:



Wear your lucky socks every day. If you don’t have lucky socks, there’s a simple trick for getting a pair: make sure that you only own 1 pair of socks. That way, they have no choice but to be your lucky ones! I know: Genius.

Now, it’s unlikely anyone will ever look as stylish as I do, but that’s okay. Just toss out those stats…the fewer numbers involved the better…and make sure your gear is maxed out with visual flair. 

Take it from me…make style priority number one, and you’ll never lose.

Editors’ Note: Kevin’s PvP record is currently 1 win and 1,437 losses.


Pet Selection

kevin rank privateMoose, my 1st generation bloodbat, is the best pet in the game. And since I already own Moose, you’re basically out of luck when it comes to pets. Sure, some people like pets with spell proof and may cast heals…but Moose has the only two talents that matter: awesomeness and greatness; and it doesn’t hurt that her pedigree tops out at one million.

Editors’ Note: Moose has 2 selfish talents and a pedigree of 26.

So, Moose is off the table. I suggest either going without a pet…or maybe just carry a picture of Moose around; it’s as close as you’ll get to perfection.



Sometimes, when no one is looking, I eat pet snacks. Highly recommended. Never mind that I was sick all last week after eating a bad batch of Flaming Soup…free snacks are awesome.

How to Spend Arena Tickets

You can earn tickets and spend them all on the arena gear. OR…you can do what I do and spend a whole bunch of tickets at Chuck-E-Cheese. I mean, come on…what would you rather have, PvP gear…or a pencil topper that looks like a Gobbler? It’s pretty obvious: any sane person will choose the pencil topper.

If you need ideas on how to spend those arena tickets, here’s a look at some of the amazing items I’ve purchased:

a fork 2

Fork = 2 tickets.

a burnt waffleBurnt waffle = 15 tickets.

a doorknobDoorknob = 30 tickets.

a chicken 2 Chicken = 50 tickets.

a old socks

 Old socks = 1,000 tickets.




I’m not saying I lose a lot and therefore have a hard time getting tickets…but can I borrow a few tickets? Please? I really want that pencil topper.

Setting your Deck

If you’re using spells that you’ve trained from your professors…throw them out. Here’s a look at the spells I’ve created for a perfect, can’t-lose strategy. Stock up on these and you’ll be all set for some arena domination:

Editors’ Note: These cards only exist in Kevin’s imagination; please don’t throw your current spells out.

Disco-Satyr-3 Polymorph-Toddler





Good luck!

That’s it for Kevin’s Ultimate PvP Guide! Follow these simple steps for a strategy that is both fun and unbeatable. The only way it can go wrong is if you run into me during a match…in which case, lose all hope. You won’t stand a chance of winning.

Editors’ Note: we calculate you stand a 99.9 percent chance of winning.

kev flex-001


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to look out for contests on Duelist101 throughout April!!! 


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  • Luke Willow

    I SO wasn’t ready for that much awesome. 😀

  • Hilarious guide! Haha 😛

  • jewelshadowcaster

    Kevin, you are my HERO!!! Umm…I have saved up some waffles and would like to pay you with them for a few PvP practice lessons :D! Please let me know when you’re available!
    Thank you in advance 😀
    ~ Jewel

  • Psylent Night

    Kevin’s deck hides the real genius in this setup. I’ve playtested this in ranked.

    Generally, you want to keep a Random Puppy up at all times. It has enough health to survive a couple AoE’s, and it’ll pass you a waffle every few turns.

    You really want to use Waffle Ninja when they start Waffle stacking. My golden rule there is this: if they don’t have at least three waffles up, you’ve wasted the Ninja.

    Burnt waffle was the best 15 arena tickets I’ve ever spent. Every Waffle i play gets a 15% boost.

    Finally, work the opponent down with soup, until you can close the match out with a Dignity Strike.

    • jewelshadowcaster

      I have read in one of the interviews from Kevin that he is training Moose for a great talent: MC Waffle. I already signed up on hatching list 😀

      • thomas

        Ok, i admit that waffles are really what top level pvp is about. But, the true genius of this deck is it’s versatility. The real power of the cards seems to manifest at lvl 50-70, where you can use the polymorph. I seem to remember that moose has had may cast rebirth (since egg of course). But since you can’t have moose….. you will have to suffice with may cast waffles. Following psylents advice, get burnt waffle, but be cautious, backlash has been known to be high. Plus, that 15% boost is situational. I recommend enchanting waffle ninja with Shoelace Storm. If you play it smart, only the schools of balance and diet coke can have a solid defense. Be sure to watch out for disco ninja. You might get so entranced in the music that you just give the opponent your wand.

    • Personally, I like to play Beast!!! on the first turn. Gg.

      • hmc007

        seems powerful

  • Cody DragonRider

    Best April Fool Gag ever!

  • TannerFrogbringer

    Lol Kevin and my records are almost the same C:

  • Slightly embarrassed that my guide went up yesterday and now it has to stand next to this amazing information, looking small and powerless.

  • DMT001

    This much Awesome-sauce all it one place. I don’t know if I can take it. “Beast” has to be the best card EVVVVVAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!
    How do I get one for my deck?

  • ChoGath

    The Apex Predator has been eaten. There can only be one …

    • Psylent Night

      No matter who rises from the ashes of that battle, all mankind shall still bend the knee

  • mmailliw

    I could have SWORN I saw Disco Satyr used frequently against me in the arena… thanks, Kevin, for explaining what that spell *really* is and does!

  • Anthony FireSword

    Could we get a video of Kevin in action with this build up so we can see all the awesomeness first hand? Pretty Please? 😀

    • purple fury

      good idea, lets make a petition for him to do so! 😀

  • alexis hunter

    PEOPLE!! That doorknob is actually the access key for all those areas in Wizard101 where previously you could only enter through boring questing! AND it can be used to access your castle at level one, before you have the boring right to buy one, or before your boring “home” button becomes active at all. Like, where did you think he put the chicken? D’oh, in the Red Barn Farm!

  • alexis hunter

    …And that’s not Kevin’s imagination, it’s the 11th school we will learn when the second part of Khrysalis comes out – Kevin Magic. I’m totally saving training points for Dignity Strike. Like, 4 points should be enough, I think?

    • alexis hunter

      And I know we have 11 schools already but Kevin Magic will come imediately after Moon and before Shadow, couse like seriously who needs to turn into those things I can’t even see their faces.

    • I’d invest 10 training points for Dignity Strike. Heck, I’d give the stork all my Crowns for it. 😛

      • alexis hunter

        I heard that we will get new enchantments for this occasion too – apart from Sharpened Bade and Potent Trap, we’ll get Is So Hairy and Is So Flat, which will turn Dignity Strike into the ultimate weapon in the Arena. Plus we’ll be able to multiply it.

  • angus light

    kevin looks like the type of player i would take advantage of to become a warlord within minutes i challenge you kevin to a 1v1

  • RyanRavenBlood

    *Face palm*

  • Ethan Pvp

    Now should I get the fork right away? Or save up for those old socks? I feel like the fork will help but, I like those old socks as well… -_-

    • That’s a tough call. I don’t think I have the self-control to save up for the socks.

      • purple fury

        i’d go for chicken tough, it might help you get more arena tikets

  • mirmir

    I feel so flawed…. I just got burned by a dignity strike, and it was full pips. Whats worse, I was forced to endure a polymorph toddler.

    • Yikes, no one could survive a full-pip Dignity Strike! :O

  • david willow finder

    :O I NEED A NEW GUY!!!!! AMAZING KEV 😉 I AGREE PENCIL TOPPINGS OVER GEAR ANYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Merciless Jean Percy

    I think i’d like that afro satyr. 2 pips, perfect accuracy and it dances like CRAY CRAY!!!

    • Blaze MeOut

      Dude satyr is 4 pips … yes more healing power yes love it … less pips

  • Phil

    Does hades drop the muscle gear? or is it Zeus cause he’s obv more buff than hades

    • Dragon 9

      I don’t know, but all I know is don’t go back in time in there.

  • sonicflare9


    • or TeleKevins (hehe)

      • Joshua Wildhammer

        The game would need to be renamed to Wizardtubbies 101 if Kevin’s gear was added.

  • mason shadowdreamer

    It’s says that moose has a pedigree of 27 but in the picture it’s 26 😛

  • Aaron S.

    lol dignity strike xD

  • some guy

    I have never heard of these spells or tips. They must be very cutting edge. Gonna go get rid of my old spells and warlord gear, thanks Kevin!

  • Bold Benjamin Hawkins

    I think the sight of kevin in a muscle suit killed my eyes.

  • ~Justin LightShade~

    Where do you train those EPIC spells? O:

    • purple fury

      i think from loremaster… am gonna farm for the storm, life and death one

    • Conor myth blade

      Next world is going to have Kevin’s spells since the next world is his mind

  • Joshua Wildhammer

    I rather buy a Chicken for 35 tickets than a old pair of socks for 1 K unless their the lucky ones Kevin was talking about.

  • Blaze MeOut

    Omg … this guide is so amazing as well as entertaining … what’s even more funny is how the other players are getting so serious upon this gear setup and its brilliance in these comments … man this guide is like shadow shrike … like nick would say: hemorrhage!!!!!!!!

    • ermahgerd!

      • Blaze MeOut

        Omg XDDDD sry for the mispronounciation

        • Haha 🙂

          • Blaze MeOut

            Dude I am like shocked at the new bubbles like honestly … I see people can go up to 125% critical with about 75% with shrike dang …. these global spells are gonna seal the deal with high tempo x.x good thing they take four pips … any less then high tempo is literally gonna be infallible

  • Witchcraft Pirates

    Ugh! God dang it Kevin! Now I have to farm the Loremaster for that tricky “Dignity Strike” spell. I always get done in by it! It’s so cheap! Oh well, at least these pet snacks I’m eating are making me feel better. Also, where can I get the Muscle Gear? Do they sell it in the Shopping District or is it one of those cheap and jerkish items in the Crown Shop meant only for those stupid Warlords? Buncha jerks.

    • purple fury

      i saw malisair walking around with it… maybe you should ask him

  • JuliaSparkleFountain

    Best. Guide. EVERRR!

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    Kevin has 1 more win then I do.

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    I wonder if it’s possible to find a telletubby outfit in this game…
    Can’t believe everything I thought I knew about gear was a lie o:

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    P.S. Is that one word?

  • Luke

    Lol 4v4 gear: Kevinetubbies!

  • Ethan Goldflame

    This……………………………….. Guide……………………………………….. ROCKS!!!!!
    Thank you so much, Kevin! 😀
    I got the Muscle gear for higher dmg, i got the bloodbat pet and trained it to mega, i got no stats on it, but it gives 5 talents, stupidity, retardedness, clumsiness, weakness, and May-Cast Waffle Ninja. So i hope my pet becomes effective in pvp,,, I also trained into the spells you suggested. I set my deck up with 2 random puppies, 3 disco satyrs, 5 waffle ninjas, 2 polymorph toddlers, 6 soups, 5 dignity strikes, and 9 (MAX) beasts because its awesome 🙂
    I hope i set myself up right. Thanks Kevin for helping me out here, I hope i get my rank up, finally!

  • hunter

    Can we use this information

  • Conor myth blade

    I need help I have run into so many dignity strike spammers

  • Best.Guide.Ever!


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  • Level 1 Warlord No puppet :)


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  • Ethan Redmace

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    I (obiously) was boss at pvp with this setup. La best ever. I like to throw Beast!!! out whenever I can.
    EVER C;

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    First time I saw that I wanted to go what? Keep Calm and Kevin the Moose?

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    lol, just lol

  • Splat!

    GG dude.

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