Alphoi Hoard Pack

Alphoi Hoard Pack

There’s a new pack in the Spiral: the Alphoi Hoard Pack! It’s packed full of funky fresh items from Zanadu’s Leisure Dome in Empyrea Part One, including a wearable Khan’s Disco outfit, Disco Ball Relic weapon, Light Blades Mount, and even a cute little Sani-Bot Pet!


New Pet: the Mini Sani-bot!

The new pet, called the mini sani-bot, is a Fire pet and comes with a Power Link card at baby.


  • Fire-Sniper (Thanks to Tasha in the comments!)
  • Wise (Thanks to Tasha in the comments!)
  • Calculating
  • ultra-rare
  • Fire-Dealer
  • Mighty
  • Mana Bounty
  • rare
  • Effervescent
  • Fuel


  • Clear
  • ultra-rare
  • Bomber (Thanks to Tasha in the comments!)
  • Big Check (Thanks to Tasha in the comments!)
  • Dead End
  • uncommon
  • Perplex
  • Super-pass
  • Hurry
  • Big Hurry (Thanks to Tasha in the comments!)


Gear and Weapons

The pack contains interesting new gear. There are three sets: an Ice-Myth set, Life-Storm set and an universal set

Leisure Dome Cap

Leisure Dome Topper

Comfort Zone Hat

Alphoi Hoard Pack

Leisure Dome Costume

Alphoi Hoard Pack

Leisure Dome Suit

Leisure Dome Dancing Shoes

alphoi hoard pack

Leisure Dome Steppers

alphoi hoard pack

Comfort Zone Stompers

Alphoi Hoard Pack

Mirrorsphere Relic

alphoi hoard pack

Alphoi Reflector Relic

Zanadu Mirror Relic wand alphoi

Thanks to Deadshot & Destiny!


New Housing Items

The housing items in this new pack are pretty cool! There are many housing guests, as well a drawven furniture.


What do you think the most cool item in this pack is?
Let us know in the comments!

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