Discussion: Lore Spells and Low Level PvP

lore spells and low level pvp

Lore Spells and Low Level PvP

Picture this: you’re in a 1v1 match on a magus Myth wizard, and you’re facing a Death wizard from second. You think to yourself, “Oh, this is great! I’ll get my Cyclops minion on the field round 1, Death struggles to kill minions!” Then, something hits you: it isn’t 2010 anymore. “Oh, Deer Knight exists… well, what are the odds my opponent even has Deer Knight?” Try again. It isn’t 2013 anymore, of course your opponent has Deer Knight trained! Then, the axe-wielding bone-deer removes a third of your health and leaves a pesky DoT around your feet. Ouch.


This was me in a recent match. Yep, I was painfully reminded of how common it is for wizards under level 50 to have lore/dropped spells nowadays. It wasn’t always like this, of course. Even back just a few years, far fewer low-level duelists had access to lore/dropped spells. I don’t think the reason behind this is much of a mystery: the pool of duelists in ranked PvP has been depleted of beginners over time, creating an environment with an unbalanced concentration of experienced, “hardcore” players (see this great article and this great article series for more discussion of this concept!). Because these are the types of duelists most willing to go the extra mile to obtain lore/dropped spells, it logically follows that more low-level duelists than ever before have access to these once rare spells.

The Question

With that point established, I finally get to my purpose in writing this article: What is your opinion on this? Ignore that the spells add another barrier of entry for beginning duelists; that there are fewer beginners in the arena nowadays is almost universally accepted to be a weakness of current Wizard101 PvP.

I’m interested in what you think of lore/dropped spells in low level PvP in terms of the actual matches. Does it make PvP under level 50 more interesting? Less interesting? Other thoughts? As an example, a general thought of mine is that the offensive power provided by lore/dropped spells reduces the effectiveness of a more slow, minion-heavy playstyle; because I enjoy playing this style on my magus Myth wizard, I am not particularly fond of lore spells being so common nowadays.


Please comment your thoughts on this topic below!

Happy Dueling!

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